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Peter's E.F. Club needs to come out of the closet!

29 Oct

Hello to all my friends in Flynn,

Ernst here… better known as the purveyor of Peter's E.F. Club, a website I have been working on for the last year. For the past three years or so, I had been working on a Flynn film as a producer and writer, it was a film that would represent his last days in Vancouver in 1959. During that time, I collected hundreds of pieces of memorabilia for the purposes of research – books, movies, magazines, photos, posters, basically anything E.F.-related I could get my hands on.

For reasons I won't get into here, I removed myself from the project (which I think is still in development) but found myself left with all this amazing Flynn memorabilia, my closets had become a mini-museum of Errol. I felt it was a waste to have all this and not share it with the rest of the E.F. fans of the world, so I began to put together Peter's E.F. Club as a place to display it. I put in hundreds of hours transcribing the dozens of articles I had, and put together what I feel soon became one of the better info-filled E.F. sites on the 'web. I still have hundreds of photos and pictures I plan on uploading to the site, there just never seems to be enough time in the day.

But as I am not involved with this Errol film anymore, I have decided I cannot continue to justify the expense of this collection. Being a character actor, as I am, doesn't pay as regularly as some might think, and well, the bills need paid, so I have decided to put my collection on sale for serious fans of E.F.  I do not plan to make a profit from this sale, my hope is to only recoup my investment.

If you are interested in what I have (and you can get a pretty good idea by looking at the site), please e-mail me, and I'll kindly forward a list your way.

Thanks for the time, and for promoting my site…

Peter's E.F. Club

— Peters E.F. Club