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03 Jan

Based on a recent post, here is the entire series of photos from the shooting of Dodge City from the book by Mr Fegerl. He asked me to share it.

— Inga


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Mr Fegerl’s journey to Jamaica

06 Mar

Some time back, when I posted the info about Mr Fegerl’s new book, there was a question as to why the pages below were included. Mr Fegerl gave me the permission to publish these pages on the blog. They relate to a private journey he made in Flynn’s footsteps. Hope you’ll enjoy.

— Inga


New Book by Josef Fegerl

22 Oct

Mr Josef Fegerl has privately published a new Flynn book. It features thousands of photos from Flynn’s westerns, including movie art and junket photos. A few sample pages can be seen below. The book is not for sale. Enjoy!


— Inga


We Welcome New Author Maria Haarsma to the Blog!

27 Aug


Maria, we look forward to your posts and insight very much!

ug dt

— Inga


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22 Aug

What do these songs have in common and what is their connection to Errol Flynn?

“The Rose” by Bette Midler

“Wonderful Life” by Black

“Woman” by John Lennon

— Inga


Has anyone…

09 Jul

… read this book?…

— Inga


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News about Last of Robin Hood

24 Jun

from Robert…

Enjoy! And don’t forget to go to the cinema!

(And pledge for a German version…)

In case the above link does not work:…

— Inga


We Welcome New Author May MacGregor to the EF Blog!

01 Jun

May, we look forward to your posts and comments.


— Inga


AGAF Trailer

31 May

I had not seen it before, stumbled across the German version, too. So if you wanna hear Errol speak German again…

German trailer

English trailer

— Inga


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New Matzen Blog

13 Feb

For all of us who used to follow our author Robert Matzen’s E&O blog, here is his new blog and it’s likely he’s going to post some of his old Errol articles, too.…

— Inga


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