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Passed in 2016 …

02 Jan

Did I miss it or did no one report on the fact that 2 Flynn alumni, from his very last dramatic appearance (The Golden Shanty), passed last year:

Patricia Barry (Adie Walker)

Arthur Hiller (Director) below with Errol.

  • golden-shanty_correct-ar

— Karl


Rory Flynn aboard Zaca in Monaco, 2014!

14 Dec


Thanks, Rory!

— David DeWitt


Robin Hood Matte Painting and Behind The Scenes.

24 Oct

Film Grab

A Beautiful woman on a narrow stairway.

This was probably during the ransom robbery feast scenes.

Before Curtiz took over.

Are those stand ins for the final shot?

What were they discussing?

Some of these I have never seen before.

— twinarchers


Mail Bag! Who is who with Tiger Lil?

01 Oct

Ada here,

I am sending along the first of two pix of, I assume, one of your favorites, Lily Damita.

This one, I am not positive about.  I believe it was  taken by Errol during a trip to Catalina Island approx July 7th, 1938, during the holiday week when Errol was off.  I can identify no one except Lily. Do you have any info on this shot?


I’ll toss it out to the world, Ada! Very nice, rare candid …

— David DeWitt


Mail Bag! Pirate Party!

25 Sep

We received in the Mail Bag this great photo of Bob Peckinpaugh at a Pirate Party visit from Tom McNulty (and Jan, Queen of the Pirates!) Both old Pirates were original founding members of The Errol Flynn Blog …


Thanks, Mates!

— David DeWitt


Errol @ Elmo’s – Freddie in France @ Florence’s

25 Sep

The King of Clubs


“Florence’s reputation was made when some disgruntled suitors beat up Freddy McEvoy, a playboy friend of Errol Flynn’s, in the club’s bathroom after Freddy refused to pay them their share for introducing Barbara Hutton to Count Raventlow, whom she subsequently married.”


Here’s Barbara and the Count:


And here’s Chez Florence. Before Bricky Smith and Josephine Baker, there was Florence Jones, “Queen of
Montmartre after Midnight”.


— Gentleman Tim


Errol’s Girl in Cats Spat

02 Aug

Hamilton Hip Hopper vs. Mistress Marianne:…


The Lynne Flynn Fling:…

— Gentleman Tim


Cocoanut Grove

21 May

Errol & Olivia on their first date, at the Coronation Ball. The Coronation Ball was in celebration of King George’s ascension to the British throne on May 12, 1937, after his brother Edward’s scandalous affair with Wallis Simpson compelled his abdication.


“Electrifying Homage to thr Cocoanut Grove”…

History of the Coconut Grove:

Fiction at The Grove, with Flynn, Hepburn & Hughes:

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Errol Reichow: Don’t Hesitate to Live Fully!

01 May

The Mailbag brings us a great photo and story from Errol Reichow:

Greetings Mr. DeWitt,

Another contribution to your blog as I sift through the memories of my father. Flynn once quoted “We fritter our lives away in endless details but I plan to live it” and he did. My dad once said to me that Flynn had just come back from visiting a doctor, he had various ailments later in life, and the doctor said if you quit drinking you could have a few more years to which Errol said “I take the drinking and another good 6 months”. My father also mentioned that Flynn kind of burned out on live and said to him “I’ve seen everything twice so what does it matter”. We all have our highs and lows so with it goes our attitudes but better to test the ends of the spectrum then ride the middle of the fence because for many that just doesn’t get it done.

One last note, this past Friday I visited an old family friend (Gloria Zomar) and as we talked she had an interesting story. She meet Flynn, through my father, down at the Garden of Allah and Errol just had a chiropractor work on his back as my mom, dad, and Gloria waited in the other room and they could hear the groans as Errol got adjusted. Then Errol came out in a terry cloth rope  and engaged in conversation and proceeded to ask Gloria out for a date. Gloria accepted and was very nervous and she let Flynn drive her old Pink Cadillac to some spread in the Valley for a party where Errol spent most of the time talking to a producer about an upcoming film. Gloria was so nervous she didn’t say two words the whole evening and when they went home Flynn invited her in for a tottie and she said no, guess he had a reputation. My dad ask Errol the next day how it went and Errol said she doesn’t like me as she didn’t talk all evening. The fact is she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do or how to act. So, I gather the moral of the story is speak up and live a little because if you don’t do it now there may never be a next time.


This picture is from the old Frascati restaurant that was on the Northwest corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset Bl, across the street from the Garden of Allah. In it is Errol ( back of head), Mickey Rooney, Nora Eddington, Beverly Aadland, and Otto Reichow (my father) – I do not know the folks in the upper right hand corner.

Hope the shot is worthy of a post on your site and if so send me the link or save it for another day but then again better to live for today then wait for tomorrow.

 Thanks’ Errol!

— David DeWitt



18 Apr

Pretty cool….

— Sergio