Errol Takes a Dive

27 Jun

I had the great fortune this evening to meet with my cousin Bob, whose father, my Uncle Gene, was the man who told me back in the early Seventies about Errol Flynn giving him and his shipmates in San Diego a show they’d never forget.

Here are the details, all (again) verified tonight. Uncle Gene was in San Diego with his ship (the USS Duluth, I believe) twice, once in ’45, on its way to fight in the South Pacific, and again returning from the war, either in ’45 or ’46. During one of the ship’s cruises through San Diego Harbor, they passed Errol in a boat (possibly the Sirocco, but, for some reason, it is believed he was actually on a Navy ship of some type.) The sailors were mightily impressed to see Flynn, and gave some big cheers. Errol, in turn, gave them a big smile & wave, then – to their extreme delight – stepped away from a Naval officer he was apparently speaking with, took off his shirt and shoes and dove off the ship! My Uncle Gene – a very no-nonsense guy, who embellished less than anyone I’ve ever known (if ever at all) – said it was an absolutely incredibly impressive dive, to which everybody hooped & hollered – and talked about the rest of their tour (and surely beyond.)

That was the Errol Flynn that so impressed my Mom & Dad’s generation, men and women alike.

Here’s what San Diego Harbor looked like in those days. Errol’s dive most likely took place right between downtown and the North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado, which can be seen in both the second & third images, and where he filmed Dive Bomber. Errol often stayed in San Diego, from where he would also travel to Mexico. The fourth photo is of Errol signing autographs for sailors on North Island (Coronado)




— Gentleman Tim


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What a great story Tim! Wow imagine seeing Errol do that,and your very own Uncle did.Nice! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Love It! Thanks for sharing Tim. Maria

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Divin’ like Flynn. Ty Tim!

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My dad was on the USS Van Valkenburgh a tin can that sailed from California to Iwo Jima, Okinawa and almost sunk before anchoring in Nagasaki bay after the bomb. Dad and his ship mates swam in the bay not knowing much about radiation! They all were inspired by Errol and many other action heroes of the day. Errol was able to inspire at least two generations as he was a real icon for me as a kid!

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Hi David, Most of the photos already posted on all threads unfortunately don’t seem to be showing anymore? : /

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I’ve gone back to the old image embedder. For some reason it doesn’t always work for everybody, and we still end up with ugly looking code. Not all plugins work well with every theme or browser. The last plugin gave everybody problems but worked great for me.

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