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Thanks, David. Can’t wait to try text and YouTube advice.

Not sure why, but I’ve not had success with the “Select an image” function. The “Add images” function works great (except I think t may be disabled for edits)

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Not having success inserting an image. It shows the file as open, but the image seems to be missing… ;) what now “Doc” hugs..

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I have not seen anyone offering anything relating to Errol for sale on the blog, I did see the notice of the bust up for action; I bid on it but did not get it, anyway I posted a year or so ago that I had purchased 26 of his envelops with his name preprinted on the back flap and stamps from a friend of his family and was very happy to have them! Since that time I have acquired several autographs of his, and decided that others might like to have some of the one or more of the… Read more »

Thank you, Gene. Here’s your earlier post, I believe.

Mail Bag! Errol Flynn Stamps & Envelopes!

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