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Stuntmen, stand-ins and stooges VI

22 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Semi Pro Baseball player Fred “Slugger” Graham was as fierce as they come when it came to fisticuffs on film.

But he will foremost be remembered for taking the fall for Basil Rathbone in “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.

First at the spiral staircase swordfight he broke his ankle and then the death plunge of Sir Gizmo (short for Guy of Gisborne) landed him in the hospital for good.

Yet he went on to cross knuckles with the likes of Roy Rodgers, Rex Allan and Jock Mahony (…)

His give and take on screen brawling sounded like this:

“Fights came easy to me. My ideas to make fights look good on screen were to stay loose and relaxed, a little distance from your opponent, and throw punches. Never throw a punch at chin level because a good take makes it look like a miss. Throw (the punch) at the opponent’s eye level because a good take makes it appear like its right on the chin.

When he met John Wayne at Republic Pictures, he`d see his prolific puglistic career prolongued as the number one go to fall guy for the Duke.

Had Cabot, another later year regular at Wayne westerns doublecrossed him like Flynn, he would have ended up caputt.


— shangheinz


Olivia de Havilland to be honored

20 Mar

Back in July of 2016, Olivia de Havilland gave a interview with People Magazine on turning 100.…

During the course of that interview came an inevitable question:

Asked if there’s any advice she’d give to her younger self, she replies, “Take a long leave of absence from the Warner contract and go to Mills College, where the scholarship I had won in 1934 is still waiting for me!”

Now, I have a connection with this small women’s (undergraduate) and coed (graduate) college located in Oakland, California. And needless to say they were both DELIGHTED AND SURPRISED to have received this ultimate of complements.

I have since been informed that this complement is to be returned and the missed opportunity corrected of a sort:

“We are so thrilled to honor Olivia de Havilland at commencement this year on May 12th. Her daughter will be here to receive the honorary degree on her behalf. Such exciting times!”

So congratulations, in advance, to the soon to be GRADUATE!




— Karl


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The Ides of Flynn

15 Mar

Eighty-Five Years Ago Today (Sydney Time), on March 15, 1933, Errol Appeared Live AND On Film at the Prince Edward Theater in Sydney.

Errol was paid £2 to stand on stage in what he later described as a bad wig and bizarre naval uniform, appearing more like “an elderly keeper at a [Sydney brothel] than Fletcher Christian. The Ides of March ended bad for Caesar, but great for Flynn. It signaled the birth of Errol’s acting career.

A superb assembly of contemporaneous news articles by EFB Author “Isabel Australis”:

“In the wake of the bounty” 1933

An intriguing history with some Errol and errors:…

And here’s the cinematic Flynn himself, just as he appeared at the Prince Edward Theater, eighty-five years ago today, March 15, 1933 – On the Ides of Flynn:

— Gentleman Tim


Young Man River

14 Mar

— Gentleman Tim



11 Mar

To the Hotel Pierre, with Danny Devito, a pirate knife, two better-than-beautiful babes, and a $184 bottle of wine.

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Flynn’s Costume from ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN to be auctioned

11 Mar

Apparently Russell Crowe is auctioning off a lot his stuff and one of the lots is Errol’s costume from The Adventures of Don Juan (1948). It’s expected to draw AUS$10-20K.…


Don Juan costume

— Paula


A Curious Pair

10 Mar

At the Wilder Theater on Wilshire, in Westwood…

The Adventures of Robin Hood swoops into the Billy Wilder Theater to restore a measure of innocence to the jaded moviegoer. Splendidly operatic in style and resplendent in its Technicolor trappings, the film endeared Errol Flynn to a Depression-era audience and secured his place in the Hollywood pantheon. Director Michael Curtiz replaced William Keighley when Warner Bros. decided that the action needed more oomph, and the film certainly doesn’t lack for excitement, particularly during the climactic swordfight with Basil Rathbone. UCLA Film & Television Archive is pairing it with Flynn’s American debut, The Case of the Curious Bride, as part of its tribute to Curtiz. Alan K. Rode will sign copies of his new Curtiz biography in the lobby prior to the screening.

UCLA’s Billy Wilder Theater, 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood; Fri., March 9, 7:30 p.m.; $10. (310) 206-8013,….

— Gentleman Tim


Mail Bag! Errol pitches The White Rajah to Jack Warner!

07 Mar

Our new subscriber, Eric Clarke, sends us a couple of images of Errol’s pitch to Jack Warner about his script of The White Rajah and a page of the 14 page synopsis.



Thanks, Eric!

— David DeWitt


Sean Flynn’s Camera

05 Mar

HI all I found this amazing page about Seans camera…

Love Genene.

— tassie devil

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Can`t keep a good Flynn down

05 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

we tackled the topic of Errol`s coming up short at the Oscars here before:…
Last night though the Academy acknowledged his status among the true greats in their heartwarming hommage of 90 award winning years.
At 3.12 into the video the golden bad boy of Hollywood can be seen in the blink of an arrow.
Please don`t comment if you think that these two seconds of fleeting fame were expendable meriting narrowly a blog entry.


— shangheinz