The Last Sad Rites of Errol Flynn

Dear Errol fans,         I have been besieged with negative comments as to why Errol was not buried in Jamaica as was his wish. Most of the comments blame Patrice Wymore Flynn and think she had a plan for an 'evil last payback' of some sort to punish Errol for any and all wrongs that she thought Errol had dealt her. The… (more…)

Hello Mr. McNulty

  Dear Mr. Mcnulty,      My name is Jonathon A. vonTeitloff. I go by the name 'john teitloff' on the blog and am one of the new authors. I am currently writing a manuscript about Errol's last Five years or so and maybe it will be published. I have your book and it is very impressive. I am searching for… (more…)

The Titchfield Hotel, Part III Additional photos

Dear Errol Fans,    Here are a few more pics for your viewing pleasure. As always, I hope you enjoy them.                                                                                    John — john

The Titchfield Hotel, Part III

Dear Errol Fans,      In this last installment of the series, we see an aging, run-down Titchfield hotel. Although The United Fruit Co. had rebuilt it, and half-heartedly promoted it, World War II and the changing times all played a part in it's gradual downhill slide. Money was scarce, travel by airplane had largely replaced travel by ship, and Port Antonio's remote… (more…)

The Titchfield Hotel Part II, Extra Photos

Dear Errol Fans,       Some extra photos for your enjoyment.                                                         John — john

The Titchfield Hotel, Part II

Dear Errol Fans,         The year was 1905. L.D. Baker had his monumental hotel, and pretty much anything else he wanted. (that money could buy) These were indeed 'the days of salad and sun' for everyone involved. Banana traders were said to light their Havana cigars with $5 bills and there seemed to be no end in sight. The large… (more…)

The Titchfield Hotel, Part I extra photos

  Dear Errol Fans.     Here are some more supporting photos to the part I of the story. I hope you enjoy them.                                                 John — john

The Titchfield Hotel, Part I

     Dear Errol Fans,      The story of the Titchfield Hotel covers alot of territory, and instead of butchering it to save space, I have decided to divide it into 2 or maybe 3 parts.      For clarity's sake, I have labeled the photos; Titchfield I, Titchfield II, and Titchfield III. As the story develops, you will understand the reason for… (more…)

Beverly Aadland has passed away

    Dear readers, It has come to my attention that Errol's old love, Beverly Aadland has passed away. This is very saddening to me. No matter what anyone thought of Bev, she was Errol's love, and as we all know, love has no bounderies. It is a damn shame she did not share her last years with Errol, I admire… (more…)

Books by Florence Aadland

  Dear Fellow Errol Fans,      As part of my research for an upcoming book on Errol, I am searching for a few books by Florence Aadland : 'The Beautiful Pervert' and 'The Big Love'. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of these two books for sale or 'lease'. I would rather deal with you readers than give… (more…)