02 Dec

The photo below was taken at a location where one of Errol’s relatives had a prominent connection. In fact, a geological feature there is named after one of Errol’s relatives.

Where is this location? Who was the relative? What feature is named after Errol’s relative, and why??

1. It is enormously expensive to visit.
2. Very few people have ever been there.
3. It is a site of rare and spectacular beauty.
4. It’s the most remote location on Earth named after a relative of Errol’s.

— Gentleman Tim


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It is Flynn,s Tarn and you can see the aurora australis from here due to the lack of any light other than star lights . It is situated south of Cradle Mountain in the highlands of Tasmania. And it is named for TT Flynn and extremely difficult to get there. Genene and Steve

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this is the google map reference.To the lake…

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is it on macqurie island

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