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What became of Errol's sister 'Rosemary'?

15 Feb

Dear Fellow 'EF' bloggers, It never ceases to amaze me,the broad stratum of info out there on Errol's life and times. With your 'super sleuth' ability it would seem that we all enjoy a new thread in the rich fabric of Errol's life on a weekly basis. Playing on those averages then , Im second guessing that someone knows something about Errol's sister ? After marrying an 'Airforce Officer' by the name of 'Warner' ( how ironic) and moving to the 'States' her trail seems to go relatively cold. I'd really like to know if Errol had any nieces or nephews??  Well I have every faith that one of you knows something and would greatly appreciate any notes you would care to share.

Travel well . Best&Kindest, Chris

— Chris