Dodge City Blu Ray

17 Jul

I have given up on my favorite review site DVDBeaver which seems to show better quality images than other sites including this one, It has been too long so I am now posting this from Bluraydotcom. Quote: “For this 1080p, AVC-encoded Blu-ray release, Warner has created a new master from an interpositive, using digital technology to realign and “re- register” the three layers of the original photography of this 1939 classic. The result stands in stark contrast to its treatment of two other recently released Technicolor productions from a few years later, Anchors Aweigh (1945) and On the Town (1949). Dodge City’s Blu-ray image is much sharper and better defined, while still retaining a film-like texture and a natural grain pattern. The presentation may not be quite as impressive as an Ultra Resolution restoration such as that given The Band Wagon, but it is still good enough to render complex scenes like the huge barroom brawl, the cattle stampede or the train ambush with depth and detail.” I did not see if either Robin Hood or Gone With The Wind were given the (Ultra Resolution) treatment but from the images seen on all three it seems like GWTW has the clearest image but that is the way it was filmed to begin with I suspect were with Warner’s there is softer look to give it a fantasy element especially on Robin Hood. I have not purchased it yet but they say that the still image wont look as good as the moving images while watching the film. So far so good. Will report back after I get the film.

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Mullhell`s kitchen

16 Jul


chen new kitnew

Dear fellow Flynn fans, what`s cooking?

Atticmag published these hard boilt pics. They supposedly show the makeover of Errol`s kitchen in the 70s and then some 30 years later.



— shangheinz


Roman Hollywood

10 Jul

When in Rome … Roam Like Flynn

To the Cinecitta, where he filmed Crossed Swords, to the Via Margutta, where he joined Bohemians at the legendary Caffe degli Artisti:


Caffe degli Artisti via Margutta



Errol at the Cinecitta – helping to pave the way for Spaghetti Westerns, with his spectacular Spaghetti Swashbuckler, Crossed Swords.



— Gentleman Tim


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The Eve Club

09 Jul
    MI5 Honeytrap and one of Errol’s Londontown haunts. Where Secretary of War John Profumo met Eve Club honey Christine Keeler, a decade after young Sean snuck a look-see at the famous dancing girls.

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Landmark in Lahaina

09 Jul

The Pioneer Inn on Maui, where Errol used to stay:



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Young Errol’s Sapphire Mine Estate

08 Jul

Up the Laloki from Port Moresby, Young Errol Flynn is said to have lived and prospected at the Sapphire Mine. Here is some information on this Papuan paradise, and Errol’s connection to it. The second image is said to be a remnant of where Errol lived.




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We Welcome New Author Ada Klock to the Errol Flynn Blog!

06 Jul

I’m happy to announce our Newest Author Ada Klock to The Errol Flynn Blog! We look forward to your posts and comments!

— David DeWitt


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July 2015 Issue of The Rock-itt Magazine!

06 Jul

Featuring Hobart to Hollywood, their excellent Errol Flynn serial!

The Rock-itt Magazine!

— David DeWitt


Farewell Diana Dill

05 Jul



— Gentleman Tim

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Errol Flynn love letters to Ledbury sweetheart fetch £1,000

05 Jul

Love letters written by Errol Flynn to a woman from Herefordshire he was trying to woo have sold for £1,000.
The matinee film idol wrote to Marjorie Bickham who he met while performing at the Malvern Festival in 1934 – years before he achieved fame and fortune.
In one he tells Ms Bickham, of Hill Top Fruit Farm, Ledbury: “I know I shall think of you until I go to sleep.”
It is not known whether he was successful in his romantic pursuit.
Flynn met Ms Bickham while he was at Birmingham Repertory and travelling to regional theatres – before he became famous for Captain Blood and other swashbuckling roles.
Later in life he developed a reputation for womanising. At the time of his death, aged 50, Flynn was planning a fourth marriage – to his teenage girlfriend Beverly Aadland.
The sale by Fieldings Auctioneers in Stourbridge beat guide price estimates of £400 to £600.
Nick Davies, a director at Fieldings, said Ms Bickham was the great aunt of the vendor of the letters. The vendor did not really know what to do with them and would be “delighted” at the sale price, he added.

He said there had been a lot of pre-sale interest in the “unusual” lot, including from overseas.
“Anyone in the limelight will have a lot of memorabilia relating to publicity but personal things such as these letters are more unusual,” he said.
Mr Davies said the letters were sold to a bidder in the room after a “little bit of a battle with someone in America” who was bidding over the internet.
He added the auction involved 700 lots, including the sale of the signatures of Charles Dickens and Charles I.

— tassie devil