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THE BIG FLOP – April 7, 1991

07 Apr

Early Promise in FLA

But a Big Flop in NYC

Despite Starring the Amazing Tracey Ullman, The Big Love Gets Only Small Audiences and Closes After Only 41 Performances, on April 7, 1991

— Gentleman Tim


Flynn and the fiercest forehand

06 Apr

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Francisco Olegario Segura called “Pancho” by friends and pros, had what many labeled the best forehand ever in the history of tennis.

Former World No. 1 Player Ellsworth Vines remembered it all too well: “(His) Two-handed forehand is most outstanding stroke in game’s history; unbeatable unless opponent could avoid it.”

Pancho, the eldest of  7-10 children (reports vary) was born in Ecuador on a raft on the way to the hospital on June 20th 1921.

Not only did he share Errol`s birthday, but also crossed rackets with him in later years in Spain.

“I used to play at midnight in Madrid for 1000 dollars. Errol Flynn would send a chauffeur to pick me up.”

After an exceptional career on the lawns all around the world, considering he had suffered from rickets and malaria from an early age, he settled in the US and taught many flynntimos his most deadly shot at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club.

Ava Gardner, Kirk Douglas and Shelley Winters, just to name a few, honed their tennis court skills with this great character known for his humor, relentnessness and  longevity.

He retired at 49 at the US open and died at 96 with fond memories of mentoring Jimmy Connors and to a lesser extent the son of Dean Martin to felt ball stardom.




— shangheinz


Errol NOT Killed in Spain — But Wounds to Reputation Near Fatal!

05 Apr

Only “slightly wounded” by falling plaster. However, his heroic reputation suffers severe, long-lasting, near-fatal wounds due to fraudulently-false, self-serving reports of Errol’s death by publicity-seeking, back-stabbing, fascist-colloaborating-pawn and psycho-quack-physician, Hermann Erben. As a publicity Erben was the first to report that Errol was killed, which he knew not to be true.

International Publication of Erben’s Fraudulent Report that Errol was Killed at the University City Front:

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – April 5, 1937


All Lili Damita is sure of today is that she must get post-haste to the side
of her wounded husband, Errol Flynn — by airplane if possible.

After a night of frantic worry over the fate of the handsome actor-adventurer
as the result of an alarmist telephone call from a London friend saying Flynn
had been killed near Madrid, Miss Damita planned to ask the foreign office for
a special permit to fly to Spain.

The actress poured out her thanks in a torrent of emotional words when she was
informed that latest information said that Flynn had been only slightly wounded
and had left Madrid for Valencia.

(Madrid advisers said Flynn was grazed on the head by a machine gun bullet
when he was visiting the University City front.)

In the meantime Miss Damita made frantic efforts to get in touch with Flynn,
planning to defer her departure until she gets direct word from her husband.

Her only worry as she prepared from Leeds Castle in Kent to the foreign office
here was whether the reported injury to Flynn’s handsome Irish face will mar his
film career.

“Lili Frantically Worried About Errol’s Handsome Irish Face”

— Gentleman Tim


All Aboard to Dodge City

01 Apr

April 1, 1939

How many celebrity passengers can you name?

— Gentleman Tim


Honeymoon, Yes — Marriage, No

27 Mar…

Honeymoon Over Miami Way

March 28, 1938

Jimmy Starr

Although maritime laws permit a captain to perform a perfectly legal marriage ceremony, it isn’t as easy as it might sound. There are certain official papers that a seaworthy captain must have.

Of course, Errol Flynn is the captain of his yacht, but that doesn’t alone give him the right to tie the holy bonds of matrimony, as he was informed by local maritime officials.

And that revelation somewhat changes the marital plans of Gertrude Hemmer and Ralph Cobley, Miami friends of Errol’s, who planned to have the Warner star perform the wedding ceremony for them aboard his new yacht, which stops over at the southern city en route to Hollywood. The couple will be married on shore and will spend a brief honeymoon aboard Flynn’s boat.

Miami Beach 1938

Miami 1938

— Gentleman Tim


Two Big Kisses

22 Mar

March 21, 1949

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

Errol Flynn now talks of writing a part for Greer Garson in his screen story, The Last Buccaneer, I don’t know how much importance to attach to thecwarm new friendship of Errol and Greer, but I keep hearing that her romance with Buddy Fogelson is cooling, and she and Flynn certainly do have a good time together.

Greer has a lively sense if humor. On the last day of The Forsythe Saga, she and Flynn were doing a scene in a buggy. Greer had Errol’s side of the buggy wired. When she pressed a button, he went up in the air like he had been stuck with a pin.

The cast and crew had their “end of the picture” party a Chinese restaurant in Culver City.* Greer presented Errol with a gag-gift – red wig, beard and eyebrows to wear in England so the fans won’t recognize from him. Among other things, Errol presented Greer with two big kisses right in front of everybody.


Perhaps Errol used that re-beard. gag-gift on the set of Kim!

Mrs. Miniver had maximum talent…

* In days of old in the Golden State, pre-corona v., Californians could dine-in at Chinese restaurants in Culver City.

— Gentleman Tim


— Watch Out Buddy —> “Errol is Tops”

15 Mar

March 16, 1949

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

After saying he wanted to stay away from Hollywood for a long time, Errol Flynn now talks of returning from Europe in a month.

This is more or less a shot in the dark, Buddy Fogelson had better watch out.

People predicted that Errol and Greer wouldn’t get on in The Forthsyte Saga. Just the contrary happened. They got along famously and Greer thinks Errol is tops.

I know that she was up to his house for a small dinner party Sunday.

Now, wouldn’t that combination be something? And, don’t forget, Errol is partial to redheads.

Errol had a small window of time to romance gorgeous Greer Garson, who had just ended an odd marriage with the allegedly “morose” neysayer, Richard Ney (who was twelve years younger and looked a touch like Sean Flynn did in the early Sixties), followed by the very tame and wealthy Texas wildcatter, Buddy Fogelson.

So, here’s Greer, with Dick Neysayer, Errol Swashbuckler, and Buddy Wildcatter (sporting a Flynn-pencil-thin-like stache, but very thin on the Flynn panache):

— Gentleman Tim


Looks Like a New Team

08 Mar

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— Gentleman Tim


Stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges VII

02 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

the most gentlemanly stuntman of Errol was Patrick “Paddy” Crean. He doubled him in “The Master of Ballantrae” and “Against all flags”. An accomplished actor in his own right later in life with roles in “War and Peace” alongside Henry Fonda and Audrey Hepburn and  in “The naked Maya” with Ava Gardner, he is mostly remembered for his superb swordmanship. Until today a flagship workshop called “the Paddy Crean” is held in his honour in Canada. He reminisced about about Flynn fondly in his hard to find autobiography “More Champagne Darling” and gives quite an insight into the ill fated adventure (film) “The Story of William Tell”, where he was to appear as partisan pesant. The song in the end of the clip is most pleasant  for this class act choreographer naming both our Hollywood hero as well as this class act irish paesano.



— shangheinz


The Adventures of Don Flynn: 1939

27 Feb

February 27, 1939

Louella Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

How would you like to see the dashing Errol Flynn play the equally dashing Don Juan? Academy Award winning producer Hal Wallis is plotting such a story as a follow-up to Robin Hood. He will not use the Lord Byron material, but will base The Adventures of Don Juan on a story by Bess Meredyth wrote when she was a Warner scenarist. Bess, who retired from active work to enjoy her ranch, will do a rewrite job with Roland Leigh. Of course it will be a Michael Curtiz picture.


Though rarely remembered today, Bess Meredyth was a brilliant talent, maybe even a greater talent than Michael Curtiz, her husband from 1929 to his death in 1962. She often helped Curtiz on his projects, particularly with writing and rewriting, explaining, I suspect, why a man so infamously challenged by the English language could turn out such masterfully scripted films. Bess was behind the scenes. She was a very accomplished vaudevillian, film actress, musician, comedienne, business women, and screenwriter. Her many friends and colleagues in the industry included Bundy Drive Boys Gene Fowler and John Barrymore. She was reportedly a big help to Barrymore during his Hollywood years. (Notably, she also wrote the screenplay for Barrymore’s Don Juan, released in 1926 and featuring more kisses than any other film in history, 127 at last count.)

Bess Meredyth

Here’s looking at you, Bess:

— Gentleman Tim