A ship trip to Lionheart`s lament

23 Jul

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My dear fellow Flynn fans,

I went on a cruise on the beautiful blue Danube River from Vienna up to Dürnstein, where King Richard unwillingly had to spend his winter holiday of 1193.

Here is the prelude to “The adventures of Robin Hood”:

All I can say is that there are worse places to be stuck and  I wonder if that high ransom  indeed was a hefty unpaid wine bill.


— shangheinz


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Errol Flynn at the Golden Age Cinema

21 Jul




— Gentleman Tim

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Commemorating the Great War with Errol, Coop & Eastwood

21 Jul

Errol in the Big One, as old timers used to call it on Decoration Day.


— Gentleman Tim

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Captain Blood’s 80th Birthday

15 Jul

No, not that Captain Blood, but connected! Legendary “literary guru and (first African) Nobel laureate” Wole Soyinka, and most distinguished member of the Pyrates Confraternity, whose famous nom de plume was inspired by both Errol and Rafael.


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— Gentleman Tim


“Errol Flynn” in Australia Later This Month!

14 Jul

For all those who can make it, Amanda McBroom is going to be singing “Errol Flynn” in Melbourne & Sydney later this month! Her recent performance of it in Chicago last week was supposed to be magnificent.  What a masterpiece of songwriting!

Alan Hale, David Bruce & Errol Flynn:



“Errol Flynn” in Chicago last week:

— Gentleman Tim


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In The Wake Of The Bounty – official dvd !

13 Jul


Great Errol news!

In The Wake Of The Bounty has recently been officially released on dvd/blu ray as part of the Charles Chauvel collection,it is a fully restored print of the film.You can buy it here directly from the distributor.


— Lollie


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Stills – with and of “Errol Flynn’s Daughter”

12 Jul

George Rodriguez has photographed stars & historical figures ranging from Cary Grant to Cesar Chavez to Elvis to Hendrix – to, as documented in the very recent article below, “Errol Flynn’s daughter” (Rory, I believe), both separately, and with Stephen Stills. All these stills were recently on display at a showing of Rodriguez’s prolific work.



— Gentleman Tim


Cleaning Up Dodge

11 Jul



— Gentleman Tim


Rory’s son, Actor Sean Flynn in People Magazine!

10 Jul


If you browse through the latest issue of People Magazine, you’ll see young actor Sean Flynn in a special article featuring the grandchildren of iconic or famous stars like Errol Flynn!

— David DeWitt


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Has anyone…

09 Jul

… read this book?

— Inga


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