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EFB Mailbag: from Kyra Pahlen!

07 Jul

Kyra Pahlen writes:

My father, Victor Pahlen, making Cuban Story with Errol Flynn, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara – etc. Read the article!PS: this film needs further restoring – just in case any of you have a thought!


by John Paul Rathbone

A brief quote from the article:

“I am resigned to the fact that the primitive life of the simple South Sea islanders is the best,” Flynn wrote towards the end of his autobiography, although, as he added, “it is not for me. I have become too much a cosmopolitan.” Nonetheless, he seems to have found something of this island idyll in Cuba, which was the subject of his last two films. As well as Cuban Story, Flynn also made Cuban Rebel Girls, a pitiful movie starring his 17-year old girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, whom he called his “wood nymph”.

Flynn suffered a fatal heart attack on October 14 1959, on a trip to Vancouver, Canada, two and a half months before the dreadful Cuban Rebel Girls had its New York premiere. By the time of his death, though, Flynn had changed his mind about the revolution: “It is one thing to start a revolution, another to win it, and still another to make it stick, and as far as this writer is concerned it ain’t sticking … the police state in Cuba is not very different from that of its predecessors.”

– Errol Flynn…!

Thanks for letting us know about this interesting article, Kyra!

You can download the movie !

— David DeWitt


Recent broadcasts of the Jack Marino Radio Show!

06 Jul

Show #72 Jim Turiello, up in Washington Heights, New York, where his favorite pastimes were playing football, baseball, basketball and bowling. In his spare time he went to the many movie palaces in his neighborhood. Jim writes a weekly sports column for…. Since the 80’s he has been a regular on numerous sports radio shows in the tri-state area. As a prolific writer his contributions to music, movie and collectable magazines are too numerous to mention.  Jim has authored a book Errol Flynn: The Quest for an Oscar is not a biography but a review and analysis of Errol Flynn’s ability to adapt to any role and the fact that he never duplicated the characters he portrayed. Errol was unique and contemporary, he lives on today. The book has his complete filmography as well as over 200 photographs.


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Friday, June 22, 2012

Show #71 Cass Warner of the Warner Sisters, filmmaker and producer of the film THE BROTHERS WARNER.  Cass Warner, the grand-daughter of Harry M. Warner the President of Warner Bros, knows all the family stories, that were going on behind the studio walls,  while we were all watching these great films.  This story is about an incredible factory run by four brothers, who never knew the meaning of quitting.  Their story is so informative what this family run business was like and you  can now see it in the film THE BROTHERS WARNER  Cass Warner shares her remarkable life story of what it was like growing up in this incredible family who came to America with nothing but the will to succeed here in America.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Show #70 Steven C Barber, an independent documentary filmmaker comes on the show to tell us of his latest film UNTIL THEY ARE HOME  Steve’s company VANILLA FIREis a marketing and production company that produces  important films about out Veterans.  Award Winning Filmmaker Steven C. Barber  has been on CNN three times and The Tonight Show three times and shot his 3rd movie this summer.  Steve’s passion for films and the stories he tells comes though in his interview on the show.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Show #69 Charles Heard and Leslee Mayo  join me in discussing their experience and their research of their books about the artist John Decker and BUNDY DRIVE BOYS. It was well known that the Bundy Drive Boys made the Rat Pack look like Cub Scouts.  They made fans go crazy, spent fortunes faster then they could make them. Their self-destructiveness was spectacular, the misanthropy profound but behind the boozy bravado was a devoted mutual affection.  The BUNDY DRIVE BOYS comes to life again with co-author Charles heard in HOLLYWOOD’S HELLFIRE CLUB and along with Leslee Mayo’s devotion in finding out the truth of who these “Boys”  really were and about John Decker an incredible painter and who forged many  masterpieces that are hanging in major museums.

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— David DeWitt


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Errol Flynn as James Bond?

05 Jul

Jim Turiello send me this photo, too! Imagine… Errol Flynn as James Bond!

— David DeWitt


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Robin Hood to be screened in Bryant Park!

05 Jul

As reported before The Adventure of Robin Hood will be screened in New York August 6, 2012 – and Jim Turiello author of  ERROL FLYNN: THE QUEST FOR AN OSCAR has supplied a photo of what this might look like!

— David DeWitt

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July 2012 Rock-itt Magazine is launched!

01 Jul

Hi everyone
The July Rock-itt… has been launched into the heavens. Thanks to our great online publisher “Realview”, we are able to visit every country on the planet. Can you send the link to your contacts so as they can see what we have in our payload. Hardcopies have been printed and are being delivered. Thanks to our feature writers and advertisers for being so efficient and sending their material in swiftly which allowed us to get The Rock-itt out right on time.


Dear Rock-itt readers
I apologise for the previous link sent for the July issue. We have a problem with our website. Thank you to those who sent emails to alert me of the situation. The following link should take you straight to the July issue.
Happy reading!


— David DeWitt