Captain Blood

28 Oct

Much harder to find photos for this film that are not already common. I try to put only good quality photos here.

This is a great shot.

I wonder what they were thinking with this one?

Between takes

All extras for this photo while the stars are getting a massage.

— twinarchers


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Twains, you are the good shot. Your pics hit bulleye with me!

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Pablo Gabriel writes:

It is my understanding that the top shot was in Palm Springs & the bottom one at Laguna Beach.


Thanks, Paul!

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Thank you, Pablo. You got me looking into the Palm Springs filming. Commencing at thirty one minutes or so into the film, Dr. Blood and Arabella take a long romantic ride, ending with Errol getting slapped for kissing Livvie -much like in their real life romance perhaps. That’s the scene filmed in Palm Springs – on one or more of the old Palm Canyon Indian trails, I believe.

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Trading desert for ocean, the famous duel on the beach scene was filmed at the dramatically beautiful Three Arch Bay in South Laguna.

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