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I feel good…

08 Nov

I had somehow forgotten to include this in my article – it's another Berlinale photo. Hope you like it.

— Inga


Flynn's Jamaica

08 Nov


I came across this article today in the national newspaper 'The Australian':-…

kind regards



— dmbaus


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The November DOCKLINES is now available – The Errol Flynn Marina!

04 Nov

Get it now! Docklines for November, 2010!

— David DeWitt


Hello and Crossed Swords

01 Nov

Hello Everyone, i recently tried to post an article but unfortunately my PC crashed and i was too disheartened to re-attempt… i will do so again at a later date………….in the meantime i have exciting news concerning a soon to be officially released remastered Dvd of Crossed Swords.

My contact in the company releasing it informs me that it…..IS A PRISTINE BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED
For my part in helping this get off the ground, i have been offered a free copy of the Dvd and they have created a web page for me to forward recieve orders exclusively from my friends direct. This way you guys and gals will be ahead of anyone else outside of Flynn fansites in getting a chance to ordering copies of this movie.
They have also offered me a small sum to help towards my intended Flynn book,but to be honest…to finally see this movie in a Pristine English language version, is reward enough !!
In the next few days i should recieve the link to ordering this long sought
after DVD release, i will then post it on here.
If they don't do this before November the 9th, it will be after December the 2nd
Before i can post it, unless i get regular access to another PC Whilst on holiday in
So I hope that my joining this group has proved to be an eventful
one which benefits so many of you



— InlikeFlynn


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Any other reviews of Robert Matzen's E&O book?

01 Nov

Hi all!

Wanted to re-post my blog entry about Robert Matzen's “Errol & Olivia” book (since it's way down on the page), and also wanted to ask if anyone else (besides Brenda and Kathleen, I think) has read the book, and what are your thoughts on it?

Here's what I had to say:

I finally finished reading Robert Matzen's E&O book, and “WOW!” is what I have to say. I highly recommend this book — it's an absolute must-read for Flynn fans (esp “Errolivia” fans)! After reading it, I felt a lot like I felt after I read Errol's autobio MWWW…Matzen's book sucked me in and “drained” me emotionally; it was like being on an emotional rollercoaster, but one I very much enjoyed in the end. One reviewer of the book said it best: at times she wanted to kiss and hug the book (b/c it's *that* good), and other times she wanted to throw the book across the room (b/c parts of it were “intense”). That's pretty much how I felt while reading it. Still, I'm SO glad a book like this was finally written about Errol and Olivia, and it contains so many wonderful photos too! My one and only “complaint” about the book is that, at times, Matzen comes down hard on Errol, more so than he does on Olivia. I know Matzen is a long-time Flynn fan, but he doesn't let Errol off easy much of the time, he doesn't cut him much slack, as it were. Yet you can still tell how much he does admire both Errol and Olivia, and in the end he concludes they really did love each other (in a bittersweet kind of way). Needless to say, this book made me laugh out loud at certain moments, made me cry, and made me think more about both Errol and Olivia, and made me love and appreciate them and their films all the more. Thank you, Robert Matzen!

— Rachel