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On Flynn's Boats

12 Mar

Hi, To all the Errol Flynn fans, for My first story to introduce myself, I will tell you why and how I became more interested in Errol Flynn as the years went on……. Growing up in the late 40s and 50s, some where there was always a Errol Flynn movie being shown at the movies or on TV when it first arrived, and after seeing a Flynn movie, you could always somehow remember his face but not necessary the name of the movie, Flynn's  looks seem to leave a permanent picture on the brain….And then when his movies became less frequent and other things entered your life, (girls, cars,etc.) well, you know! I remember at home one morning and my mother was reading the newspaper, when she slowly put the newspaper down, went into the other room, sat down and said to my father, “Errol Flynn has just died”, as if it was a member of the family….

They were very E.F. fans especially my mother (and that's another story)…… The years rolled on….When I was in my early twenties, I had the opportunity to go onboard Errol's schooner “Sirocco” I could not believe it, Me on Errol Flynn's boat, amazing… to walk the deck and anywhere I liked, all through the cabins, then it hits you, you start to remember, the movies of Flynn, and for a moment you start think you are Errol Flynn, Oh.! What an extraordinary feeling…..

Some years later, when I was in the south of France, and was talking to some people from my hotel and they knew that I was from Australia, one said ' your movie friend Errol Flynn's boat is down there, I said ” Oh.! Sirocco”… No, No, the other boat “Zaca”, I could not believe it, I had thought Zaca had sunk years ago, I could not get down to the marina quick enough, and there she was, just sitting there, stripped of everything, what a wreck!

I obtained permission to go onboard, well, what can one say, in my lifetime to be on both of Errol Flynn's Yachts, I walked around the deck for about an hour, just thinking and staring… could not go below all boarded up! At that not knowing much about Zaca and Flynn's private life away from his movie  making; it was some years later when Errol's movies became available on DVD that I mention to my wife about being on Flynn's boats, and might do some research on Zaca, and to do an Oil painting of her, I have been an artist for a number of years amongst other adventurous titles. Looking through dozens of Errol Flynn Web sites have realised how popular Errol is today. Finished the painting of Zaca as she was in 1946 (the painting is for sale to anyone interested). Have started on painting “Sirocco”. Then will do a portrait of Errol…..what happened to John Decker's painting of  Flynn?

Regards to all, Trevor

— Trevor Hill