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From the Errol Flynn Mailbag!

02 Oct

Steve Genene Randell

Hi all! Well, about a week ago I finished Errol and Olivia.What a great read it was hard to put down. every morning for about 1 hour I read the book. I learnt a lot about Olivia's fight with JL She had to be 1 gutsy broad to do what she did and the things he did to her for it. But she won out in the end because of what she done her name will be used in the legal profession for all time to come. The star crossed lovers such as Errol and her were. And the many lovers they had before and since their meeting but she always say's there was that something different about Errol that glimmer in his eyes that had gone when she met him many years layer. And how she slapped his face when he approached her because she did not know her. This book is intriguing stirring, and gutsy. If you have not got your copy all ready get your hands on one. PS and there were some pics I have not seen. Here is the link if you want to get yourself a copy…

Regards, Genene.

— David DeWitt


The October Rockitt Magazine is available!

01 Oct

From Pete at The Rockitt Magazine:

Everyone! The October Rock-itt has been successfully launched and is
now orbiting the planet ONLINE. Can you send to contacts.….au  Hardcopies will be available next week. Cheers Pete

— David DeWitt


Thomas McNulty’s new Blog!

01 Oct

Check out Thomas McNulty’s new blog: Dispatches from the Last Outlaw! Way to go, my friend…

— David DeWitt