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Go Get ‘Em, Livvie!

14 Sep

We’re in your corner!

The Feud Over Feud is Not Over: Livvie Scores an Early Knock Down!…

— Gentleman Tim


Thank Our Plucky Stars

13 Jul…

    Magnificent, Flynn! Magnificent!

    What other non-singing, non-dancing star but Errol could have pulled off anything as clever and fun as this? It’s no wonder he was so phenomenally popular.

    — Gentleman Tim



10 Jul

Don’t Mess with Lady O!…

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Donna Juan delivers Birthday Wishes To Olivia from EFB!

03 Jul

Donna, we thank you from the bottom our Flynn loving hearts!

— David DeWitt


Olivia deHavilland turns 101 today!

01 Jul


Happy Birthday, Dame Olivia!

— David DeWitt


Film of Errol & Lili Skiing!

23 Jun

On the slopes of “Hollywood St. Moritz” (aka Sun Valley)

— Gentleman Tim


Et tu, Bruce?

20 Jun

— Gentleman Tim



16 Jun

Harrison Carroll – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – June 16, 1938

Errol Flynn’s dog, Arno, is barred off The Sisters set. Flynn has been training him as a protector and, when Bette Davis had to make a pass at Errol in a scene, the dog lunged at her, bit her leg and chased her up on a chair.…

— Gentleman Tim


Russian Here, Russian There

15 Jun

An EFB Four Score Anniversary News Report

Harrison Carroll – Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – June 15, 1937

Another weekend party, the Basil Rathbones’, was enlivened by all the stellar guests doing impromptu turns at entertaining. Marlene Dietrich really startled the cinema folk with a Russian dance. Errol Flynn, who knows not a word of the language obliged with a Russian song.

Party was a surprise celebration for Rathbone and all the guests hid their automobiles a block away.……

Errol’s Russian Man Friday Manning the Mulholland Bar:

— Gentleman Tim


Who is Errol with and Why???

13 Jun

Northern Pursuit

Southern Pursuit

A Bishop’s Involved

— Gentleman Tim