Frankenstein vs. Captain Blood

French Frankinstein Poster expected to break record in Historic “Gone Hollywood” Sotheby Auction.

Captain Blood one-sheet with Errol and Olivia also expected to attract high bids.*

* “A one sheet is a specific size (typically 27 by 41 inches (69 cm × 104 cm) before 1985; 27 by 40 inches (69 cm × 102 cm) after 1985) of film poster advertising. Multiple one-sheets are used to assemble larger advertisements, which are referred to by their sheet count, including 24-sheet better source needed] billboards, and 30-sheet billboards. The term is also used as synonym for the poster artwork and the film poster itself. Since a one sheet is used in the official advertising for a film, they are prized by both collectors of memorabilia for specific films and of film posters themselves. Film posters sold in general retail are in poster size, 24 by 36 inches (61 cm × 91 cm). Prior to 1985, the majority of film posters sent to cinemas were folded before mailing and, on rare occasions, they were instead rolled and shipped in tubes. While today there are several ways to eliminate these fold lines, many purists prefer film posters in their used conditions.

— Tim

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