Robin Hood show at NYC’s Bryant Park to Huge Happy Crowd!

08 Aug

Our own Jim Turiello writes:

Last night at Bryant Park in the heart of New York City, The Adventures of Robin Hood delighted the thousands that attended. It was a total sell out, (even though it was free to the public.The movie was met with resounding cheers each and every time Errol Flynn did something magical. Loud applause filled the night air and at times, the crowd was silent, they were really, really into the movie. At the conclusion a standing ovation was giving with unbelievable enthusiasm. The most unusual fact about the showing was the average age of the people in attendence, to my pleasant surprise they were students and young adults, I was delighted that the new generations embraced Errol in a way that we have done our entire lives. There is great hope for Errol to capture the hearts and souls of all movie goers. I am in the process of getting more movies shown in the coming weeks.
Yours truly

— David DeWitt


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Wonderful, must have been great.

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This is so great. I really wish I could attend something like this. Genene

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That is awesome and I wish I was there to see it myself.

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