Celebrating Errol Flynn’s Centenary

        He was the greatest action star of his day, and one hundred years after his birth Errol Flynn remains as popular as when he died nearly fifty years ago. In recent years Flynn has undergone a critical and popular revival with the publication of several first class biographies, notably Inherited Risk by Jeffrey Meyers, The Baron of Mulholland by… (more…)

Review: Errol Flynn Slept Here

“Errol Flynn Slept Here” by Robert Matzen and Michael Mazzone              The critical reassessment and popular rediscovery of Errol Flynn continues with the publication of “Errol Flynn Slept Here” by Robert Matzen and Michael Mazzone. This beautiful hardcover with a full color dust jacket offers 184 pages of text and photos. The book reveals the story behind Errol Flynn’s… (more…)

Paul Newman, in Memoriam

I took these photographs at the “Road to Perdition” press junket in Chicago, June 27, 2002. These are two photos from a roll of unpublished photographs I took of him that day. It was the only time I met him. He was funny, charming, intelligent, cantankerous and the classiest guy in the room. He made it clear who was in charge and it most… (more…)