Flynn On Ray De O’Fan

20 May

May 16, 1936

Ray De O’Fan
Los Angeles Examiner

Smith Ballew as master of ceremonies on “Chateau” will introduce as his guests Errol Flynn, one of Hollywood’s newer stars; comic George Jessel, singer June Knight and grappler Man Mountain Dean. This in addition to Smith’s warbling and Victor Young’s music (KFL 5:30 PM)


“Chateau” refers to the Shell Chateau radio show. Smith Ballew was a very talented musician, who sang and played with many of the greatest musicians of the 20s and 30s. Following Shell Chateau, he became a ‘B’ Western star.…

Jessel with Norma Jean

The Vivacious June Knight

Man Mountain Dean, Dizzy Dean, Daffy Dean

The Great Vincent Young…

— Gentleman Tim


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As always, a tip ‘o the hat to the master cracksman GT (in terms of pulling back the veils on “time” we never even knew existed)! And… always in gratitude to that master of ceremonies- Mr. DeWitt! Shell Chateau was a 1 hour radio show which ran from 1935-7. And, while a total of 115 shows aired only 27 survived and this WASN’T one of them. What a LOSS because on THIS night Flynn was in the role of french poet François Villon, and the vignette: “If I Were King”. This would have been Flynn in his still early assent!… Read more »