23 Jul

By Errol Flynn

Woman’s World – March 1939

“All my life I’ve fought fear, because I believe it is the only real menace to a man’s hopes and peace of mind.”

— Gentleman Tim


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It’s great to see seed packets! I sold them door to door as a kid. Today it’s hard to get the natural seeds as monster Monsanto wants the corner on that market. Their seeds are very suspicious to me.
“Fear is the mind killer” one author has written. However healthy paranoia can save your life at times. Branson found out many times he could have died. Many a fool has rushed in only to find death there. I loved the quote of FDR, “nothing to fear but fear itself”

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When I was around 16, I was reading everything I could get my hands on about actor Errol Flynn. As I kept reading deeper and deeper into this remarkable young man’s life, he became for me an inspiration to leave all that I love and break into the film business. I found this article in an old movie magazine. I kept it and years later I typed it up so, I could read it when times out here got tough. I was inspired with this rambling young man who came out of Hobart Tasmania, up the great barrier reef, through… Read more »