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The Name’s Flynn, Errol Flynn — June 7, 1937

07 Jun

British Agent Errol Flynn – The Original Bond?

Listening to Flynn introduce himself at 6:11 to Frances Farmer as “Locke, Steve Locke” leads one to wonder whether Ian Fleming heard and was influenced by Errol’s British Agent performance.

— Tim


Top of the Morning to the Flynns’ Gaelic First Names: St. Patrick’s Day 2020

17 Mar


The popularity of the name Errol soared after Captain Blood!

A variation of Earl, Errol is a Scottish name that means nobleman and wanderer.


Rare in the U.S. when Errol named Sean.

Sean (written “Seán” or “Séan” in Irish) is a Hibernization of the English name “John” (‘God has favoured’ in Hebrew); that is, it’s a transliteration of “John” into a form which can be pronounced in Irish and written with the Irish alphabet, which nowadays is simply a version of the Roman alphabet.


Deirdre was the name borne by a legendary Irish princess who was betrothed to the king of Ulster, Conchobar. She eloped, however, to Scotland with her lover Naoise, who was then treacherously murdered by the king. Deirdre supposedly died of a broken heart. The name might be derived from the Old Irish Derdriu (young girl) or from the Celtic Diédrè (fear).


Off the chart rarity when Rory was born!

An anglicisation of the Irish Ruairí, Rory is a buoyant, spirited name for a redhead with Celtic roots. …Rory may also be a nickname for Aurora.


Perhaps the most rare!

Not a Gaelic name, but being that St. Patrick was of Italian blood, Arnella fits right in as well as Patricio!

Arnella was first found in various parts of Southern Italy including early references in Sicily, and the city of Naples. The name eventually moved further north, and those members of the family that lived there adopted the northern tradition of ending their name in “i”, whereas those that stayed in the south kept the southern suffixes. The name Arnella means “sand” and was probably first given to someone who lived near a beach or sandy area.

— Tim


First Annual Blue Ribbon Invitational Tennis Tournament at the Palm Springs Racket Club

18 Feb

Featuring images of the Racket Club from various years…

On February 7, 1951, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported:

“On Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 17 and 18, the First Annual Blue Ribbon Invitational Tennis Tournament will be held at the Palm Springs Racquet Club … Among those expected to enter are Kirk Douglas, Cornel Wilde, Gilbert Roland, Lex Barker, Errol Flynn, Peter Lawford, Mickey Rooney, Dinah Shore, George Montgomery, Paul Henreid, Van Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Evelyn Keyes, Tony Martin, Jimmy Ritz, Dick Haymes, Dane Clark, Marguerite Chapman, Mark Stevens and Dean Jagger. Some of filmtown’s best tennisers aren’t on that list, but there’s still plenty of talent there.”

— Tim


A Newcomer Named Errol Flynn

27 Dec

December 27, 1935

A Newcomer Named Errol Flynn in a Handsome Film Version of Captain Blood

“A spirited and criminally-handsome Australian named Errol Flynn plays the genteel buccaneer to the hilt.”

— Tim


Mail Bag! A kid named after Errol Flynn …

05 Dec

I got this message from Jack Marino today, as I was about to go to bed but I wanted to put this on the blog because it is important …

Jack writes:

Years ago, I did some work for Rider Mcdowell and Victoria Knight McDowell. They are the founders of Air-Borne and Pine Bros cough drops. Rider is also a filmmaker and a big Errol Flynn aficionado, so much so that he named his first born son ERROL McDowell.

“Today, I found out that their son Errol passed away last June at the age of 18 of cancer from a brain tumor. Before Errol left this earth he raised over a million dollars for cancer research and his parents are continuing to this very day. Their goal is to raise 325 million for a cure for cancer by raising one dollar per American or anything you feel like giving towards this goal.

“Go to… and read about this incredibly talented young man and what he went through. I asked all my friends on Facebook, to share this link, and those of you that have lost loved ones to cancer here is an opportunity to help out.

“You won’t find a more determined couple in Rider and Victoria McDowell that can pull this Herculean feat off to raise this money to end cancer once and for all. Let’s all get on an donate not only for Errol but all these young children and adults that have cancer …”

There is a video on the page that is all about how young Errol was (and is, even after his passing) helping others. At the time, he had been cured of his cancer and was full of promise. He wanted to spend a day with YoutTube star Casey Neistat and had that day. Watch the video!

You can help, too, to save others.

— David DeWitt


‘Time feels right ‘ for rebrand and new name says independent Northampton cinema ???

20 Jul…

— tassie devil


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What’s His or Her Name?

23 Jul

Errol once had a employee who typed for him, made (a lot of) tea for him, and helped him run a business across from Warner Bros. Who was he or she?

His or her employment started prior to and ended during WWII.

He or she worked for Uncle Sam both before and after working for Errol.

His or her first name and last name are among those listed below:














La Jolla



— Tim


Brown’s Name Blackened?

10 May

Hero, Madman, or Villain???…………



— Tim


Mail Bag! Errol Reichow, on Mr. Errol Flynn, his namesake!

18 Feb

The Mail Bag brought a real treat today, and there was more in store as I opened the subsequent emails from Mr. Errol Reichow. Here is his first email to me:

Salutations Mr. DeWitt,
If you would be so kind as to post this picture to the Errol Flynn blog along with anything else you see fit it would be appreciated. I send my favorite picture to you of my namesake because it is by the pool where I grew up and the house I still have which is my own Shangri la. Please share the post if you decide to toss it up for those who may find interest.
My father (Otto Reichow) always used to tell me why he named me Errol. Zo mit his sic german acsunt I vould hear  ” If you have half the life Flynn has had then you will have had a good life”. Errol set the bar high and left behind a blueprint as ones did before him so we follow, walk along, and continue ahead down the path we all must travel but chose to in so many different ways which make our lives truly unique. Yes, my heroes gowning up were Errol Flynn (namesake), John Wayne, Bruce Lee, and countless other icons that added a spring to my step and kept a sparkle in my eye because that’s what inspiration does.
One could easily go on for pages about the stories but we all have caught bits and pieces in the wind that fill our sails and take us down memory lane and then with the next tack we are faced with present day reality yet look unto the horizon for a better tomorrow and try to keep a true course. It is said that some people should never die and others should never be born but that just isn’t the way life is so keep the best alive in memories and forget the rest for that is the natural progression and key to perseverance. From what I have heard Errol liked to live on his terms and why not it was his life and better to live it your way than somebody else’s interpretation.
There will only be one Errol Flynn and this picture, by my father’s pool, captures it in the twilight of a supernova. Errol has his Vodka and cigarette in hand as he waves with a smile maybe thinking thanks for a great journey and happy to have done it my way sport. With all the pain one can suffer in life and endure the hardships it is good to know that a smile can always be found just around the corner. This was one of the last pictures of Errol in the land that made him and tried to break him known as Hollywood. My father took Beverly and Errol to the airport to catch a flight to Vancouver and that was the last my father and the world ever saw of Flynn, but the spirit lives on for those who wish to remember and we remember because we want to not because we have to – that is how Errol and we all should live our lives.
So long Sport and thank you for a great name.
Errol Reichow
But there was more! In the next email …
Again, the attached picture is better resolution and this card is from the final memorial service held for Errol Flynn at Forest Lawn Glendale October 19, 1959. I am sure you can crop and enlarge the quarters. If you feel it is worthy of a post please do so.
And finally these wonderful images!
Mr. DeWitt,
The attached picture is better resolution. I saw some old images of Flynn on your blog inquiring where these photos where taken, I believe the response was some hotel but I assure you it was from the home of my father Otto Reichow. The house is currently empty and is located at 1599 Sunset Plaza Dr in the Hills above West Hollywood. There are newspaper shots and various photos floating about from this location as a photographer had contacted my father and asked permission to come by and take some snaps. I have various shots my father saved and then others I see from time to time but felt compelled to clarify the location and mysterious gentleman to the right, my father.
Otto was also a pall bearer at Flynn’s funeral.
Errol, we can’t thank you enough for kindly sharing these extraordinary photos with us! It is such a rare and wonderful thing when somebody comes forward with images like this, and we all appreciate it so much! Your namesake looks like he is full of mischief, and has the expression on his face of someone looking about for the next source of a bit of fun …
Thanks again, Errol!


— David DeWitt


_________, the Name of Errol’s ______ ?

25 Oct



Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2009 exhibition launch


— Tim


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