No Two-Bit Boat is This

22 Jun




— Gentleman Tim


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Ahoy! We now have the beautiful Bluenose II- I believe it is under restoration. My Canuk 10 cent coin shows the ship. Wouldn’t Errol have loved to see the Zaca and the Bluenose side by side!

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Thanks ! No I have not seen that coin yet – but I will certainly look. I really find that depiction of the Bluenose a beauty.

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Hi Tim,
nice find! But only speculation or truth? I mean sailing boats can so much look alike. Do you have any “evidence” on this subject?

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Hi- I do not think that they were built at the same time – just the Bluenose being built along the lines of the Zaca.
More checking required!

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I meant the Zaca being built along the lines of the Bluenose!

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