Christmas Quiz Question# 2

20 Dec

I had mentioned to Inga that a friend of mine knew the daughter of Errol’s lawyer. I googled him and yes he was a very important lawyer in Flynn’s life. Here’s the question and a clue. He was with Flynn from the beginning and with Flynn even after the end. Name that lawyer. (One other clue that I already mentioned to Inga: It is not Geisler.) Happy Holidays and a big “Bung Ho” to you all. (And to all a good night.)–A. R.



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Robert Ford?

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Tricky question, A.R….

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His initials are M.B.

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A very merry Xmas to all on the blog and a peaceful and prosperous new year.

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Surprises me Marvin Belli is not who you are thinking of but you do say “from the beginning” – I know Belli was involved in taking care of Beverly Aadland in San Francisco soon after Errol passed away in Vancouver, BC – are you referring to a lawyer with the initials RF?

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