For sale one of Errol’s old homes

16 Apr

Here is the link.… Love Genene.

— tassie devil


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Great find, Genene! And a link to our blog thanks to Tim’s posting! Sweet!

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Just coming in here to say this…you all are ~the~ authority :)

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Hi Genene and David; I have a picture from the house Errol sold to Paul Lynde, but I never could find any details of the house and if Errol ever lived in it. Now the plot is un-thickened and it is discovered through you Genene and now it is no mystery anymore. I found the address of the house on this link:… One can see the interior of it too. But I would say it did not look quite that way as it looks now. Nevertheless, a very beautiful home. 9250 Cordell Dr. was the House Nora lived in… Read more »

Flynntastic find, tassie devil! Thank you – and thanks to Tina for the extra info, too. More recently than Paul Lynde, modern music legend Moby owned this home, which Errol reportedly bought for the Eddington family, but I don’t believe he ever actually resided in himself. Per the link, I did go see the home on Cordell, but, from the street, I didn’t realize it’s interior and rear view would be so much more substantive and impressive. . Btw, Moby’s rock-world famous guitar instructor and friend was Chris Risola, a virtuoso, who also taught my son for several years and… Read more »

There’s a nice gallery of images in this new Variety article, Genene:

Former Errol Flynn House Above Sunset Strip Asks $6 Million

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