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03 May

Have you ever noticed how nice members of this blog are? I have noticed over the years that this is almost always the case. This may have something to do with us, but I think a huge part of it has to do with the man we honor. I think there is something about him which invokes certain feelings in those about him. He didn’t try to hit us over the head with this. He made sure that he was ‘ bad boy’ enough to cover this up. I think one reason we honor him was that he was a Very decent human being and quite brave in the world and struggles he faced. I think that is what draws us to him. We get to be brave through him – he inspires us to fight and persevere for what’s right even when we’re paralyzed with fear.

I couldn’t get over how generous and thoughtful Karl was when he acknowledged David DeWitt and Lincoln Hurst. David has been the best managing this site – it would be pitiful without him. I don’t think we can ever thank him enough. The fact that Lincoln Hurst is a fan of Errol’s shows how he must have been a wonderful guy (Flynn, with all his difficulties). If you watch the Lincoln Hurst Family Memorial, it is clear that he was a wonderful, wonderful man. It makes me feel good as a human being to know that I was on the same planet as Lincoln Hurst (actually, I remember disagreeing in writing with something he said!).

Thanks for putting up with long comments, but I think some of these things needed to be said. This is a wonderful blog, and I don’t think this is by accident.



— kevin kiernan


An Avalanche of Adventure

01 May


From this week’s Fayetteville Flyer:

“Northern Pursuit”

“Though he was Australian-born, Errol Flynn was one of the United States’ most popular commodities during World War II.

Flynn made a name for himself swashbuckling across the silver screen in such classics of the 1930a as 1935’s “Captain Blood” and 1938’s “Adventures of Robin Hood,” but during the early 1940s few Hollywood stars made more of a splash in war pictures than Flynn. Films like 1941’s “Dive Bomber” and 1942’s “Desperate Journey” cemented him as one of Hollywood’s greatest stay-at-home warriors.

One of Flynn’s most overlooked pictures “Northern Pursuit” comes from the same era and is set against a World War II backdrop as he stars as Steve Wagner, a former corporal in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that goes undercover to root out a covert Nazi scheme.

The film, which Turner Classic Movie channel is scheduled to play at 7 p.m. (CT) Tuesday was Flynn’s first movie after being acquitted of two statutory rape charges in 1942. Though Flynn’s was never as popular after the trial as he was before, he still knew how to carry adventure movies and romance pictures alike.

“Northern Pursuit” is a solid thriller, directed by the capable Raoul Walsh, who also directed Flynn in the Gen. George Armstrong Custer biopic “They Died With Their Boots On” in 1941.

Walsh amps up the tension and leaves the viewer questioning whether Flynn is a turncoat or not through much of the movie which co-stars Julie Bishop, Helmut Dantine, John Ridgely, and Gene Lockhart.…


— Gentleman Tim