Jan van der Vliet Rocks his IN LIKE FLYNN t-shirt from Rory Flynn!

13 Nov

Jan lives in Spain where Errol was indeed In Like Flynn …

— David DeWitt


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Nice mustachio Jan da Man. I suggest we all celebrate Errol`s 110th Birthday poolside at your equivalent of Mullholland Farm- the Mallorca Finca.

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I let you know how much the entry tickets will cost. Start saving! Oh, before I forget, bring your own food and drinks!

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Normally the moustache is neat and trimmed, I just rolled out of bed and took advantage of the sun light! After the shot I went back to bed. I lead a hectic lifestyle as you know! It will be a Flynnteresting party

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No problem, Don Jan. From another source, I was able to get the below photo of you with some of the female revelers. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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I love that grand scene. Makes my day. Gracias,amigo!

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