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We Welcome New Author Delvan Irwin to The Errol Flynn Blog!

29 Oct

I’m happy to announce our newest Author Delvan Irwin to The Errol Flynn Blog. Delvan, we look forward to your Posts and comments! Welcome aboard …



— David DeWitt


Senor Errol Flynn @ The Festival de Mar del Plaza

27 Oct

Some Very Rare Footage of Senor Errol Flynn (and other big screen legends) in Argentina, 1954!

— Gentleman Tim


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The Heart of Robin Hood

27 Oct

— David DeWitt


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His Wicket, Wicket Ways

27 Oct

It’s Just Not Cricket that We Don’t Know More About Errol’s Cricket History. From Hobart to Sydney to England to Hollywood – Let’s See How Much of It We Can Discover & Document! He Surely Played in His Hobart & Sydney School Days. In London as a kid, too. Northampton? How About in New Guinea? Then at Griffith Park and Beyond with the Expats of England in Hollywood Cricket Club.

Here’s the HCC in Vancouver: Saturday, July 4, 1936:

— Gentleman Tim


Tim Reid, on Jack Marino’s Radio Show!

27 Oct

From the Errol Flynn Mailbag!

Dave can you post this or mention TIM REID will be on my show TONIGHT on the Errol Flynn Blog. Thank you old boy


SUNDAY, Oct 26, 2014 at 7PM PST & 10PM EST Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker Show on… on Channel 2

My Guest is Tim Reid, born & raised a Flynn Fan in an predominantly Irish seaside neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. (Only a very short distance from where Harry Eiler grew up, before he made it big and bought Flynn’s place on Navy Island!)

Flynn was King in our neighborhood, who all the girls swooned over, and all the boys wanted to be. Dad & Mom were huge Flynn fans, too, and much like our neighborhood’s Errol & Olivia – Dad being very highly intelligent and athletically gifted, Mom being extraordinarily gorgeous and fun.

Grew up watching Flynn on late night and weekend TV. Captain Blood, Charge of the Light Brigade, Robin Hood, Sea Hawk, Gentleman Jim, They Died With Their Boots On. What boy wouldn’t want to be Flynn?! Fighting the good fight so valiantly AND winning the hearts of all the best looking girls, too! What boy wouldn’t want to be anyone but Errol Flynn!?!

Years later, in the early Eighties, when I moved to San Diego, I became significantly reacquainted with Flynn. Heard stories from sailors & old timers who knew many of his incredible exploits and adventures in San Diego, Old Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada. That led me to read the still astonishing Wicked, Wicked Ways – like nothing I’d ever read before. Truly Flynntastic.

Inspired by all of that, I wrote “In Like Flynn”, which I used last year as the musical track in a video tribute to the 75th Anniversary of Robin Hood.

“In Like Flynn” – 75th Anniversary of “The Advent……

Working on the In Like Flynn video, I had the tremendous pleasure and good fortune to meet the great David DeWitt, founder of the Errol Flynn Blog. That has opened up a who new world for me, allowing me to learn from and communicate with preminent Flynn fans around the globe.

Based on these wonderful opportunites, and drawing on my experience as a commemorative historian, I am helping to plan and celebrate year-long, around-the-world tributes to Errol’s two greatest pirate films – Captain Blood & The Sea Hawk, which, in 2015, will be in their 80th & 75th anniversary years.

Attached is a photo from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, during filming of “The First Boys of Spring”, a documentary being released in 2015.


Show call in number: 1-818-602-4929

Jack Marino’s Warriorfilmmaker Show

if you missed the LIVE show you can always go back to the archive and hear it then…

Visit the BLOG site for the Radio show on…

Write down your comments on the site.



Thank you,

Jack Marino


Thanks, Jack!

— David DeWitt


_________, the Name of Errol’s ______ ?

25 Oct



Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2009 exhibition launch


— Gentleman Tim


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WHEN IN ROME – Down for the Countess!

24 Oct






Images provided by Selene on December 2, 2020
Thank you, Selene. Excellent research!

— Gentleman Tim


Robin Hood Figure

24 Oct

Robin Hood

— Maria

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New YouTube Pluggin added!

22 Oct

On your Author toolbar above the Posting window you’ll see a new link to brouse for and add relevant YouTube videos to your posts! Best used in the Visual tab, I think. Let me know if you have any problems with it in your browser?



— David DeWitt


How to insert a text link into your post!

22 Oct

Turn those long ugly urls into text links!

— David DeWitt

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