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The Errol Flynn Mailbag! Flynn &The Royalty Restaurant, Ibiza!

29 Jul

Martin Ryder is in Ibiza checking out the Flynn sights and reports what one of Errol Flynn’s frequent haunts in Spain looks like today, he was even rewarded with a special sight at the end of his Flynn Detective work …







Martin says the bar likely looks much the same way it did in the 50’s and he was rewarded outside by finding who, but Robin Hood himself all in Silver!


Thanks, Martin!

— David DeWitt


“Stranger Than Fiction”

29 Jul

Comprenez Vous?

Les Adventures de Monsieur Errol Flynn


— Gentleman Tim


Errol Flynn’s Old Boat Competes in McNish Classic Yacht Race

28 Jul

I do not know about this boat is this correct. Love Genene…

— tassie devil


Cheerio Yawl!

28 Jul

Circe’s first, then Cheerio!!…


— Gentleman Tim


Double the Fun @ The EFF

27 Jul

Success at The Errol Flynn Filmhouse Leads to Plans for a Second Screen!…



— Gentleman Tim


Best Dressed

26 Jul

Errol Flynn was Best-dressed in The Adventures of Don Juan:

And the Award goes to: Marjorie Best:


And here’s a triple-or-quadruple–connection to Errol: Dick Haymes’ (second husband of Nora Flynn), former wife, Joanne Dru (future co-star of Flynn in Dark Avenger*), presenting Marjorie Best an Oscar for dressing Flynn in Don Juan.

* Joanne Dru’s brother was Peter Marshall.

— Gentleman Tim


A Pretty Groovy Photo.

26 Jul

I always like this album and was listening to it on YouTube and once again became fascinated with the cover photo. This is what I found on Wikepedia: Miss Christine appeared on the front cover of Frank Zappa’s 1969 album Hot Rats. She is shown halfway through emerging from an empty swimming pool on the infamous Errol Flynn estates in the Hollywood Hills. She also dated rock and roll singer Alice Cooper, as well as Todd Rundgren from Utopia fame and a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers. Miss Christine died on November 5, 1972, of a heroin overdose in a house in Cohasset, Massachusetts, which at the time was being rented out by musician Jonathan Richman and his original group, The Modern Lovers.[7] Her death occurred shortly after she had spent nearly a year in a full body cast to correct a crooked spine.

— twinarchers


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Seeing the Real “Silver River”

25 Jul

C42YGB SILVER RIVER Poster for 1948 Warner Bros film with Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan


Ride the pack mules at the “Mule Capitol of the World”. Climb the “perfect” rock formatioms.

This is up near where Bill Mulholland infamously stole, I mean bought, LA its water from Owens Valley, the deepest valley on the continent. This is where Jack “Foley Artist” Foley brought Hollywood after he moved here from Santa Monica. And this is where Errol, Raoul & Annie filmed Silver River.

Bishop, California, featuring the Sherwyn Summit & various locations in Inyo County, some of which can be seen in the following Silver City trailer:

Fascinating Fact: Writer Stephen Longstreet said that historical aspects of Silver City were provided to him by his cousin, General James Longstreet, Robert E. Lee’s “Old War Horse” (played by Tom Berenger in “Gettysburg”)

— Gentleman Tim


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Que Pacho?

24 Jul…

— Gentleman Tim

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Merry B-day to Robin Hood

24 Jul

Back In His Allegedly Original Hood:…


— Gentleman Tim

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