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That’s the Way He Rolled

04 Dec

That's the Way He Rolled

Errol at Linden

— Gentleman Tim


Crossed Swords – 1980

26 Nov
      Delusionary Oliver Tobias Fit for Deportation: Claims He’s Better Than Errol Flynn

International Errol Flynn Society Founder Challenges Him to a Duel……


— Gentleman Tim


Errol in training for Captain Blood

09 Oct

Errol training for Captain Blood

Just a little something on a dreary Friday!

— Maria


A Modern Take on Errol

05 Oct

I thought this was rather interesting.

Excellent Poster

— Maria

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Dining with Errol-Part 2

27 Aug

2015 EF

I could not insert into my reply – so here is the other photo I found.  Note the sailing ship in the bottom left.

— Maria


RARE candid photo 1933 ERROL FLYNN Eastbourne Tennis

03 Aug

Here is a rare photo of young Mr. Errol Flynn at an Eastbourne tennis match with yet another Mystery Woman!


— David DeWitt


Errol and Alexis- Good Friends!

01 Jun

Errol Flynn 2015


I think this was taken in 1949 during Errol’s filming of “That Forsyte Woman”. Alexis was filming “Any Number Can Play” with Clark Gable.  I only say that because I did find a photo of her from the movie wearing that same dress.  Must have been some funny conversation!



— Maria


Another Tennis Photo

29 May

Good Morning All- I found an interesting photo on EBay pertaining to the early tennis years.  Has anyone seen this one before -I hadn’t.

ERROL FLYNN at Devonshire Park in Eastbourne for the South of England tournament of 1933

.Early Tennis Years

— Maria


From the Digital Files of USCD

18 Apr

I have 2 photos that show Errol arriving at the Scripps Institute and meeting with Carl Hubbs. I had not seen these before and I thought you may enjoy.  These photos are posted with permission  from “SIO Photo Lab Collection, Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego”.  The gentlemen with him  are the Director of the Scripps Institute Harald Ulrik Sverdrup (in the business suit) and Carl Hubbs (in the white coat).

bb6485749v_2 (1)               Errol Flynn at Scripps

— Maria


Toast of the Town -1952

12 Apr

1952 Errol and Paulette Goddard -Toast of the Town


I have never seen this photo- anyone else?

— Maria