Gone without the Flynn

16 Mar

Der fellow Flynn fans,

I share with you a rare document, which shows the Hollywood studio executives ways of thinking when it comes to casting and cashing in on a movie in the making. It further shines a light on why Flynn wasn’t in in GONE WITH THE WIND. While the frantic search for the leading lady is common knowledge, it was new to me, that Gary Cooper was also considered for the lead role. Either way the film would have turned out ok. Let’s post your favourite photo of an iconic scene of GWTW and let our imaginary eye insert Errol into the picture. But keep in mind that Gable brought a lot to the table…


— shangheinz


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Shangheinz, I emailed you about the clarity of the image but it bounced so do you have a better image or its location someplace so we can replace it?

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happy st. patty’s day, taraheinz. cooper might have been sooper dooper, but he refused the role. frankly, he didn’t give a damn.

flynn might have been in, but bette was too petty.…

it would have been tougher than pickett’s charge to top these two!

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