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Sean McCardle’s Graphic Novel The Fuhrer and the Tramp!

15 Jun

Sean McCardle’s amazing Graphic Novel The Fuehrer and the Tramp! I have read the novel today and it is wonderful! Very creative and engaging and has a bit of dramatic tension as well as lots of comedy and high adventure … Nominated for an Eisner Award, the Oscar of comics, and will find if it wins July 19,2019.

You can help this brilliantly made graphic novel reach a wide audience by clicking the book cover below! You can purchase a copy at: ComiXology (Amazon) …

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Jack Marino interviews Richard Erdman!

20 Mar

Here is the wonderful Richard Erdman interview from Jack Marino’s Warrior Filmmaker Show on LA Talk Raidio: Thanks, Jack for letting us post it!

Richard Erdman appeared in Objective Burma!

Forgotten Heroes the Movie

— David DeWitt


In Like Flynn in the U. S. A.

19 Jan

Kudos to King Karl for keeping us current on all the King of Swashbuckler news fit to print!

Thomas Cocquerel is Errol Flynn in US Trailer for ‘In Like Flynn’ Film

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! A kid named after Errol Flynn …

05 Dec

I got this message from Jack Marino today, as I was about to go to bed but I wanted to put this on the blog because it is important …

Jack writes:

Years ago, I did some work for Rider Mcdowell and Victoria Knight McDowell. They are the founders of Air-Borne and Pine Bros cough drops. Rider is also a filmmaker and a big Errol Flynn aficionado, so much so that he named his first born son ERROL McDowell.

“Today, I found out that their son Errol passed away last June at the age of 18 of cancer from a brain tumor. Before Errol left this earth he raised over a million dollars for cancer research and his parents are continuing to this very day. Their goal is to raise 325 million for a cure for cancer by raising one dollar per American or anything you feel like giving towards this goal.

“Go to… and read about this incredibly talented young man and what he went through. I asked all my friends on Facebook, to share this link, and those of you that have lost loved ones to cancer here is an opportunity to help out.

“You won’t find a more determined couple in Rider and Victoria McDowell that can pull this Herculean feat off to raise this money to end cancer once and for all. Let’s all get on an donate not only for Errol but all these young children and adults that have cancer …”

There is a video on the page that is all about how young Errol was (and is, even after his passing) helping others. At the time, he had been cured of his cancer and was full of promise. He wanted to spend a day with YoutTube star Casey Neistat and had that day. Watch the video!

You can help, too, to save others.

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Hotel Belmar: The Ghost Has the Key!

28 Nov
Thank you David:
I look forward to sharing your remembrances and tributes. I have finished my book Hotel Belmar: The Ghost Has the Key. … . After reading Errol’s book and Send in the Empty Horses by David Niven, while talking to locals who told of Errol’spresence here in the Belmar, the strange happenings in the area where his room was, and his colorful episodes on Ice Box Hill, I created a picture of him in front of the hotel with the shadow of Captain Blood, and retold his legend here in Mazatlan, Mexico. He was truly a remarkable man, in fact unforgettable. This is a work of fiction but all 11 ghosts that I tried to depict in “full bleed” black and white images have been reported here. Such a man as Errol is larger than life.
Thanks, Sue!

— David DeWitt


We Welcome new Author TJR McDowell to The Errol Flynn Blog!

17 Nov

I am happy to Welcome our new author, TJR McDowell to The Errol Flynn Blog! I am certain he has some great stories to tell us …

— David DeWitt


The Scandalous Freddie McEvoy!

10 Nov

New book by Frank Walker:

— David DeWitt


Rare Errol Flynn Audio Recordings, plus Special Bonus!

09 Nov

Today, I am adding a special offer to The Errol Flynn Blog! It is a fun way to enjoy 22 rare Errol Flynn audio recordings, plus a special “Surprise” bonus item. (A digital copy of 36 vintage newspaper articles from a privately collected series of Flynn articles published overseas almost 60 years ago … )

I have created a Menu to use to navigate the pages, and included individual audio players to listen to the shows and rare audio recordings. There is also an audio descriptions page. There are so many more Errol Flynn fans now than ever before on social media that might not have access to these recordings, so here is a fun way to collect and enjoy them on your desktop computers! Take a look … Click on the image!

— David DeWitt


You May Have Noticed?

08 Nov

You may have noticed the NOT SECURE warning that appears in Chrome browsers in the address line of our blog? That only means that the security certificate of the site is slightly less secure (http:// … versus https:// …) and Chrome is letting us know this basically useless fact. I am told by our host PressHarbor (the wonderful John Kagan) that our blog will be moved up the list to transfer to our new home, and a free Security Certificate will be provided to us that will eliminate the Not Secure warning …


Thanks, John!

— David DeWitt


Neil Young: Hollywood Reporter Review of new film In Like Flynn!

03 Sep

Neil Young sends us to his Review of In Like Flynn, the new film based loosely on Errol’s book Beam Ends, produced by Luke Flynn.  Thanks, Neil!


“Thomas Cocquerel takes the title role in cult Australian director Russell Mulcahy’s early-years biopic of famed swashbuckler Errol Flynn.

Reveling in the exploits of a legendary Lothario who is a most unlikely subject for a celebratory biopic during the current #MeToo era, comeback-kid Russell Mulcahy’s In Like Flynn triumphs as a disgracefully entertaining romp that packs an unexpected emotional wallop.

Chronicling the adventurous late youth of golden-age Hollywood swashbuckler Errol Flynn, the handsomely mounted production is inevitably brimming with boozing, brawling and bedding. But while rising Aussie star Thomas Cocquerel is suitably dashing as his notorious countryman — whose name, 59 years after his premature demise, remains a byword for bawdy offscreen excess — the real breakout here is British actor Clive Standen, comprehensively stealing the show in a flashy supporting role.”

Read more

— David DeWitt