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Dean Stockwell Remembers Errol Flynn

24 Oct

Dean Stockwell is one of the few still living actors who starred with Errol Flynn, Olivia being the prominent other. Dean was the boy Kim with Errol Flynn can anyone name any other star still alive. The page below under Deans personal quotes reflects well on Errol as well as Widmark another of my personal favorites.…

— Bob Schaffer


Errol Flynn Mailbag! Dean Stockwell recalls Errol Flynn!

21 Aug

Got a nice link to the following quote about Errol Flynn from actor Dean Stocvkwell’s imdb page:

(In a 1984 interview) There were uglies and there were beauties. For me, Errol Flynn was the best. I didn’t know anything about sex or what manhood was – and he opened that door for me.
[In a 1984 interview] Dick Widmark… I remember him with such fondness. He and Errol had something in common. They didn’t have a condescending attitude. Being human and honest in a relationship seemed to mean more to them than anything else. It meant a great deal to me. I don’t know if Widmark is aware of that. They were straight with me – like, I would imagine, a father would be to a son… if he loved and respected him. And I didn’t have a father with me.

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— David DeWitt


37. Errol and Dean Stockwell “Kim” 1950

06 Jan

— Tina

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Dean Stockwell

31 Dec

Have any of the authors here interviewed Dean Stockwell?  I came across an article on the Internet that quotes Mr. Stockwell during the time Kim was being filmed and the quotes are quite crude.  I've come across other crude quotes by others who knew Errol and wonder why he would say such things to preteens, his own son included!  Maybe that is why he gets such a bad rap.  Whenever I bring up his name my friends just shake their heads.  I still don't care . . . I am a fan.

— Kathleen


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A TRUE friend of Flynn…

09 Nov

Dean Stockwell, has passed-

— Karl


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watch TCM

14 Jun

TCM, beginning at 8pm EST, Catch a Classic!

Two classic films based on famous written works by Rudyard Kipling air tonight. First up is the legendary 1939 adventure film Gunga Din, adapted from Kipling’s 1890 poem Gunga Din, as well as from elements of his short story collection Soldiers Three. Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. star as three British sergeants in colonial India who, with their native water bearer Gunga Din (Sam Jaffe), battle a murderous cult. Next is Kim(1950), an adventure film starring Errol Flynn and Dean Stockwell, and based on Kipling’s 1901 novel.

— tassie devil


“Flynn in Focus on TCM” January 17, 2017

04 Jan

Quoting the Bucks County Courier Post:

"Flynn in Focus on TCM"

"Fans of swashbuckling favorite Errol Flynn have the opportunity on Jan. 17 to binge watch seven of his favorite films.

The film-lover’s network Turner Classic Movies will begin airing the titles beginning at 6 a.m. that day.

According to TCM’s detailed Now Playing: A Viewer’s Gide to Turner Classic Movies, the titles will be:"

"Adventures of Don Juan”, with Viveca Lindfors in the breezy version of the legendary lover charged with saving his queen from treason. Vincent Sherman directed. (1948; 6 a.m.)


“Captain Blood”, with Olivia De Havilland in Flynn’s star-making role as a doctor-turned-pirate. Michael Curtiz directed. (1935; 8 a.m.)


“Kim“, with Dean Stockwell in an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s tale of an orphaned boy and his adventures with the British Army. Victor Saville directed. (1950; 10 a.m.)


“Northern Pursuit”
, with Julie Bishop in a thriller about a Mountie tracking a Nazi flyer through the Canadian wilderness. Raoul Walsh directed. (1943; noon)


“The Prince and the Pauper
”, with Claude Rains in an adaptation of a Mark Twain tale about a prince who changes places with a peasant boy. William Keighley directed. (1937; 1:45 p.m.)


“The Adventures of Robin Hood”, with Basil Rathbone in the ultimate version of the story about a hero who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Curtiz directed. (1938; 3:45 p.m.)


“The Sea Hawk”
, with Claude Raines in the adventure epic about a British buccaneer who challenges the Spanish fleet. Curtis directed. (1940; 5:30 p.m.)



“For Flynn fans, binge watching these titles ranks as a great way to kick off 2017.”

— Tim

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