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March Rock-itt Magazine now online!

07 Mar

The March Issue of Rock-itt Magazine is now available:

The Rock-itt Magazine

Robert Florczak’s fascinating Movie Locations Then & Now, and the other continuing series Hobart to Hollywood are ready for your reading pleasure!

— David DeWitt


My Home At Bella Vista

05 Mar

In the 1980s I was privileged to have lived on John Barrymore’s estate, Bella Vista. When Flynn came to Hollywood he searched out Barrymore. When I came to Hollywood I searched out Flynn–or his footsteps, to be precise–and, in a strange, circular coincidence ended up in Barrymore’s home. Here is a photo collection of the house from my days there (and one more recently). It was a magical time….

1) The Bella Vista sign, now long gone, having been cut down. But by whom?

2) The road up to Bella Vista

3) The former aviary, seen from the road

4) Around the bend to my house, passing Ryan O’Neal’s place, also part of the original Barrymore estate

5) My house, high up on the property

6) A closer view, with the bedroom balcony at the top and the veranda below it

7) The stairs to the house–a long climb! (recent photo with the large Eucalyptus cut down)

8) The first flight up

9) The view from the veranda over Beverly Hills. Many a wonderful afternoon and evening were spent on that veranda, which was especially lovely at night with all the twinkling lights below. I was living there on the occasion of Barrymore’s centennial and raised a drink to him that evening on that veranda–sadly, he didn’t deign to grace me with a spiritual visitation! This view is now obscured by large Eucalyptus trees

10) The view across the road from me to the comedian Shelley Berman’s home, formerly the home of Edgar Bergen (Candice grew up there)

11) The door with Barrymore’s initials and serpent coat of arms

12) The coat of arms

13) Outside my bedroom, a view also obscured today by the overgrown foliage

14) The courtyard behind my house

15) The courtyard, a beautiful place to wander and dream of days long gone

16) Part of the main house seen above the courtyard

17) A path up to the main house

18) I loved it there, long ago when those days were closer to the days of Barrymore himself.


My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   5) My House   6) Bella Vista 1   7) The Stairs   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   My beautiful picture   18) Good Days



— Robert


More “Charge of the Light Brigade” Then & Now….

03 Mar

….with my Mrs. standing in for Errol!

  CotLB LP3  CotLB LP2_1  COTLB14

— Robert


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More Then & Now from “Captain Blood”

03 Mar

Some extras from my photo session at Three Arch Bay in 2008….

CB5    CB9

— Robert

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The Sun Again Rises On Errol’s Old Habana Haunts

02 Mar


More than fifty years after Castro put the kibosh on (Mafia) mob operations in Cuba, the sun is now rising on The Capri and Salon Rojo, two of Errol’s old Habana haunts.…


— Gentleman Tim


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