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Laurence Oliver & Errol Flynn

25 Nov

I've just been watching Olivier in Rebecca and have been revisiting Olivier's work. 

I have a few biographies on Olivier but Errol is not mentioned in these.  I can't believe they both did not have any contact with each other, especially knowing both Laurence & Errol were good friends of Noel Coward.

Does anyone know, have read or have photos of Laurence and Errol together.  I suspect both would have been good friends or got along,and again as David Niven was a friend of Laurence's, they must have been friends.

If anyone can add further, would appreciate the information.

kind regards Diana

— dmbaus


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Errol never stops popping up!

06 Nov

Sydney Morning Herald, yesterday has article on “Mo-vember”  idea is men grow moustaches to raise money for charity.

Comparisons given of men with mos include Errol – and you can vote on the selection!…

kind regards Diana




— dmbaus


Flynn's Jamaica

08 Nov


I came across this article today in the national newspaper 'The Australian':-…

kind regards



— dmbaus


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