Errol Helps Pioneer Underwater Photography

23 Jun

Premier Photographer Peter Stackpole’s Pioneering Underwater Photography Began With and Because of Errol

— Gentleman Tim


Film of Errol & Lili Skiing!

23 Jun

On the slopes of “Hollywood St. Moritz” (aka Sun Valley)

— Gentleman Tim


Coronado Dreamin’ – 1938

22 Jun

Coronado Eagle – July 21, 1938

Tennis and Water Skiing in the Summer of ’38

“Water Skiing New Coronado Water Sport”

I think that I shall never see
A thing as lonely as a ski
A ski that stands against the wall
Waiting until some snow shall fall.

The author of the above evidently hadn’t heard of the latest craze,
water skiing. Now that we have been naughtily alluring in grass skirts
during Hawaiian week and demurely picturesque in crinoline in the manner
of the Gay Nineties we must need be athletic and go cavorting about on
the top of the waves with water skis.

Whether you pronounce it ski or “ski” you’ll pronounce it thrilling
according to Otto Lang, the instructor in the precarious sport which has
so suddenly become the rage. Mr. Lang is famed as an instructor who has
coached the University of Washington ski team, and was associated with
Hannes Schneider, a world authority on skiing. He appeared In “Thin Ice’’
with Sonja Henie. Mr. Lang contends that water skiing keeps one in condition
for snow skiing and visa versa. The skills are similar altho attached to the
feet in a different manner.”

Errol Flynn who was recently here as a contestant in the tennis tournament,
is one of the chief enthusiasts of the sport and it is predicted that other
moving picture actors will follow his lead. Mr. Lang is at present instructing
some of the younger set among whom are Miss Dorothy Royce, Miss Sinclair Gannon
Miss Quil Garrettson and Walter Fitch. They are expected to fly thru the water
with the greatest of ease any day now.

— Gentleman Tim


Coronado Dreamin’ – 1937

21 Jun

Coronado Eagle – July 29, 1937

Fishing & Water Skiing (& likely Tennis, too ) in the Summer of ’37

“Splashes from Glorietta Bay”

“Assuming almost holiday appearance, Coronado Yacht Club continues to play host to a
number of visiting yachtsmen and members with the Club’s slips and basin filled with
craft of all sizes.

From northern ports, six visiting boats, their owners and guests aboard, arrived this
week and joined the local group for a stay in Coronado.

Cheerio II, 46-ft auxiliary yawl, owned by Errol Flynn, well known movie actor from
Beverly Hills, arrived Saturday for a holiday. Guests aboard are Frank Lbickok and
Elmer Griffin. The party plans to fish for marlin and enjoy water skiing.”

Cheerio II, 46-foot Yawl
Skippered by current owner Dick McNish, previously owned by Silver Screen Star Errol Flynn

— Gentleman Tim


Happy Birthday, Errol Flynn!

20 Jun

June 20, 1909 – June 20, 2017


— David DeWitt


Et tu, Bruce?

20 Jun

— Gentleman Tim


“Barry Mahon helps to destroy another Hollywood Film Great!”

19 Jun

I was always an admirer and fan of the ever-beautiful Rita Hayworth. After seeing all of her movie classics I tracked down her later films. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the worst film (of 61) in her long career was a soft-core pornographic film ‘The Naked Zoo’ (1970)!  It was written, directed, and produced by William Grefe.  The film was shot in Florida as cheaply as possible with grainy 16MM film.  Not only is the picture slightly out of focus, the soundtrack is horrible. Rita’s co-star was Stephen Oliver who starred on the popular, prime-time series ‘Peyton Place’ (1966-1968) plus look for Fay Spain and Joe E. Ross of ‘Car 54″ in smaller roles.  After the film was shot, Grefe decided to pad-out the film’s length with several LSD, Party-Orgy sequences and turned to one-time Errol Flynn director and associate Barry Mahon to shoot the extra scenes.  Thankfully Rita Hayworth does not appear in these scenes and acquits herself well as an actress.  In fact in the original footage she is still lovely to look at.  After this wretched, degrading film, which only played at ‘nudie house’ theatres in the US, Rita Hayworth went over to MGM to shoot “The Wrath Of God” (1972) with Robert Mitchum. Sadly Miss Hayworth’s dementia was taking hold. The director Ralph Nelson gave her only a few lines and kept her in shot so that she could get paid. Afterword she went to England to make a horror film directed by Freddie Francis. After a few days of filming, Rita fled Britain in fear and never acted again anywhere. She was replaced by Kim Novak in the film “Tales That Witness Madness” (1973) which was excellent. Rita Hayworth died in 1987 from Alzheimer’s disease. Barry Mahon continued to write, produce, and direct cheap pornographic films for the rest of his career. Ralph Schiller

— rswilltell


Howard Hill Grave Restoration

18 Jun


While perusing Facebook tonight I came upon a Howard Hill Archery fan page and perused it. I was in for a shock. The Alabama gravesite of the greatest archer the world has ever seen, and a long time Flynn friend, sailing partner, archery mentor and co-star, needs desperate help. It is eroding badly. This good man cited below, has taken it on himself to repair it. He is asking for donations. His post is below. He’s already begun work and it’s going along great. If you can help please contact him:

Dear Fellow Archers and Howard Hill followers, please help and donate! Mr. Steve Turay of Northern Mist Longbow started a crowd funding to restore Howard Hill’s grave wich is in bad shape as you can see on the attached photos. It’s a shame, so many folks admire Howard Hill, but his grave falls apart. Many, many thanks to Steve Turay and his effort!
Shoot Straight!

After moving to Alabama, I have had the opportunity to visit Howard Hills grave several times. Sadly, I found the site in very poor condition. After my second visit I thought something had to be done to repair the retaining wall that has fallen and allowing extensive erosion to occur. I contacted the caretaker of the cemetery who informed me that they receive money keep the grass cut and that was all. He further stated that any grave site maintenance and or upkeep is the responsibility of the family. I decided to take on the task of starting a project to have the necessary repairs and replacement of the wall and grave site. As a result I started the Howard Hill Grave Site Restoration Project. I have hired a stone mason to begin work on the site.
If you would like to contribute to the restoration please contact me at 906-458-5035 or at… and I’ll give you the details on how you may help.
On behalf of the Hill family, Thank you

— The Zaca


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The Hearst heist

17 Jun

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

we were searching high and low, down and out all over the Lady from Shanghai for a fleeting Flynn:…
Can it be we were denied another escapist Errol at William Randolph Hearst`s Circus Birthday Party?
The obscured fella in the back passing by the massive mogul`s table with Gable has an utmost resemblance with the fabulous Gentleman Jim.
Your educted guesses are very welcome.

The game is aflynn,

— shangheinz


Dame Olivia

17 Jun

Olivia de Havilland, Errol Flynn’s greatest leading lady, has been made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth at the age of 100. (Her birthday is July 1, 1916.)…

— zacal


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