You Must Rember This: The Warner Bros Story…

23 Sep

New Documentary is Centerpiece of Warner Home Video's Year-Long Celebration of Studio's 85th Anniversary –

You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story; You Ain t Heard Nothin Yet (1923-35); Good War, Uneasy Peace (1935-50)  Tonight at 09:00 pm PBS (ch 29) All Upcoming Airings Clint Eastwood narrates the history of Warner Bros., which opens with You Ain t Heard Nothin Yet (1923-35), about the movie studio s first years, when its top star was a dog named Rin Tin Tin………

“As you can see, Part One is on PBS tonight! I just hope Schickel told Eastwood how to pronounce Errol name – in an earlier 2-part special (“Here's Looking At You, Warner Brothers”) that aired on TCM about ten years ago,  Eastwood repeatedly pronounced “Errol” as if it were spelt Earl…

Thanks for the Tip, from ArnoFlynn…

— David DeWitt

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I watched it last week with great interest. I thought it was quite good – very well written and produced, as one would imagine with Schickel involved. However, I wish they had given more time to Errol! It seemed like he was on the screen just a few minutes, and then they moved on to Bogie. And Olivia, I thought, definitely got shortchanged! I may be wrong, but it seemed like they gave a lot more time to Bette, Bogie and Cagney than to either Flynn or de Havilland. Which is odd, since Shickel has always said that, next to… Read more »