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Happy Birthday OUR MAN

20 Jun

Well another Birthday has come along for Errol may he be looking down from Heaven seeing all those that love him . Genene and Steve.

— tassie devil


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The Effies

19 Jun

The Errol Flynn Filmhouse Awards…



— Gentleman Tim


Flynn’s Adventures of Robin Hood – “Much Imitated But Never Surpassed”

18 Jun

Art Directors Guild Film Society & American Cinematique Present:

(Errol Flynn’s) The Adventures of Robin Hood

Featuring the Production Design of Carl Jules Weyl…




— Gentleman Tim


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Colonel Blood

18 Jun

Colonel Thomas Blood – The Irishman Who Stole England’s Crown Jewels.

This extraordinary historical figure was an “almost certain influence” (together with Captain Morgan – the pirate, not the rum) behind Raphael Sabitini’s “Captain Blood”

In this week’s news:…

See, also:…



All of Captain Blood's elaborate plans to steal the crown of England came to nothing

— Gentleman Tim


Text Link Code

17 Jun

To add a text lnk to your comment use this code:

<a href=”PASTE YOUR CODE LINK HERE” rel=”nofollow”>Read the Article!</a>

You can change the text to anything appropriate for the link!

— David DeWitt

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Sirocco Missing at Sea!

16 Jun

Great First Hand Account of the Sirocco Gone Missing in December 1940. By Skipper Bill Keil.

“Old Father Neptune played a bit rough.”…

Contemporaneous News Reports:……


Photos Between California and Hawaii




Errol with Skipper Bill Keil, 1946

1US-764-F1946 (183165) Errol Flynn on his yacht / Photo Flynn, Errol US film actor, 1909-1959. - Errol Flynn at the helm of his yacht 'Zaca' (next to him Bill Keil, member of the ship's crew). - Photo, c.1946.

1US-764-F1946 (183165)
Errol Flynn on his yacht / Photo
Flynn, Errol
US film actor,
– Errol Flynn at the helm of his yacht
‘Zaca’ (next to him Bill Keil, member of
the ship’s crew). –
Photo, c.1946.

— Gentleman Tim


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Vote for Errol

16 Jun

“The Greatest of All”…


— Gentleman Tim


New & Improved Jell-O Presents: Drs. Benny & Flynn in Dive Bomber

15 Jun

Very Funny. 10/26/1941. Six weeks or so later Benny could have never aired this Navy farce.

Benny turns down the role of Dr. Flynn, and flies the skies of the Pacific searching for the cure of aviation “Errolembolisms”.

— Gentleman Tim


Happy Baz-Day

14 Jun


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Errol`s congenial counterpart`s birthday shan`t be forgotten. Yesterday he would have turned 123.

In the book “Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films” a vintage Errol-on-a-role episode is recalled:

The Rathbones gained a reputation for throwing lavish (and expensive!) parties, which the biggest stars in Hollywood attended. At one such party Errol Flynn got drunk, followed a young lady home and passed out on her living room sofa. Later that night, the woman’s father brought the unconscious Flynn back to the Rathbone’s house and dumped him on the lawn. “The next morning, Basil and Ouida were having breakfast on the patio, when the gardener turned on the sprinklers. Who should spring up from the grass, but a hung-over Errol Flynn. The Rathbones sat–mouths agape–as Errol bid them a cheery ‘Good morning,’ then departed for home.”

Here is another worthwhile recount of their encounters:…



— shangheinz


Caesar’s Wife with Errol Flynn

14 Jun

Twice it was to be, Errol in Caesar’s Wife. Once with
Talulah Bankhead, in 1936. Once with Geraldine Fitzgerald, ca. 1943. Talulah was replaced by Kay Francis, leaving just Another Dawn. Then, in “43, Errol was said to have been replaced by Cary Grant, but Caesar’s Wife” was never made.…



Kay Francis 1941 The Man Who Lost Himself


— Gentleman Tim


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