What Famous Actor of Stage & Screen?

17 Apr

What famous actor of stage & screen played a character largely based on Errol in a fictional Hollywood film?



1) Not Peter O’Toole

2) Not Kevin Kline

3) He was in movies with Errol

4) His performance as the “Errol Flynn” character was very highly regarded.

5) He has at least one Grammy Award and is one of two key voices on one of the most notable songs of all time.

— Gentleman Tim


Who Was It Errol Showed to the Door?

17 Apr

Who was it Errol showed to the door in the photo below?



— Gentleman Tim


“Errol Flynn was The Man – The Man in Havana””

16 Apr

I had the wonderful fortune this week to spend time with a prominent member of Miami’s Cuban American community. In his late seventies now, he grew up in Havana and was very familiar with Errol’s legendary times in pre-Castro Cuba. In fact, he saw him on one very memorable occasion at the Havana Hilton, in a scene somewhat reminiscent of Dodge City.

After we first met and he mentioned his time in old Cuba, I eventually asked him if he ever remembered hearing “anything about Errol Flynn?” Instantly,he broke a big smile and said “Errol Flynn? Errol Flynn was the man in Havana. Everyone knew when Errol Flynn was in Havana. Everyone. And the women, they all loved him. He couldn’t go anywhere without women chasing him. And he was the man for all of the men. Nobody was bigger than Errol Flynn in Havana. It was the perfect town for him.”

I asked if he had ever seen Errol, and he had, the first time being quite amazing. He believed it was in either ’57 or ’58, shortly after when the Havana Hilton opened. His uncle took him to see the hotel and when they entered the nightclub area they witnessed wild commotion and a huge brawl. For reasons still unknown to him, Errol was fighting with someone near the bar, by the the dance floor. The show was stopped and there were “chairs flying”. He knew nothing more, no details of why this happened, nor who Errol was fighting. He believed however that it likely was over a women, because “all the women were always after Errol. He was older than, but still very handsome.”

He recalled too that Errol often drank at La Bodaquitos del Medio.

The other big thing he remembers, which he said was big news around town when it happened, was that Errol’s hotel room at the Hilton caught on fire and it was a ver big deal. That’s all he ever knew, again not how nor why.

He said that the Hilton was in not too long taken over by Castro’s guerillas, but his parents got him out of Cuba to the U. S. (via Jamaica) before that happened. He said he loved Cuba so much and didn’t want to leave, that Havana was so great for a young man, but soon it was all ruined, especially after Castro sided the Soviets.

He added saw Nat King Cole quite a bit, at The Flamingo, not ever the Hilton. He emphasized though that “no one was as big as Flynn, not Hemingway, not anyone, Errol Flynn was the man.”




— Gentleman Tim


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For sale one of Errol’s old homes

16 Apr

Here is the link. Love Genene.

— tassie devil


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Nora New Mum

15 Apr


Came across this recently, Nora is carrying Deirdre. Any thoughts people. First time I’ve seen it.



— daringthorpe


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Script for sale

15 Apr


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

see the spoof on Errol in print and own it if you will:

Mel Brooks remembered his high time with our Hollywood hero vividly in an 1997 interview  like this:

“I was locked in the Waldorf Towers with Errol Flynn and two red-headed, Cuban sisters. For three days I was trying to get them out of there and he was trying to get me drunk and in there. It was the craziest weekend of my life. I was 20 years old and just starting with The Show Of Shows. He was a tough guy to corrale and get to rehearsals. Max Liebman assigned me to him and said, “Get him into rehearsal! Make him learn his lines! Work with him on the sketch!” Errol Flynn was a raving maniac. All he wanted was booze and to fool around. He did learn the sketch. Actually, I whispered into his ear when he was asleep. I’d say all the lines and unconsciously, I knew it would get through to his head.”



— shangheinz


Sol Gorss – In for Flynn

14 Apr

Various Involvements Reported for Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Dodge City, Dive Bomber, Don Juan, … The Sword of Villon.



— Gentleman Tim

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Old Hat – New from Nottingham

12 Apr

Errol and His “Liberty Hat” – A Perfect and Historic Combo:


— Gentleman Tim


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Hal Kent – “Errol’s Dare-Devil Double”

12 Apr

Hal Kent, Hell-Driving Co-Star of the Legendary Joie Chitwood Thrill Show – Reported to be One of Errol Flynn’s Stunt Doubles. Anyone Know for Sure?


Chitwood Color


Orange Bowl Spectacular, with Girl Blown Up in Casket

Hell on Wheels

Jumping Like Evil, Long Before Knieval

Dive Bomber – the Stunt, Not the Movie

Chi-Town 1948



— Gentleman Tim


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Toast of the Town -1952

12 Apr

1952 Errol and Paulette Goddard -Toast of the Town


I have never seen this photo- anyone else?

— Maria