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Errol Magazine Covers Germany + Austria

26 Mar

Errol Magazine Covers Germany+Austria

— Inga


Errol Magazine Covers (GB, USA, Australia)

25 Mar

Errol Magazine Covers (GB and USA)

I suggest splitting up the magazine covers gallery, mostly because the ones from the USA and GB had pictures which were fairly recent when published, while this is not always so in other countries. I also suggest making an extra gallery for back covers and excluding the Mon Film covers as they are a special case.
When you post something, please make sure that the file you upload is named as followed: Year of Publication-Month-Day, for example a magazine from June 13th, 1939 would be named: 39-06-13. This way we can later add new covers and make sure they appear in the chronological order, which I think is better. Also, make sure they are not broader than 300 pix.

— Inga


Here are old and more recent movie magazine covers depicting Errol Flynn from the USA, GB and Australia in chronological order.

— Inga