Why can't we see what's on the blog?

Where is everything? I log in and then….nothing…a blank page. This is the only way I can even contact. — Elayna

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn Adventures

According to my monthly TCM guide: New release from Turner Classic Movies and Warner Home Video: Errol Flynn (Adventures) All 5 Films Stunningly Restored! Desperate Journey,Edge of Darkness, Northern Pursuit, Uncertain Glory, and Objective, Burma! tcm.com…… or 1-888-4-Movies Also there's a 24 hour summer under the stars tribute to Errol Flynn, August 7/10. Just thought I would share this. :)… (more…)

There is only one Robin Hood, Russ. Deal with it.

  www.express….co.uk/posts/view/173452/Russell-Crowe-says-his-Robin-Hood-is-real-thing     Honestly. This guy needs a major glass of “shaddupyouryap” juice.   — Elayna