No. 1 for Apple Records

31 Mar

What was the first record pressed by Apple Records ?

It wasn’t “Those were the Days”

Na, it wasn’t “Hey Jude”

It wasn’t performed by The Beatles, but, rather, by a very famous singer who knew Flynn.

For many years few ever heard the recording, but a beautiful Flynn Mother Should’ve Known:

— Gentleman Tim


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Not sure at all, Questionmark Tim. Here`s a an appleshot into the dark:…

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A tough quiz for sure. “Apple 1” was 2 songs actually. No “connection” between them other then joined in this special recording- they had different composers and 10 years separates their compositional inceptions. The first is well known whose lyrics have even been adapted over the years; the second has essentially remained unchanged. It’s the 2nd song that has the Flynn tie in. It’s premier was in a film with a successful comedy team who were stand alone talents in their own right. It’s been covered by many of the great songsters over the past almost 70 years: Nat King… Read more »