Mail Bag! Flynn, Mulholland Farm and Ghosts!

01 Dec

The morning Mail Bag brings this from Audie, who says this may not be new, but take a look!

Thanks, Audie …

— David DeWitt


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Just a couple of corrections to this Mulholland farm story about the ghost. Barrymore’s body wasn’t taken to Flynn’s house that was an idea they all had while they were all having dinner at Flynn’s. They were all drunk and you can read the story in Buster Wile’s book MY DAYS WITH ERROL FLYNN. It’s that night a drunken Raoul Wash believes it happen. He told the story so many times for the rest of his life that it became an urban legend. In 1978 to May of 1988, I was going up to Mulholland on a weekly if not… Read more »

Thank you, Jack!

I’ve seen the rumor of a fire is sometimes accompanied with the rumor of a murder. Any input on that one!!

“The Mulholland house stood vacant after Rick Nelson’s death. During that time, darkness seemed to completely envelop the place. A gang broke in and murdered a girl in the living room. Then a mysterious fire burned half the house.”…

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Tim, I know Laura and have read her stuff, she was on my show once to promote her book. When Ricky died the twins lived in the house until all his estate was settled and his e wife put the house up on the market in April of 87. That is when I got up there, my partner in my film knew the broker and asked him if I could go up there. I use that broker’s name everything I wanted to go into the place and I had a full year to see the place. I only regret that… Read more »

Thank you, Audie, but …

Don’t Be Afraid of No Ghosts!

If Mulholland was haunted, Father Dowling and Sister Steve would have most definitely solved the mystery and thoroughly exorcised the house and all eleven acres. Plus, I doubt any evil spirits would have hung out there listening to Stuart Hamblen singing his beautiful Gospel songs.

Those two could solve anything, anywhere. (Except for the Chicago Cubs century-long World Series drought, concerning which they apparently didn’t have a ghost of a chance.)

After Party Ghost List

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Tim, the Hamblin grandkids told me that the room where Barrymore stayed in none of the kids would go into that room The Aunt and Uncle stayed in that room. None of the adults felt any presence of anything at all. Deirdre told me that when she went to the house when she was older she saw her Dad nail the trapped door over the see-through mirror, so the kids couldn’t open it and fall through. Every so often the four nails would be on the floor, The Hambiins grandson told the same story to me. Stuart would nail the… Read more »