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Who Said Tax Law is Boring? Not When It Involves Errol Flynn!

16 Apr

Quoting a British court in a 1968 “income tax and death duties” case regarding the issue of where Errol’s official domicile was at the time of his death:

“Errol Flynn was a film actor whose performances gave pleasure to many millions. On 20th June 1909 he was born in Hobart, Tasmania; and on 14th October 1959 he died in Vancouver, Canada. When he was seventeen years old he was expelled from school in Sydney and in the next thirty three years he lived a life which was full, lusty, restless and colourful. In his career, in his three marriages, in his friendships, in his quarrels, and in bed with the many, many women he took there, he lived with zest and irregularity. The lives of film stars are not cast in the ordinary mould; and in some respects Errol Flynn’s was more stellar than most. When he died, he posed the only question that I have to decide. Where was he domiciled at the time of his death? At one time he was undoubtedly domiciled in California. Hollywood has never been deficient in what was then, as always, one of Errol’s great interests in life, namely, a generous pool of available pulchritude. Yet even though as a sexual athlete Errol Flynn may in truth have achieved Olympic standards, time brings changes to all.”

Quoting an international tax and accounting expert regarding this unique decision:

“Many pages later in the judgment, after much personal and geographical biography, the answer came: when he died, Errol Flynn was domiciled in Jamaica, which was a tax haven for the rich and famous. Who said that tax law is boring?”

— Gentleman Tim


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Sean McArdle Graphic Novel “The Furor & The Tramp” Now Available!

13 Apr
The Fuhrer and the Tramp” is a graphic novel about Charlie Chaplin fighting Adolf Hitler while making the Great Dictator. The Little Tramp is joined by two of FDR’s secret agents, Hedy Lamar and Errol Flynn, and the three of them forge head to finish filming the movie, and punch a lot of Nazi’s in their Nazi faces along the way.


The 192 full color graphic novel is available now for ordering through Previews! www……APR211923


There’s tons of extra content, more story, funny jokes, new pages, plus comprehensive annotations!


Order it now at your local comics shop!



Thanks, Sean!

— David DeWitt

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New Feature on The Errol Flynn Blog!

12 Apr

We have a nice new feature on The Errol Flynn Blog! It is a list of our postings in chronological order on a brand new sitemap so that readers can view the blog as if it were chapters in a book … see the sidebar for the The EFB Chapters and enjoy the blog in an entirely new way!

— David DeWitt


Flynn`s footsteps- When in Venice…

10 Apr

Dear Flynnmates,

the old saying that life resembles a solitary beach has never been truer than today.

Last fall I had the opportunity to roam the desert sands of Lido isle in Venice almost all by myself

The Excelsior Hotel, well known from the Thomas Mann novel “Death in Venice” emerged as a ghost castle right before me.

It was there in September of 1953, where Errol´s “The Story of William Tell” movie came to a full stop.

At the Biennale film festival, prankster Flynn faked a back injury while dancing the Bogalloo in the presence of John Huston and King Farouk.

He wanted to cash in his insurance policy and finish “the greatest film ever” in Italy.

But instead of taking Lloyd`s for a gondola ride, Will Tell sailed into the sunset.


— shangheinz


Suislide Freddie

29 Mar

Dear Flynnmates,

here is another accurate account about Errol Flynn`s best man Suicide Freddie McEvoy.

When together, they could meow the birds from the trees.…

But his panache got the playboy literally in deep waters.

The circumstances of his drowning a few meters off the coast of Morocco are as murky as his past.

He supposedly died trying to save his newly wed wife from going under.

The truth may not be as romantic as the legend.

Three crew members survived the shipwreck.

One was Manfred Lentner, a convicted murderer from Austria.

He gave three different versions of what happened that night.

Errol immediately wanted to salvage Freddie Mac`s yacht with his own money.

Why, you ask me!?

I believe the motif to be buried within the EF Enterprises script “Deep Waters”, which was supposed to be filmed in South France.

Barry Mahon was to produce and cute Corinne Calvet was to star.


— shangheinz



27 Mar

In 1950 a car pulls up to an historical marker in the desert on the California-Nevada border. The marker reads:

ROCKY MOUNTAIN, also known as Ghost Mountain

On March 26, 1865, a detachment of Confederate cavalry
crossed the state line into California under secret orders
from Gen. Robert E. Lee to rendezvous at Ghost Mountain
with one Cole Smith, with instructions to place the flag
atop the mountain, and though their mission failed, the
heroism displayed by these gallant men honored the cause
for which they fought so valiantly.

“In 1865, eight horsemen trek across the California desert, arriving at Ghost Mountain. Led by Captain Lafe Barstow (Errol Flynn) of the Mississippi Mountain Rifles. The eight soldiers encounter a man who calls himself California Beal (Howard Petrie). As a last desperate effort to turn the tide of the war, Barstow’s mission is to persuade Cole Smith and his 500 men to raid California on behalf of the Confederacy.”

— Gentleman Tim



22 Mar

Dear Flynnmates,

always on the outlook for Flynn material, I bought me a(n old) man`s magazine. No, not for the interview. It features an article about Errol`s best man Freddie McEvoy`s untimely demise. The adress where I got it from struck me to some extent. Can it be it came from the estate of the man of River deep-mountain high fame and Second-degree murder infame?

Spector or spectator- who with a NY connection knows if we got the real Phil here?


— shangheinz


Love at first fight

20 Mar

Dear Flynnmates,

I want to share with you an (at least to me) unknown image of Laddie Errol and Lady Livvie.

Both visibly enjoy each others company, our Hollywood hero even gives it a two arrows up.

The pic must have been taken at the early stages of filming The Adventures of Robin Hood, since Flynn wears the knight outfit for the later on cancelled jousting tournament scene.

The idea originated from the grand opening in the original ROHO- movie: (163) Robin Hood (Klassiker von und mit Douglas Fairbanks [ABENTEUER 1922] Stummfilm, ganzer Film Deutsch) – YouTube


— shangheinz


A Giant St. Patty’s Day Quiz

17 Mar

Errol was once a guest at a giant St. Patrick’s Day Party. Where was it and who was the host?

– It may have been the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration ever thrown by a private person.

– Many dozens of Hollywood celebrities attended.

– The millionaire host wore sunglasses the day of the party, reportedly because he had a black eye he earned in a fistfight while greeting or preparing to greet celebrities.

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Philip Gostelow Photography!

14 Mar

From time to time we like to promo the works of members who support The Errol Flynn Blog over the years and today photographer Philip Gostelow reaches out to us about his new website gallery:

“As a photographer I had the great opportunity to photograph a number of celebrities while based in Tokyo in the 90s.
“I’ve just launched a new web gallery on my web site offering for the first time limited edition prints. The first of these are portraits of Quentin Tarantino … please refer Facebook posting as following:
Purchasing Instructions –
“Would EFB be interested to post this offer, together with attached sample?”


Philip Gostelow 
photography + film…

Thanks, Philip!


— David DeWitt