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The ashes of Lady Hedy

12 Nov


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

the ashes of Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, also known as Hedy Lamarr, have finally been buried in their homesoil two days prior of the 100th birthday anniversary. Half of them had been scattered in the Viennese Forest some 8 years ago by her children. Austrian documentary “Calling Hedy Lamarr” shows in part the odyssey of the remains of the actress once deemed “The most beautiful woman of Hollywood”.

The city of Vienna sponsored an honorary grave at the Wiener Zentralfriedhof, burial ground of Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauss and Franz Schubert. The grave lies in the proximity of another actor great “the devil`s general” Curd Jürgens.  Anthony Loder, author of his mother`s biography “Hedy Darling” attended the rites. It has yet to receive a tombstone.



— shangheinz


“Little Sirocco” – Errol’s Fishing Boat from Florida

02 Oct

Further Research from Florida:

As we know, Errol owned some top of the line watercraft. One that has been almost entirely forgotten, however, is the 22-ft, ~ 3000 lb. fishing cruiser made for him by legendary Miami boat racer & builder, Paul Prigg. On April 15, 1940, Errol purchased from Prigg Boat Works (then located on the Miami River) a very highly regarded Prigg Deluxe Cruiser, specially outfitted for off-shore fishing with a top-of-the-line Gray Phantom Six 125-HP Motor and swivel fishing chair. It cost Captain Flynn $2466.60 and could be seen in the early & mid Forties in and around Newport Beach & Catalina, as well as very prominently in Acapulco, where he kept it at the Acapulco Yacht Club.

Errol named it “Little Sirocco”. I have no photographs to post (yet), but it would have looked very much like the one in the photo in the bitly link below – except with a far more dashing captain & & attractive crew!…

Paul Prigg Advertisement


Here’s some further info on the well-respected boat maker, who also pioneered airboats, motor homes, and unique 1940 speedboats pictured below! Errol likely met a few of those lovely riders!…


— Gentleman Tim


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Mailbag, Harry Eiler & Navy Island!

07 Jul

It’s interesting how one thing can lead to another … I was delivering a pendant to Rory Flynn from a chum of mine (Dennis Mullen, a Canadian Ghostwriter, editor, branding expert, and tea producer) containing sand from Navy Island where her father lived in a house that according to several accounts was situated opposite the Titchfield Hotel, and people commonly say that Errol paddled a rowboat across the channel often to get to the Titchfield Hotel. Rory told me she didn’t think her father ever built a house on Navy Island. Oh! That was news!

The very next day, I received an email from Harry Eiler, out of the blue, and his topic was Errol Flynn and Navy Island. He wrote:

There is so much that is in error about the Errol Flynn house on Navy Island, etc. that I felt it is important to take pen in hand.

1.  The ruins of a ‘proper’ house at the eastern end of Navy Island is NOT what remains of a house built by Errol Flynn. The The house was designed and constructed during the late 1970’s by William (Bill) and Natalie Tritt after they purchased a lot from Jamaica Islandia, a Nevada Corporation, with Len Koutnik as principal stock holder. While all the other ‘cottages’ along the harbor facing Titchfield were considered as vacation – rental homes, the “Tritt House” was conceived and occupied year round by Bill and Nat and their young son.

Since there was no water available at that end of the island (rain catchments supplied water to the other homes), the house featured a roof that was used to convey the water into a large catchment under the house. Mr. Tritt was a boat builder originally from Santa Barbara and environs, and had contracted with Mr Koutnik to design and build a personnel carrier to bring staff and visitors back and forth across the channel to the mainland landing site. The boat never completed one trip, having sank at the dock before launch.

In time, the Tritts sold the house back to Mr. Koutnik and it was occupied by then island manager, Captain Robert (Bob) Hanley, wife wife, Karen, and their son. When Mr. Koutnik came into financial difficulties, he ceded controlling interest of Jamaica Islandia to Mr. Joseph (Joe) Casey who authorized some limited continuation of the elaborate plans of Koutnik under his son.

Casey’s son, Darren and his wife, Anna, of the local Chin family, lived in the house during his tenure as Island Manager. After Darren had unsuccessfully planned the sale of a large truck on the island (the truck was to be driven onto a large flat floating platform to be ferried across the channel when the platform shifted and dumped the truck into the marina), Mrs. Gertrude Casey, widow of Joe, had evidently had enough and accepted the offer by Mr. Henry (Harry) Eiler to lease the island and build a small resort, using much of the incomplete structures as best he could.

Harry and his wife, Alice, would now be developers and managers with full time residency on Navy Island.  While the attractive thatched-roof cottage with sliding walls was attractive as a vacation spot, full time occupancy with necessary business related needs required that they occupy Tritt House as their residence and offer their home, Look Back House, as one of the vacation rentals.

After the labor riot that demolished Harry’s plans and goals, Harry and Alice left Jamaica and the Tritt House was used by native manager Mr. Derek Samson and his family for approximately one year while Mrs. Casey attempted to continue some type of operation of the island.

At long last, Mrs. Casey foreswore putting any additional funds into Navy Island and the entire island was closed down. Sometime later, an American developer was interested in purchase of the Navy Island but decided that the conditions imposed by the local authority (that anyone could use the facilities of the resort in like manner as a guest) and the noise sounding well into the early morning hours from nightclubs in town were enough to discourage him from actually buying the island. Today Navy Island belongs to the Government with little to no chance of ever becoming the island paradise once envisioned by Mr. Koutnik and then further promoted by Harry Eiler. Ergo …

All signs, etc. to the contrary, Errol Flynn NEVER had a house on Navy Island.

He used his yacht, Zaca, moored to a dock where the Admiralty Club once stood, as his residence when on Navy Island ….  with a circular thatched room-hut built upon a living tree nearby as an outside rec area. It was from this idea that Len Koutnik arrived at the circular thatched roofed cottages that were purchased by Mr & Mrs. Eiler, Mr. Charles Leeds, three young men from Los Angeles and Mr & Mrs. Joseph Casey … in that order.

2.  The Ghosts of Navy Island. Yes, there is more than ONE ghost … or so the stories go. Early in the 1960s, there were stories that a pirate captain appeared to Mr. Koutnik and Mrs. Mia Smith when they were in Look Back House at the Bottom .,..  using the master bedroom of the Eiler’s home at a time when the house was unoccupied … otherwise. The ghost was friendly, dressed in his usual bucaneer garb and seemed to be in search of his crew. He passed through the wall and went away. A second sighting of a similar vision was reported by a guest staying at one of the cottages during the time the Admiralty Club was operating. However her sightings were not reported and these may have been prompted by excesses in island rum or ganga.

A second ghost seems more creditable. During the time the Hanleys were living in Tritt house, they used the artist’s studio as a study and put up photographs of friends to make the room more cozy. Among the pictures was a portrait of Linda, sister of Mis Smith, co-developer of Jamaica Islandia, and one time resident of the island for about a year after her divorce in California. Linda had also worked for Harry Eiler at Artel Publications as a typist for about a year plus before this. One day, with a boyfriend in Port Antonio, Linda was instantly killed in an automobile crash en route to the local airstrip to return to the USA for a visit. Years later, the Hanleys were entirely alone on the island … except for some night watchmen who traditionally fell asleep as the evening wore on.

All the other cottages were vacant.

One night, a visitor came to Navy Island to see the Hanleys … which meant he had to walk the long stretch along Royal Palm Lane, past all the cottages along a path dimly lit by a few diesel fuel tiki torches. Along a stretch between the jungle on one side and a mowed area on the other, he saw a lovely young lady also walking along the path. However, as he neared, the vision seemed to disappear from view. Upon entering the Hanley’s home, he immediately told Bob and Karen that he saw a young lady on the road outside their home.

The Hanleys immediately said that this was impossible since there was no one else on the island.  Entering the studio with pictures, the friend looked over them in casual conversation and, suddenly, he pointed to the picture of Linda, saying, “That is the girl I saw on the path”. Linda had been dead for about two years before this event happened.

Yous, Harry Eiler


I followed his email asking about the photo of Flynn sitting in the yard area in front of some windows with a makeshift desk writing at what has been assumed was his Navy Island home within view of the Titchfield Hotel.

Dear Dave … That is NOT Tritt House …  the windows are different (Tritt house had swivel windows with wooden louvers beneath) and there was no grassy area immediately outside …. the deck was cemented (or at least used cement blocks) right flush with the house.    I have been to Comfort Castle… but cannot for sure identify the house. Flynn was long dead before any construction was made on Navy Island …. except for a shack occupied by his watchman and the make shift room beneath a thatched roof surrounding a living tree. He did own the Jamaica Reef Hotel on Titchfield and he may have rowed across to Navy island … frequently … but there was no operating bar at the time … only the area he used as a ‘rec room’ near the present ruins of the Admiralty and the moored Zaca.

Alice and I were at the Jamaica Reef Hotel .. successor to the Titchfield Hotel … before it burned down and for the first few years of occupancy at our home, Look Back House, on Navy island, we often would enjoy the music and lights from the hotel directly across the channel ….. before it burned down.

We had no electricity at the time …. only candles and kerosene lamps … so the activities at the Reef were our TV in the evenings. Btw. The photograph of Flynn at the Port Antonio Marlin Tournament mentioned on one of your blogs, was a copy from of an original owned by Errol Chung, who owned and operated the hardware store adjacent to the mainland landing site of Navy Island.

Yes, you may indeed published anything I have written …. except “Terror in Paradise” and :Magnificent Roque:  which still need some polishing.

I have never seen any pictures of our lovely home, Look Back House, since the day we left Jamaica.    I think I would cry with remorse to see it overgrown and in shambles …..  in fact …. seeing the jungle encroach upon everything that I was attempting to do only brings sadness to all the wonderful memories of what was for me … and many,… truly a Paradise.

Best regards, Harry

From Harry Eiler’s writings, Copyright Harry Eiler, 2014:


Just a few hundred yards off the Northeast Coast of Jamaica lies lovely 64-acre Navy Island which stretches across the harbor of Port Antonio making it one of the safest ports of call in the Caribbean during a hurricane. Once given to Sir Thomas Lynch for services to the British Crown, the island was originally called ‘Lynches Island’  In the early 1700’s, the Royal Navy wanted to ensure that neither Spanish nor French men-of-war would threaten their newly acquired foothold on Jamaica.  They built Fort George with 22 cannons mounted on ten- foot- thick walls at the end of the peninsula protecting the entrance to the West Harbor.

On the island, the British constructed a small gun battery to provide early warning and a cross-fire capability to cannonade any hostile ship attempting to enter the East Harbour.  In only a matter of a few years the island was newly christened “Navy Island” unofficially and retains that name today.

However it is not at all an historical fact that its current sobriquet is its proper name, except by popular conception. The island has also been called, “Flynn’s Island”, from the time that swashbuckling movie star, Errol Flynn, once used the island as his personal Paradise.

It was during the British occupation as a Naval Station, that Captain Bligh landed in Port Antonio and off-loaded his cargo of breadfruit trees.  Afterwards, he beached his ship on the shallows off Navy Island while the crew removed the barnacles and other growths that had accumulated on the wooden hull during their long trip from Tahiti.  Later, the Royal Navy abandoned its fortifications and the island proceeded from several private hands until Flynn sailed into the harbor one fateful day. Errol Flynn acquired the island during his expansive involvement in Jamaica, especially the Port Antonio area, when he purchased the Titchfield Hotel (later to be renamed The Jamaica Reef Hotel), Navy Island and plantation properties to the east in 1946-1947.

However, the financial demands of his scandalous lifestyle included alimony to three ex-wives; unpaid income taxes and huge legal fees, left him broke..   When he died in October 1959, he was virtually penniless except for his yacht, Zaca, and the heavily mortgaged ranch properties.

Flynn was forced to sell his interests in the Hotel and Navy Island long before his untimely demise. He had only his yacht Zaca  and his heavily-mortgaged ranch properties ..and was trying to sell the boat when he died.  At the time of his death the movie star was barely fifty years old,  … however his health and body reflected so much abuse so that he appeared many years older.

During his tenure, Errol kept Navy Island as a “Garden of Eden”, planting Royal and Coconut Palms and introducing exotic birds and other animals. Len Koutnik, a California developer, saw Navy Island almost by chance during a return flight from Brazil soon after Flynn had sold it.

Mr. Koutnik, like Flynn, fell immediately in love with the property and formed a  Nevada corporation, “Jamaica Islandia”, with Mrs. Marianna Smith to promote and develop the island.   Alice, my wife, and Mrs. Smith had been housemates years prior and during our frequent visits to her home we gradually became involved in the exotic project of Islandia. In 1967, Alice and I had been married less than a year when we had opportunity to join Len and Marianna for a second-honeymoon in Jamaica.   Our trip was made glorious by the attentions of these two perfect hosts and we became thoroughly enchanted right from the first day when we breakfasted at Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay with actor John Mills and his wife, Mary.  They had been expecting Sir Noel Coward’s chauffeur to pick them up at Montego Bay; however the car never did arrive and they joined our entourage as far as Ocho Rios where Mr. Mills hoped Tommy Sands could arrange further accommodations. We proceeded on to Port Antonio.

Since there were no accommodations on Navy Island, we stayed at one of the villas at San San and … commuting daily to the island.  Once we left mainland Jamaica, we could put aside all the unusual odors from Musgrave Market; forget garbage littered everywhere in the streets; put out of mind pitifully unfed mongrels covered with mange.  On Navy Island we could spend the day in mind-boggling solitude and beauty, …enjoying an idyllic existence of private beaches, manicured walks through towering jungle growth on each side, and gentle, constant breezes that cool throughout the heat of day.

There were no buildings erected except an inconspicuous wooden affair that served as the home of the permanent Jamaican caretaker. Flynn and his guests would stay aboard his ship, Zaca, which was moored to a make shift dock near the south-central part of the island.  Adjacent to this mooring, Flynn constructed a thatched-roof building using a living tree as its central pole.  The remainder of the island was laid out into gardens and boulders were brought in to protect the small, intimate beach now known as Trembly Knee Cove.  These large stones protected bathers in this secluded beach from prying eyes. In Jamaica…not too frequently … the full moon turns Navy Island into a dazzling diadem… gilding all the swaying palm fronds with delicate silver.

We had the good fortune to experience several of these magical evenings during our first visit toon the “enchanted island” and I knew,  … .like Flynn and Koutnik before us  ,… that Navy island was would become a part of my life from thereon after.  My two years on Guam in the Air Force had given me a terminal case of ‘island fever’. Alice and I discussed purchase of lot and house with Len and Marianna; the terms were acceptable and we decided to build the second house on Navy Island as our vacation home and rental.

During the last several days of this first visit, we planned and designed our new round vacation home with thatched roof.  It was to something akin to that erected by Flynn but was to contain butane stove and refrigerator, two bedrooms and no exterior walls so that all the charm and scents of the garden … as well as the refreshing breeze … could waft through the house unimpeded.

That was in September 1967 and we spent the first night in our new home, alone on the island except for Neil and Myra Kilgore, resident Managers, in March of the following year.

Harry provides some photos, too. All Copyright Harry Eiler, 2014:


IMG_20140707_142826   IMG_20140707_142519   IMG_20140707_142418 IMG_20140707_142734   IMG_20140707_142627   IMG_20140707_143145







Thanks so much, Harry!

— David DeWitt


Errol ninth home! 1925

01 Nov
Errol and
is father
ided in
house named
Pressland House on 33 Melv
Street in 1925 and it appears
ived there until
1930 or there about and
is mother resided
stretches at the t
even years
Europe with Errol's sister

— Tina


Errol's very first home until age five! 1909-1914

25 Oct

Some references call the house “Villa Mildura” on 52 Warwick Street,
others just “Mildura”, but the house has that name to this day.  They
are semidetached elegant homes, it is not clear how many, but Prof.
Theodore Thomson Flynn rented Villa Mildura in April 1909 shortly after
his and his wife's arrival in Hobart. Come June of the same year Errol
inspected his very first home and he stayed there until 1914 as proven
by Errol himself.  Stated by Bob Casey that apparently a few years ago
at a renovation of Mildura, which must have been around 2004 as Bob
Casey's book was published 2008 and states there that the owner found
edged into the concrete floor under a carpet “Errol Flynn 1914.” Five
year old Errol could print his name very well – picture page 109 – a
very clever kid! Obviously he must have sensed already then that he
better proves his whereabouts!

— Tina


A Biography of Theodore Thomson Flynn!

24 Oct
A Biography of Theodore Thomson Flynn!
I hope this works! Within this article is also
interesting information on Errol.

Biography of
Theodore Thomson Flynn

father of TT flynn mother of ttflynn ttflynn as a boy
Unnamed lantern
slides from Theodore Thomson Flynn's personal collection, thought to be
T.T.’s father John Thompson Flynn, his mother Jessie and himself as a
child, but this has not been confirmed.

Theodore Thomson Flynn was born in Coraki, New South
Wales on 11 October 1883, son of John Thompson Flynn and his wife
Jessie, née Thomson. Educated in Sydney, he received his BSc from the
University of Sydney in 1909, and taught high school science before
being appointed to the Newcastle and Maitland Technical Colleges as a
lecturer in chemistry and physics. His appointment to the lectureship in
Tasmania began what became an eminent career in biology. 

marelle flynn

marelle and errol flynn
Lily Flynn (later named
Marelle) with baby Errol
aged five months, 1909.

queen alexandra hospital

Thomson Flynn’s wife Lily
who later changed her name to Marelle.
Alexandra Hospital, Hampden Road, Battery Point,
c.1909 when Errol was born there.


Flynn’s wife Lily (later called Marelle) accompanied him
to Tasmania, and their son Errol
was born at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Hobart, on 20th June 1909.
Errol attended several schools in Hobart, and reportedly trapped
bettongs for T.T. Flynn’s research into the reproductive biology of

In 1910, the university received a substantial donation
from the estate of John Ralston, a wealthy pastoralist from St Leonards,
who left £8,000 to further scientific research. These funds, the first
major bequest to the institution, were directed towards support of the
new discipline of biology. The majority of the funds went to endow a
chair, and the remainder were spent on a biology laboratory and the
purchase of equipment. Flynn became the Ralston Professor of Biology and
inaugural chair of the fledgling department in 1911.  

appointment of flynn appointment of flynn
of T.T. Flynn’s appointment as Professor of Biology at the University
of Tasmania on the 29th June 1911

Under the original terms of the agreement, Flynn was to
carry out research into
1. “diseases of plants and animals
2. anatomy and development of marsupials unique to
3. any other research approved by the trustees”.
In 1921, a new agreement with the Ralston Trustees added a
4th category of approved research:
4. research on commercial food fisheries in Tasmania.

Photographs of the University of Tasmania around
the time of T.T.Flynn's employment:

university of tasmania university of tasmania
University of
Tasmania, 1907
University of
Tasmania – Domain site
university of tas plan 1928
of the University of Tasmania – 1928 enlarge


biology building biology building
entrance to biology building biology laboratory
Top: Photos of the
original Biology building, the lower storey was built in 1909, the
upper storey in 1936,
the entrance and the Zoology (left) and the Botany
laboratory (Right) (V.V. Hickman photographs)


aerial view of university of tasmania 1939

Aerial photo of University of Tasmania, 1939 – enlarge

Tasmanian Field
Naturalists Club

‘Soon after his arrival in Tasmania in 1909 Flynn had joined
the Field Naturalists Club. ..In 1909 Flynn had participated in the
Easter excursion to Freycinet Peninsula, where he led the discussion on
invertebrates. In November he addressed the monthly meeting on the
subject of flounder. This is an early indication of his interest in
marine biology and fisheries. He told members that there was plenty of
scope for dredging in the Derwent Estuary to collect specimens for
study. In 1910 Flynn led the Club Easter excursion to Wineglass Bay. The
steamer Koonookarra was used during these Easter camps for dredging
marine life under his leadership. Field Naturalists, under his direction
carried out some of the first scientific dredging along Tasmania’s
coastline.His ten year involvement with the Field Naturalists culminated
in his election as Chairman in 1918, and again the following year’

As well as the Field Naturalists Flynn developed
other important links with the wider Tasmanian scientific community
outside the University. He was first elected to the Council of the Royal
Society in 1911 …[and] through [this] position became a Trustee of the
Tasmanian Museum and Botanical Gardens in 1911. Flynn took on the work
of curator and was active in supporting its functions and adding to the

tasmanian field naturalists 1909

Tasmanian Field
Naturalists – Easter camp-out April 1909

Photograph of group of 84 Tasmanian Field
Naturalists with T. T. Flynn on the far left (see detail below) (Sir
William Crowther Collection, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office).


TT flynn
T.T.Flynn (detail)

(Right) Tasmanian
Field Naturalists Club illuminated address

Theodore Thomson Flynn was one of the signatories to this illuminated
address presented to Leonard Rodway by the Tasmanian Field Naturalists
Club, congratulating him on being appointed a Companion of St Michael
and St George in 1917 and expressing the club’s gratitude for his work
and support.

leonard rodway
Leonard Rodway

illuminated address

dredging expedition 1913 (left) ‘Field Naturalists, under the
direction of Professor TT Flynn of the University of Tasmania, carried
out some of the first scientific dredging along Tasmania’s coastline.
The only man who can be identified is the photographer Beattie, a member
of the Club who took many photographs of their activities.’ The
Companion to Tasmanian History

– online version.


(Right) Tasmanian Field Naturalists
dredging expedition 1913

W. Lewis May [centre] in the battered hat, &
Professor T.T. Flynn on the right at Safety Cove onboard the Koomela in
1913. (Private Collection – May family).

Tasmanian field naturalists 1913

Thylacine skull (Thylacinus cynocephalus)
Flynn held the post of honorary curator of the Tasmanian
Museum from 1912-1918. The Museum has in its collection a complete
thylacine skeleton collected by T.T Flynn in 1919. He was one of the
first advocates for the protection of the thylacine. In 1914 he
suggested that some should be captured and placed on an island, a
strategy being considered today as a means of protecting the Tasmanian
devil. (S. Jones – School of Zoology)

thylacine skull
Thylacine skull collected by T.T
Flynn in 1919
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collection.

Birth of the Kangaroo
by T. T. Flynn, 1928

‘Flynn became famous for his work on the embryology of marsupials and
echidnas. He became determined to educate the public that kangaroos were
not born on the nipple and went so far as to publish a Workers
Educational Association (then a forerunner of Adult Education) booklet
on the Birth of the
. I fear that it was not too widely read because around
1950 the locals in Ouse still adhered to the incorrect view.’ (E.
Guiler – School of Zoology)

Bettong (Bettongia gaimardi)
‘Professor T.T. Flynn published a paper on the
reproduction of the Tasmanian bettong that summarized much of his work
over the previous 10-15 year period in 1930. His infamous son the
film-star Errol Flynn, often assisted his father in capturing bettongs.

‘When school finished, I raced home to be at his side, to
hurry out into the back yard, where we had cages of specimens of rare
animals…Through Father’s activity I made my first venture into commerce.
He bought all the kangaroo rats [bettongs] he could get hold of for
Hobart University. I learned to set box traps in the hills of near-by
Mount Wellington. He paid a shilling a head.’ (Errol Flynn, My
Wicked, Wicked Ways
). No further scientific work was carried out
(on the Bettong) for the nearly 50 years or so until I started my
studies in the late 1970s.’ (Randy Rose, School of Zoology)

bettong skeleton

Bettong skeleton (Bettongia gaimardi)
bettong young

Bettong – Bettongia gaimardi
Specimen of baby on pouch from School of Zoology collection.
( NB : pouch specimen says cuniculus)


Bettong – Bettongia gaimardi
Furry mount from School of Zoology collection.

Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)
Flynn’s first paper on the anatomy of the Tasmanian
devil was written in 1910 from a specimen given to him by Colonel JEC
Lord. In the introduction to the paper he indicated that he had
intended to delay publication until he could dissect a number of
specimens but had found that the species was already so scarce that
further specimens could not be obtained. In these circumstances Mrs.
Roberts’ Beaumaris Zoo in Battery Point was a most valuable facility. In
1910 she had been asked by the Director of the Sydney Zoo to try and
obtain specimens of the devil and the thylacine for the London
Zoological Society. This prompted her to begin holding these animals in
her zoo and to try to breed the devil in captivity’.

‘Flynn was particularly interested in discovering all he
could about Tasmanian marsupials, as he feared for their survival. After
he left Tasmania the devil population grew quickly but while he was at
the University they were quite scarce’.

tasmanian devil

Tasmanian Devil skeleton (Sarcophilus
tasmanian devil
Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus

Specimens and scientific papers
Flynn is considered to be one of the pioneers of research
into the reproductive biology of marsupials and monotremes. He published
an important work on the early cleavage of the monotreme egg, and was
awarded a DSc in 1921 for his work on the embryology of marsupials. His
interest in the placental structure of blue-tongued lizards is echoed
today by the School of Zoology’s strong research focus on the ecology
and evolution of viviparous lizards. 

In addition, he published an eclectic series of papers on
the fauna of Tasmania, including sea spiders (Pycnogonida) and
a freshwater sponge. Flynn also described a fossil whale from Fossil
Bluff on the north coast of Tasmania. The
fossil Prosqualodon davidis
is c.23 million years
old, and is held in the collection of the School of Earth Sciences,

Flynn’s classic paper on the yolk sac and allantoic placenta in the
barred bandicoot which appeared in the prestigious Quarterly Journal
of Microscopical Science
in 1923 was awarded the University Medal
when presented to the University of Sydney as a thesis for the degree of
Doctor of Science.

theodore thomson flynn 1923
Professor T.T. Flynn
Illustrated Tasmanian Mail,
19 April 1923


Henry Crouch brass binocular microscope (c.1890) and
microscope slides prepared by T.T. Flynn from the School of Zoology.

Lantern slides from T.T.
Flynn’s collection brought back from Queen’s University, Belfast by Eric

Detail of Henry Crouch brass binocular microscope



university staff c.1924
University staff and
students with car

Group of staff and students at the University on the Domain c. 1924.
Professor Flynn is in the back row on the far left. (Tasmaniana
Library, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office) – enlarge

students and staff and car pump c.1924

The brass car pump belonged to the
Departmental car shown in this photo. (Pump now held in
the School of Zoology)
staff group photo 1924

University staff, 1924; (l. to r., top) Dr. A.L. McAulay, H.P. Tuck, C.
Malthus, Prof. J.B. Brigden, J.A. Johnson, Prof. Burn, Prof. D.
Copland,; (centre) A.R. Hewer, P.L. Griffiths, Lt-Col. Thomas
(Registrar), E.A. Counsel, C.C. Dudley, G.S. King, L. Rodway; (bottom)
Prof. R. Dunbabin, Prof. Williams, W.J.T. Stops (Vice-Chancellor), Sir
Elliott Lewis (Chancellor), Prof. McDougall, Prof. T.T. Flynn, Prof.
 University staff 1924
flynn tarn (left) Flynn

Photograph by Fred Smithies of Lake Rodway and Flynn’s Tarn (named
after Professor Flynn and Leonard Rodway, two of the most important
biologist of their time) from the summit of Cradle Mountain. (Archives
Office of Tasmania)
macquarie island
Flynn Lake, Macquarie Island,
named after T. T. Flynn – enlarge

Aurora Expedition to Macquarie Island

In May 1910 at a meeting of the Royal Society Flynn
seconded the motion to set up a committee to promote Sir Douglas
Mawson’s Antarctic expedition. He and Mawson had been at school and
University together in Sydney. In November 1912, Flynn joined Mawson’s
Australian Antarctic Expedition as the biologist in charge for the
second summer research cruise on the S. Y. Aurora.

The decision to accept the leadership of this program was
somewhat rash. His experience in marine research was limited and
confined to the inshore waters off the east coast of Tasmania and
Sydney. He could not have been prepared for the tumultuous seas between
Macquarie Island and Tasmania in a vessel not built or crewed for the
task, but having found his sea legs he began the dredging program.
In June 1913 he addressed the Royal Society on the results
of the five weeks of dredging and illustrated it with lantern slides.
Flynn’s Antarctic connection is commemorated in the name of Flynn
on the west coast of Macquarie Island.

He developed a considerable interest in marine science,
and became a strong advocate for science-based development of fisheries
in Tasmania and at the national level. He undertook a review of the
Tasmanian fishing industry, and proposed some priority scientific
projects, including comprehensive studies of the biology of the oyster
and the crayfish, to underpin effective fisheries management.

In 1931, the Ralston Trustees cut their funding to
support only a lectureship. Flynn left the university to take up a chair
at the Queen’s University, Dublin, where he continued scientific
research for anther ten years before retiring in 1948, that event being
noted in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, Vol 162,
July 24th 1948.

tt flynn
T.T. Flynn, Queen's
University Dublin
flynn tt flynn and marelle flynn
T.T. Flynn and his wife
taking friends from St Albans to
visit Errol’s film set.
Detail: T.T. Flynn and his wife
errol flynn and tt flynn
Errol Flynn and T.T.Flynn
tt flynn
T.T. Flynn on Errol's yacht 'The Zaca', 1952

Impressions of T. T. Flynn

‘T.T. was full of pranks and at one staff dance he produced a small
marsupial out of his pocket much to the consternation of all. Something
must have gone wrong with the joke when he appeared with a black eye’
(Eric Guiler – School of Zoology)

‘Flynn established a research reputation for zoology in
Tasmania and the Department has always flourished in this field. He was a
flamboyant teacher in a time when the University had several such. He
stands tall among his successors being a stronger character than most of
them. In some respects he was careless of administration but in those
days the running of the University was largely left to the Heads.’ (Eric

‘The rapport was with my father. He looked Irish. He had
red, bushy eyebrows, black hair; he was lean, angular, full of charm,
good will, and a certain professorial quietness. He spoke with a clipped
British accent, tinged with touches of Irish brogue.’ (Errol Flynn,
My Wicked, Wicked Ways)

‘Vernon (VV) Hickman, who succeeded Flynn in 1932, was a
student in the early years and remembers Flynn as an excellent teacher
who took a great interest in his students: at least those who showed an
interest in the subject.’ (Anthony Harrison, ‘Climbing to the top:
T.T. Flynn in Tasmania, 1909-1931’

‘Theo Flynn was tall, slim, broad shouldered and
blue-eyed; softly spoken, charming and witty. He was very industrious
but also gregarious and friendly, enjoying dancing and tennis, as well
as his academic interests’…Guiler knew him as a ‘very powerful
personality full of drive and energy that led him into many adventures,
credible or otherwise’.(E. Guiler, Sunday Tasmanian, 8 July

Transcription & letter (pictured below) about
T. T. Flynn to Professor Eric Guiler from Louis Bisdee, July 1990

letter letter2

Kelvin Grove,  
Melton Mowbray,  
Tasmania 7030.  

Dear Professor,
Having read the article in the Sunday Tasmanian
(8th July 1990) on the life of Professor Flynn it has prompted me to
write to you with a little information about the Professor. He boarded
at the same guest house where I was, Pressland House in Melville Street,
Hobart. That was in 19?1. He was at the Tasmanian University just above
the Hobart Railway Station on the Domain. He was a very fine well
groomed man. Always wore a black bowler hat. He never ever mentioned his
wife but he was always greatly admired by the ladies of Hobart. He
seemed to take great pride in himself and led a good life. He used to
tell me about his son Erroll. Apparently he was often a great worry to
his father. Father never knew where he was or what he did but he always
had an appointment to meet outside McKeans boot shop in Elizabeth Street
(now the Mall) at twenty minutes past eight. They had very little to
say to each other except of course Erroll was always ‘broke’. The
meeting took place every Friday evening. He thought a lot of his son, so
I guess Erroll was the cause of father having difficulty in meeting his
debts. I thought this information might be of interest to you. At the
time I was working in a wholesale grocery business in Hobart. Times were
bad: right in the big Depression.

Yours faithfully,
Louis F. Bisdee

Pressland House
‘Pressland House’, Melville Street, Hobart as it appeared in an
advertisement in Walsh’s Almanac of 1899. This is where Errol and his
father boarded in the 1920s when Errol attended Hobart High School.

The Geology Department’s
acquisition of the remains of Prosqualodon davidis Flynn
Prosqualodon davidis was described in 1923 by
Prof. Flynn who was Professor of Zoology at the University of Tasmania. 
When originally found in Miocene sediments at Fossil Bluff, it was
virtually complete.  After description, it was held in the Zoology
Department collections in the old part of the Sandy Bay campus, near the
sports oval.  It was one of the best-preserved squalodont whales
known.  There is some confusion about the name (davidi or davidis)
but I believe the latter is correct. 

In approximately 1966, I was visiting Dr John Hickman of
the Zoology Department and passing through a roofed, but otherwise open,
space when I noticed what appeared to be bone from Fossil Bluff.  I was
told that the fragments were the remains of the specimen studied by
Flynn.  I was horrified by both the condition of the specimen and lack
of care.  The bone was breaking up under the influence of varying
temperature and humidity.  Pyrite oxidation probably was the cause. I
came back to the Geology Department, reported to Prof. Carey, and we
quickly arranged for the remains to be brought here and placed in our
vault where better (if not perfect) care could be taken of the

When brought over, we found that most of the original
specimen did not exist and we were told that much of it probably had
been taken to the rubbish tip at some stage.  More horror! Dr John
Cosgriff, a vertebrate palaeontologist, was here at the time and took
some steps to improve the condition of what was retrieved but the
remains are a sorry remnant of the original. The Tasmanian Museum and
Art Gallery has an excellent cast of the skull and that is worthy of
[Notes by Patrick G. Quilty AM, Honorary Research Professor,
17 June 2004].


Flynn, T.T., 'Squalodont Remains from the
Tertiary Strata of Tasmania'

from Nature, November 25th, 1929
whale jaw fossil
T.T. Flynn' s photograph of
jawbone of fossil whale
Prosqualodon davidis

Whale fossil specimen

Prosqualodon is a whale, not a dolphin.  It is
referred to as a primitive toothed whale probably with lifestyle and
body shape very similar to a modern dolphin – an example of convergent
evolution. It is a squalodont with triangular, sharklike serrated teeth
and thus unlike modern dolphins although modern dolphins probably
evolved from this group. [Patrick G. Quilty].



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Re: A Biography of Theodore Thomson Flynn!
on Sun 23 Oct 2011 10:34 AM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
Wow, Tina, what an enormous amount of work! You
must have gone through hundreds of sources to piece this together!
Great job!

Re: Re: A Biography of Theodore Thomson Flynn!
Tina Nyary
on Sun 23 Oct 2011 11:13 AM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
No – No – No!

I used to have the habit – a long time ago – when I found something
interesting I copied and paste it into a word document and that is one
of it. I learned better since. I tried several times to get it on the
blog but it wouldn't take it, it would either disappear or it would
display an error message when I wanted to publish it. David tried to
help me too – thanks David – but just one of those things.

Finally it worked – here it is now! Maybe some of our members will enjoy
it too like you do!

Re: A Biography of Theodore Thomson Flynn!
David DeWitt
on Sun 23 Oct 2011 12:12 PM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
This is an extraordinary posting! Fascinating
material, Tina! We know that father and son had a sometimes rough time
the bond between them was very deep. You can see it in the way Errol has
been photographed just looking at his father, and he did often writer
to his father throughout his life.

Re: Re: A Biography of Theodore Thomson Flynn!
Tina Nyary
on Sun 23 Oct 2011 12:56 PM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
Thank you David!

I have a few more of these articles in my word documents which we maybe
could put under one tab – maybe “Prof. T.T. Flynn”? Maybe you have a
good idea!

Re: Re: Re: A Biography of Theodore Thomson
on Sun 23 Oct 2011 11:03 PM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
What about a “family” tab? Oh, there is one
already I see. Wouldn't it go there perfectly?

Re: Re: Re: Re: A Biography of Theodore
Thomson Flynn!
Tina Nyary
on Mon 24 Oct 2011 08:52 AM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
Hi Inga;

David obliged already and as you see he made a sub-tab under “Friends &
Family” and I will transfer my post and post others there too.

Funny enough there are always nice and interesting remarks about Errol
contained in his biographies or write-ups.

For example like this one:

“Prof. T.T. Flynn – Fisheries Commissionaire”

The election of the Labor Government drew Flynn into public life. One of
the many community functions to aid the War effort was the Carnival
Queen competition run by the Lord Mayor of Hobart. Enid Lyons,
the new wife of the Premier, was one of the entrants and accompanied by
six year old Errol Flynn.

Interesting isn't it – I wonder if there is a picture of this event? Six
year old Errol in the limelight with no less than just
the Prime Ministers new wife!

It is surprising what tidbits about Errol one can find in his father's

Re: Re: Re: A Biography of Theodore Thomson
Tina Nyary
on Mon 24 Oct 2011 07:48 AM PDT |  Profile |  Permanent
Hi David;

Thanks for making the tab so fast! The sub-tab under Friends
and Family is a perfect fit and I will transfer it.

While we are on the subject of tabs, do you think you could make a main
tab in a slide show format (not a sub-tab) titled “Errol Flynn's Homes”
or “Errol's Homes” what ever suits better? I have some good information I
could post.

Take care,


— Tina


More from the Errol Flynn Mailbag!

29 Jan

Here are two photos that our pal Chris Driscoll says may be a bit grainy but show the outside and a room inside of a house that Errol lived in with his parents in Hobart. Chris writes:

David, I found these photos of one of Errol's childhood homes in Hobart. Don Norman originally showed me the house from the street and on another occasion I returned and asked permission to photograph the house from the street and the current owners asked me in and showed me up to Errol's bedroom. His bedroom was upstairs and facing the street.
Apologies for the grainy quality of the bedroom shot, but at least you'll get ( I hope ) a feeling or some resonance of Errol's journey.

The street shot is better quality though. It was really exciting to be in his home. It's not the home
where he set fire to the garage though. I cant exactly remember which Hobart suburb it's in but suffice to say it's walking distance to the city centre. I think it's in the vicinity of Sth Hobart. It was definitely south of the central business district.

— David DeWitt


About Jack Marino

31 Jul

Jack Marino Warrior Filmmaker



Jack Marino

Forgotten Heroes


Jack Marino is originally from Everett Massachusetts.

This typical working class city at that time was made up
of mostly Sicilians, Irish Roman Catholic Democrats, who by the way –
were all conservatives. He and all his friends were the children of
World War II veterans; it is from this world that shapes his political,
religious and patriotic ideals

As a young boy his Father took him to see all those great
films of the mid 50s and 60s. It was in those darkened temples that he
dreamed of being in the picture business. His inspiration for being an
actor was reading “The Films of Errol Flynn” and “My Wicked, Wicked
Ways”. Other great actors he would read and follow their films, John
Barrymore, James Cagney, Bogey, Ronald Coleman, Orson Wells, Richard
Burton, Charlton Heston, the Duke and Robert Mitchum, the list is
endless. Warner Bros of the 30s & 40s was the favorite of all the
studios with contract directors like Michael Curtiz, Raoul Walsh and
Vincent Sherman, a dear friend and mentor.

A student of the Boston Catholic school system his early
life, he eventually went to Northeastern University in Boston and
graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice. This was his first massive
exposure to the 60s radical malcontent mindset. It was at Northeastern
that he started doing theater in the round. His first Shakespearean
role was Ross in Macbeth. After two years of fencing and acting in
plays he wanted to get into Repertory Theater. Once he was out of
Northeastern, his former teacher/director cast him as Cyrano de Bergerac
in that ambitious play she was directing. Four weeks into rehearsal
the play was shut down for lack of funds. Sounds familiar? This would be
a way of life in the world of independent filmmaking once he got to

After the play shut down he got into his 1971 Dodge
Charger and headed for Hollywood for six months. While out here he met a
lot of film stars, old prize fighters who knew everyone from the old
days of Hollywood. His plan was to get a feel for the place. He worked
in a couple of films and then returned home to marry his high school
sweetheart. Back in Everett, they both worked for another two years. By
mid '80 they were back living in Los Angeles.

During the next four years he formed two production
companies, had a couple of scripts and was taking them around to all the
studios. In '83 he raised private funds to produce his first
independent film “KILLZONE”. It was one of the biggest hits of the
1985AFM and it changed the entire film market to low budget action
films. In Jan. of '86 he was asked by his DP on KILLZONE to put
together the film, “Hell’s Outlaw” and borrowing a friend’s credit card
he made the film. By the fall of '86 he began putting together the film
project called “FORGOTTEN HEROES”. Little would he know that this film would end up becoming his Calypso in this twenty-year odyssey.

Jack has been married now for thirty-one years to a
green-eyed Irish girl he met in 1969. Their daughter, now married,
recently gave birth to “Identical twin girls”. Their son is in the Army
and recently finished his tour of duty with the 25th INF DIV in a
Striker Brigade in Baghdad, Iraq and is now with the Army Reserves here
in Los Angeles.

By the way, he still has that '71 Dodge Charger, still has
that same girl, and when the world was young, they went everywhere in
that car. He would tell her of his dreams, making films in Hollywood,
living up on Mulholland Farm, having fat kids and watching their
vineyards grow! Now that their kids are out on their own, he is with
his girl again, only he can remember when.




NOTE:  I am on a short hiatus from my show because of my wife's sudden illness.  I will return to my show and LA TALK RADIO.
Thank you for your loyalty during this difficult time.  
Your thoughts and prayers for my wife are working.
 I will be playing all the best shows for your enjoyment.
 I am looking forward to returning in the near future. – Jack Marino
Warriorfilmmaker Show




  One of  LA Talk Radio's family
members, Jack Marino from Warrior Filmmaker, has recently encountered a
great tragedy in his life. His beautiful bride of
32 years, Louise, recently suffered a stroke and has been in a coma ever since April 30.

On behalf of Jack and his family we ask for your prayers and support.
At present time, there is no long term financial solution in place to
fund the ongoing medical expenses for Louise's care. A fund has been
established in her name to provide support to meet Louise's future
medical expenses.

If you would like to support Louise, please go to this link…   (friends of Louise…

Jack and his family thank all of LA Talk Radio listeners for their prayers and support.

Jacks's old Hollywood themed shows including one with
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Show #64 G.T. Herrell author of the explosive book MEMBERS ONLY
 exposes the real truth and power behind the American Sicilian Mafia
here in America.  G T Herrell captures compelling life of the Mafia's
secret judge Paul 'Lefty' Della Universita, about his rise in the
Mafia, of his life experiences with well-known gangsters and associates.
 The story of how Paul 'Lefty' would be the 'Judge' “the Consigliere
for all five families.” here in America.  G T Harrell recorded the
conversations of Sonny Della Universita the youngest brother to Paul and
he reveals a hidden Mafia secret that for years has been never told,
until now. 

Friday, April 22, 2011
Show #63  Steve Hayes,
actor, writer and raconteur, returns to my show to tell of more of his
adventurous life from the day he met Errol Flynn and befriended
numerous movie stars like Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Marilyn Monroe,
Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, Alan Ladd, Lana Turner, Sterling Hayden and
Robert Middleton, all of whom influenced his life and gave him material
for his recently published two-volume memoirs, “Googie’s: Coffee Shop to the Stars”.  

A world traveler, Steve has explored the Amazon river
by small boat, dug for gold in Alaska, climbed Kilimanjaro, ridden
elephants at India’s Tiger Tops game preserve, photographed the
Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, been on safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and
South Africa and trekked in Tibet and the Himalayas.  In 1958 he went
to Cuba where he met Ernest Hemingway before joining the Cuban
Revolution, led by Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara and the
American Army deserter, William Morgan. 
Friday, April 15, 2011

Show #62  Robert & Mary Matzen, filmmakers and authors to talk about their books, ERROL FLYNN SLEPT HERE  and ERROL and OLIVIA: Ego and Obsession in Golden Era Hollywood,  Listen
to their fascinating story of how they uncovered the history of one of
the most incredible homes built by the most adventurous and wildest
actor, that came out of nowhere, to be the biggest movie star in
Hollywood.  The story continues with their latest book of Errol and
Olivia,  two of the greatest stars, that worked and made millions from
their classic films for Warner Bros. Studios. Both Robert and Mary have
done extensive research at the Warner Library and interviewed many
people that knew and worked with both Errol and Olivia to bring you
these two unique books to you which includes stories and photos that
have never been published before. Both these books are a great addition
to the library of any Flynn fan and collector. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Show # 61 Jerry Vairo, the great nephew of famous mobster Paulie 'Lefty' Della Universita know as the 'Judge' with character actor Ed Lauter join me in studio on my show to talk about Jerry's book MEMBERS ONLY: THE STORY OF THE MOB'S SECRET JUDGE.
This book reveals new information of the inner workings of the
Sicilian mafia here in America going back to the early 1900s. Jerry
tells in his book how his great uncle Paulie “Lefty'became the most
powerful advisor in the Cosa Nostra.  Jerry Vairo heard all these
stories growing up in Brooklyn and in Little Italy from his Grandmother
who was Paulie's oldest sister, to all this great aunts, uncles
associates, friends, people that lived in Mott street during the heyday
of when that was where all the mob families would meet.  Even Paulie's
young brother Sonny who is still alive tells of his first hand
experience of what when on in the five families.  Be sure to buy this
unique and fascinating book MEMBERS ONLY: The Story of the Mob's Secret

Friday, April 1, 2011
Show #60 CL Bryanta Baptist Pastor, Conservative activist, Tea party patriot and a great American.  CL has made a controversial film called Runaway Slaves Runaway
Slave is a movie about the race to free the Black community from the
slavery of tyranny and progressive policies.   He is the founder of the
national movement One Nation Back to God  CL talks about his book  Lead Us to Temptation Deliver Us to Evil
 Read how C.L. Bryant, former NAACP President, evolved into a beacon
of Conservatism and how he now impacts a generation sold out and
betrayed by leftist policies and political leaders. 
Friday, March 25, 2011
Show #59 Wendy A Goldman,
a conservative woman filmmaker that is a partner with Becky Best in
Crusaders Films.  Wendy talks about the need of conservatives to break
into the pop culture in order to change it.  Wendy and Becky are two
determined gals that will make their mark upon the Hollywood Industry.
 There up coming film 'AN INCORRECT MAN is a comedy that exposes the
absurdity of political correctness. Wendy and Becky are both promoting
their project on KICK STARTERwhich
is a unique site for indie filmmakers to raise the funds to get their
films made and a great place to market your film. We all need to
support these two courageous ladies and their unique film so more of us
conservatives can get our opinion into the marketplace since Hollywood
refuses to allow any other opposing voice out there to grow roots. 
Friday, March 18, 2011

Show #58  Eric Sherman
Filmmaker, Author, Educator, Private Filmmaking consultant,
Entertainment Industry Legal Consultant, and Expert Witness.  Eric was
born in Los Angeles and grew up on the Hollywood backlots watching his
father, Vincent Sherman, direct films starring many of the industrys
greatest figures, including Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable,
Richard Burton, Paul Newman, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth
and Ava Gardner. Eric Sherman's life is dedicated to movies. He has
worn every hat: produced, directed, acted, photographed, edited, done
make-up, hair and wardrobe, made popcorn, sold movies and collected
money from theaters. His purpose in life is to make good films and help
as many as possible to do the same. He consults others on all the
above subjects, plus business plans, budgets, schedules and expert
witness legal services.  Listen to this radio interview and hear some
great stories. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Show #57 Jack Marino,
flies solo for tonight's show.  He plays all new songs from FORGOTTEN
HEROES and patriotic song from various artist that has sent him their
recordings honoring America.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Show #56 Christopher Mitchum,
actor, writer and producer tells of his incredible career starting in
early 70s as a major young star working with John Wayne, Richard Boone
and Howard Hawks.  Chris comes from a legendary acting family which he
himself became an international film star.   Chris Mitchum's career
ended in the United States because he was told by casting agents, he
had worked with John Wayne!  This constantly goes on here in Hollywood
to all conservatives and this show provides a platform for actors of
Chris' stature to speak out and tell the truth.  Chris went to Spain
where he made action films and martial art films for Europe and Asia.
 Christopher Mitchum is actively involved in California politics and he
is planning on running for Congress in the Santa Barbara area in 2012.

Friday, February 25, 2011
Show #55 Frank DeMartini, conservative Attorney/Producer returns to the show along with screenwriter Ira Schwartz, conservative blogger Craig Covello who all write for the conservative website Hollywood Republican.  We talk about Frank's article “49 long years”
a nostalgic look of America when things were simpler.  We discuss what
has happen to NASA through the years.  Today's politics, what is going
on with the teacher's Union in Wisconsin.   Internet Radio Host and
conservative activist Kender McGowan calls into the show and adds his take on what is going on in the world today.
Friday, February 18, 2011
Show #54 Anthony Arezzo,
filmmaker and post-production supervisor comes to talk
about being a conservative working in the post-production field and
dealing with how liberals treat you in the work force. Once you let it
be know that you are a conservatives both Tony and I have been let go
from the same post-production for our views.  Anthony a former
democrat, talks about what democratic politics on the national level are
like, and in his hometown of Hoboken New Jersey.   He tells us of some
wonderful stories of growing up as a first generation Sicilian in
Friday, February 11, 2011

Show #53 Steve Latshaw,
an independent filmmaker, writer, producer, and director talks about
his career when he started out as a radio broadcaster and made the jump
into independent features during the height of the video explosion of
the late 80s and early 90s.   Steve tell us about the years of shooting
on the lot in Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.   He made the move
to come to Los Angeles sometime  in the mid 90s to make films here in
Hollywood.  Steve has written over 35 screenplays that have been
produced and he writing and directing of RETURN OF THE KILLER SHREWSa sequel to the 1959 horror cult classic ” THE KILLER SHREWS” 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Show #52 Philip Cambre, an impressionist and
comedian brings his uncanny impression of President Burack Obama for an
interview on LA Talk Radio   I was able to make this happen by the
generosity of Mr. Cambre to have the President as an in studio guest.
Hear the interview that not even Bill O'Reilly or Chris 'the tingle'
Matthews couldn't get.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Show #51 Doug V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio, Kender McGowen of Kender Uncensored,  and Eric Porvaznik, of Radio Free Threedonia,
joins the show to talk politics, show business and old style comedy
comparing to today comedians. All three are radio colleagues of mine
and they were streaming my show through their own live shows.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Show #50 Frank DeMartini,
 a Hollywood Producer began his entertainment career 20 years ago as an
entertainment attorney. Soon he became a specialist in representing
not only the above-the-line elements but also all aspects of motion
picture and TV production from development through financing and
distribution. His film credits include producer on the independent
feature “Motel Blue” (1997)  “Crocodile” (2001), “Mozart and the Whale”
(2006) and “Journey to the End of the Night” (2007). His most recent
film, “Mad Money” (2008) opened on 2500 screens in January 2008. He has
just completed production on an M.O.W. for the ABC Family Channel
entitled, “The Prince and Me 4: The Elephant Adventure.”  His
most recent film he produced is Elephant White for Millennium Films.
 Frank is an unapologetic staunch Republican in the midst of profoundly
Democratic industry, and does not hesitate to stir up controversy on
his website, The Hollywood Republican.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Show #49  Ernie Lijoi, Sr. former
Boston area Detective tells his life story of working  with local,
state and federal agencies to solve some major crimes from the 1970's
to the late 1980's. He was “deep undercover” in his early years working
with the Quincy police. In fact, Ernie Lijoi, actually, became “Eddie
Pannoni,” and donned all the trappings of a street thug and mobster.
Under the guise of 'EDDIE PANNONI' who deals with the Mafia figures to
recover millions of dollars in stolen bonds.  Then, while forced to
shoot and kill a rapist, he is shot and stabbed. The time he was shot
at by fellow police officers, leads a high speed chase through three
States, and helps seized millions of dollars worth of drugs, weapons
and the stolen 1629 original Charter of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts.  You can read all of these exciting stories in Ernie
Lijoi's books “Street Business”, “Shoveling The Tide”, “Chasing Snow”
and soon to be released, “Myth or Meth” and ” The Cash Mule”.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Show #48 Thomas McNulty was
born in Chicago and is a graduate of Columbia College's famed writing
program. He is the author of the critically acclaimed biography Errol Flynn: The Life and Career,
the culmination of over a decade of research and writing.  His
celebrity interviews, articles, essays, book reviews and film reviews
have appeared in numerous publications. Tom provided the audio
commentary for the Warner Brothers DVD release of Rocky Mountain
starring Errol Flynn (released August 29, 2008). He is also an avid
shooting enthusiast, particularly with guns from the American frontier

Friday, December 31, 2010

Show #47 New Year's Eve show, Jack talks about the
old days growing up in the late 50s early 60s and all those New Years
Eve with some great old music from the big band era. This is the last
show for 2010 and we will see you all next year with a great line up of
new and fun guests.  HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my listeners.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Show #46 Christmas Eve show, Jack talks about the
magic of Christmas through songs and his own experience growing up in
Everett with his family during the Christmas Season.  He honors all our
military with a song by Jarrod Radnich called 'CAN YOU HEAR ME” Merry Christmas everyone! 

Friday, December 17, 2010
Show #45 A J Benza & Jerry Vairo discuss the new book MEMBERS ONLY
about the life story of the more powerful mob boss Paulie “Lefty”
Della Universita in the American Sicilian La Cosa Nostra.  This is
all told to G.T. Harrell by Paulie's brother Sonny Della Universita.
 Both AJ Benza and Jerry Vairo knew most, if not all of the current mob
guys in the 80s and 90s.  AJ worked for the New York Daily post as a
gossip columnist and got to know John Gotti very well. A J was the host
of E channel's  Mysteries and Scandals for five years.  He was also a
regular on the Howard Stern Show.   Jerry is the nephew of Sonny Della
Universita who has heard all the stories growing up in the family, that
none of the current authors of many book on the mob even got wind of.
On this show both AJ and Jerry reveal the truth of what happen to Jimmy
Hoffa.  You can read all the incredible stories of the man they called
Friday, December 10, 2010

Show #44 Robert Florczak, Artist-Illustrator,
Author, Recording Artist, College/University Instructor and World
Traveler talks about his two new books on Hollywood, a photo essay book
from his travels called “Movie Locations-Then & Now”, and
preparing a book on the making of “The Adventures Of Robin Hood”.  He
talks about the time he lived on John Barrymore's Bella Vista estate in
Beverly Hills.  Robert is a painter who's original art is in the
collections of Mel Gibson, Jimmy Stewart (now in the James Stewart
Theater in Princeton), Michael Jackson (including the design for the
logo of his Neverland estate), Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Allen. He is
an Illustrator of eight noted picture books and he continues to travel
the world.

Friday, December 3, 2010
Show #43 William Donati an author who writes biographies, has a new book out on Amazon Lucky Luciano: The Rise and Fall of a Mob Boss Donati
went through 40,000 documents of the Thomas Dewey's investigation and
the trial that got Luciano deported to Sicily.  Donati lets the reader
know that he admires Dewey and writes with a strong anti-gangster tone.
Friday, November 26, 2010
Show #42 Jodi DeStefano
has written a memoir about her father, Jimmy The Shiv Death House
Barber of Sing Sing.  Jimmy was adopted by the Capone family after his
parents had both passed away.  Jimmy was taken in and was taught to be a
barber by Al Capone's father.   Jimmy in the meantime, grew up  and
work with just about everyone that became the hierarchy of organized
crime in America.  Jimmy was sent to Sing Sing and he was the Barber
for 46 death row inmates and one was a women. After serving his time he
left the shadows of prison life in 1937 to marry the famous
entertainer, Jimmy Durante's niece, and lead an exemplary life.  Listen
to the show and hear this amazing story of Jimmy “The Shiv” Death House Barber of Sing Sing. 
Friday, November 19, 2010
Show # 41 Logan Clements, independent filmmaker and activist discusses his new film called “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style” This
controversial film exposes the truth about ObamaCare and what is in
store for all of us in America.  This film has a very powerfule ending
that will hit home to every American.  Logan Clements, last made news
in 2005 with his “Lost Liberty Hotel project” —a rebellion against eminent domain abuse.  
Friday, November 12, 2010
Show #40 Thomas Ruck is an author, speaker and patriot who has written a book “Sacred Ground, A Tribute to Americas Veterans,
was released by Regnery Publishing and achieved a #5 ranking on Amazon
and as he describes, I created this book as a labor of love to honor
the truest of American heroes, our veterans..   All of the royalties
generated by the sales of Sacred Ground go directly to the
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.  What I love about this book is that
kids who have been dealt a traumatic blow by the loss of a parent while
they were serving this great country of ours will know that America
has not forgotten them or the sacrifice of their parent, states Ruck..
  Sacred Ground was awarded with a Gold Medal from the Military Writers Soceity of America in non-fiction for 2009.
Friday, November 5, 2010

Show #39 Jack Marino, talks about the election day, Veterans Day and has a few phone calls into the show.

Friday, October 29, 2010
Show #38  Deirdre Marie Capone,  grand niece of Al Capone comes on the show to tell us of her new book UNCLE AL CAPONE Deirdre
tells of her heart warming memories of growing up in the Capone Family
and how she knew her Uncle Al as the man who taught her how to swim,
ride a bike, play the mandolin and how to cook great Italian meals.  
The Capone name has had it's good and bad effects on her life.  She
tells of her Father who committed suicide because of the burden of the
Capone name.  This is a fascinating inside story told by a family
member of a side of Al Capone the world doesn't know.
Friday, October 22, 2010

Show #37 Chelene Nightingale,
American Independent Conservative running for Governor for the State of
California.  Listen to Chelene's ideas on closing the borders, cuting
taxes to bring businesses back into California, putting people and the
private sector back to work. Listen to a very dynamic and passionate
American Citizen who has great ideas for the State of California.  She
is exactly what the Founding Fathers wanted as citizen politicians.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Show #36 Robert Matzen, author/filmmaker talks about his three films on the young George Washington and both this new books ERROL FLYNN SLEPT HERE,  about one of the most notorious homes in Hollywood.  His newest book is ERROL & OLIVIA: Ego and Obsession in Golden Era Hollywood,
  the true story of Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, two great
stars who battled the studio system and sometimes each other in the
name of ego and obsession to achieve screen immortality in some of the
greatest motion pictures of all time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Show #35 Frank Tabbita's  stage credits include
leading roles in A Streetcar Named Desire, Dracula, When Ya Comin' Back
Red Ryder, Waiting for Godot, The Man of La Mancha,  Grease and The
Sound of Music, in addition to roles in both dramatic and musical
 productions. His film roles include, playing a gang leader in With
These Hands, Debra  Winger's date in Paper Man (a short film made from a
Tom Robbins script), a role in The Happiest Moment of My Life: Take
Two, directed by Thomas Phillips, and most recently, starring as the
lead character, Gerard in the award-winning film, “BEAT ANGEL”,  about the spirit  of Jack Kerouac, which Frank also co-wrote and co-produced.
Frank was most recently seen as Tesla in the internationally celebrated one man play; “TESLA AN EVENING WITH A GENIUS”.  His latest one man show is DOC HOLIDAY AND THE  ANGEL OF MERCY

Friday, October 1, 2010

Show #34 Jack Marino pre-records his very first
show which includes a special opening and where he plays some of the
great film scores of the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Don't miss this show
since, I was invited to make a speech in Temecula about independent
filmmaking.  I wanted to leave my audience with something special to

Friday, September 24, 2010
Show #33 Joseph Lindseyworked
as an actor and screenwriter for more then fifteen years while hiding
in the closet.  His coming out marked the end of his career in
Hollywood, where a felony conviction is more welcomed then a
conservative thought.  His debut novel gives and insider's look at
Hollywood politics that's both rich and darkly humorous.
Friday, September 17, 2010

Show #32 features Filmmaker and Horror legend  Tom Holland  to the show. Tom talks about his years as one of the last of the young contract actors at Warner Bros.  How 
he worked his way into writing and then directing.  He talks about his film FRIGHT NIGHT  and all the other films and television shows he has written, produced and Directed.  
Tom is considered a legend in the Horror film genre and
he has a lot of fans out there all over the world and your Host happens
to be one of them.  It was a real pleasure to meet Tom and have him
on my show.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Show #31  has  Stephen Schochet,
Author and Hollywood Tour guide presenting his new book, “Hollywood
Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars and Legends of 
the Movies! ” Listen to Stephen tell some great stories
we never get to hear from the mainstream media of Hollywood's film

Friday, September 3, 2010

Show #30 has Republican Candidate for Congress Gerry Demborski  who
is running in the 7th Congressional District in Massachusetts against
life long Democratic incumbent Ed Markey. Gerry is a Doctor and a first
time citizen statesman that is going to congress to change the status
quo.  We need more individuals to run for congress like Gerry to fix
this government.  It is going to take men like Gerry Demborski to end
these life long politicians who answer to no one but the special
interest. Gerry will work for the people of his district and the rest
of the Nation since he will be passing laws that effect each of us.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Show #29  has a special guest, actor Paul Picerni,  stage-screen-TV
career took him from small East Coast theater groups to Hollywood
studios where he acted alongside stars on the level of John Wayne,
Errol Flynn, Audie Murphy, Burt Lancaster, Vincent Price, Charles
Bronson and his best friend Telly Savalas. In this book, master
storyteller Picerni vividly describes working with these legends (and
scores of others) and recalls in detail all the phases of his
astounding 60 years in the acting profession.  His manager/Author John
Gloski, is also a guest, telling how he met Paul and about his book, Tough Kid: The Life and Films of Frankie Darro.

Friday, August 20, 2010
Show #28  has in studio guest RIchard Florczak,
 Hollywood's Premier Private Chef!    Richard Florczak, has been the
private chef to high profile people for more than fifteen years. He is
the author of the a new and fascinating cookbookThe Private Chef For
the past nine years Richard has been the full-time exclusive chef for
actor and director Mel Gibson and was recently sought after by Jennifer
Garner to provide services on a part-time basis.
Friday, August 13, 2010

Show #27 has a special guest Rory Flynn, the daughter of legendary actor Errol FlynnRory talks about living up at Mulholland Farm and of her new  book The Baron of Mulholland, which is a wonderful and touching love letter from a loving daughter to her Father. 

Friday, August 6, 2010
Show # 26  has a in studio guest Kender McGowan, our Warrior Poet, Nick Polyzos, conservative radio host and activist in the Tea Party Movement and Ladd Ehilinger, Jr,of FilmLadd Company that produces indie films and political commercials.  Join us for a night of laughs and political banter.
Friday, July 30, 2010
Show #25  has a full house in studio. Jack's guest are three conservative patriots Eric Porvaznik, radio host of Radio Free Threedonia,  David Stein, documentary filmmaker and Executive Editor, along with his partner John Romano, musician and publisher of the new “leaning right and leaning left” internet blog called,  YES, BUT,HOWEVER Listen
to four conservatives having a spirited and funny conversations about
their work on internet radio, their political blogs and all the events
that are going on today in America.
Friday, July 23, 2010
Show #24  has guest Chrystopher Smith who
joins the show to talk about the political events in America today.
 He explains the origins of Black Liberation Theology and how Margaret
Stanger an avowed racist was a major influence in creating this
movement along with plan parenthood.  Chrystopher touches upon the
beginnings of the progressive movement and how today American patriots
in the Tea Party movement are beginning to have a major influence in the
political landscape as the Founding Fathers intended.  Chrystopher is
the founder of the SO-CAL T.E.A. PARTY STARS a grassroots
conservative organization comprised solely of political outsiders.
 Chrys says,  “we're usually called citizens, who are not politically
correct, but are constitutionally correct.” 
Friday, July 16, 2010

Show #23 features special guest Evan Sayet,
 a political commentator, satirist, comedian, and writer talks about
the political events of today and why Hollywood is the way it is.  Evan
talks about the events of 9/11 and how it changed him to become a
conservative.  Evan's highly acclaimed “Right to Laugh” night of conservative comedy goes big time, the show launching on cable TV called the  Right Network.  The Heritage Foundation
casked  asked Evan to speak where he defines the difference between
liberalism and conservatism.  “One of the five most conservative
speeches ever given” – Andrew Breitbart

Friday, July 9, 2010

Show #22  has veteran character actor/director Richard Erdman who
started out in the last days of vaudeville.  In 1944 at the age of 17
he was signed to a contract with Warner Bros. and he has been working as
an actor ever since.  Richard has been in over 100 films and over 600
Television shows.  He was the barracks chief 'Hoffy' in “Stalag 17”,
 he played the Delong in the film “Cry Danger” with his idol William
Powell and McNulty in that famous and popular Twilight Zone, “A kind of
Stopwatch”.  Richard has some great stories of his career and all the
great actors he worked with in the past six decades.  This is a show
about old Hollywood and what it was like working as an actor in those
wonderful days of the studio system.

Friday, July 2, 2010
Show #21 features the comedic and musical  talents of Jack Simmons who
has spent over 15 years as a road comic with middle of the road
material.  Then 9-11 changed his focus and all his material went very
political and cultural, he goes after all the hot buttons in the pop
culture.  Jack believes that, 'this is comedy and someone is going to
get hurt”.  

Jack Simmons calls himself one of the 'SON'S OF THE
GREATEST” to honor all the Fathers that fought in WWII. He talks about
the America all our Dad's fought for and since we are their son's we
must continue to keep the America they left us in tact.   Jack Simmons
Friday, June 25, 2010
Show # 20 has independent filmmaker and one man film studio Vic Alexander
who  is an American filmmaker with 35 years of experience shooting
movies all over the world. A graduate of the San Francisco State
University Film Department.  Vic Alexander has worked as
cinematographer, editor, film director (between 1970 and 1992), and
university instructor in the Cal State University system (1993-1999).
Since 2000, Vic Alexander has returned to independent filmmaking in
Southern California. In addition to writing about film, Vic Alexander
also writes on a variety of subjects, including religion and history.
 Tonight Vic explains film vs digital and why film is so much better
and is still used by the major motion picture studios.  He has written a
book on the process of making films called, FILMMAKING A to Z  which is now on Amazon.
Friday, June 18, 2010

Show # 19  Author, writer, columnist, and musician Michael Merrett, joins the show to tell of his recent article in THE DAILY ITEM all
about his determination to have a career as a writer despite the fact,
he was born with retintis pigmetosa along with his four brothers.  His
an incredible journey of determination and details his decent into
blindness and his brothers' experiences.  Michael has written four
self-published books including two novels, which are all available on
his website THE FOG.
Listen to this incredible story of Michael Merrett, who I
went to Pope John XXIII High School with in Everett, MA.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Show #18 Jack is back from vacation in Boston visiting his grandchildren.  His special guest is actor, writer, author Louis Kraft.  Louis
brings his historical knowledge about the American West, the truth
about George A. Custer and Cheyenne Indian Agent Edward Wynkoop.  Louis
talks of the great Hollywood films like, THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON
 Starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.  Louis speaks of his
friendship with Ms. de Havilland one of the last of the great leading
ladies of the silver screen.  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Show #17  Jack invites Congressional Candidate MARK REED 
who is running for Congress in the 27th District here in California.
 Mark comes into the studio to talk about the latest issues that face
his district and the nation.   Mark talks about the new immigration law
in Arizona and where he stands on immigration, cutting taxes, cutting
Government spending and waste, auditing the Federal Reserved.  He talks
about his defense for the State of Israel and how both countries must
make sure that Iran isn't controlling the middle east.  Mark Reed is
the leadership we can count on for  the 27th District and in Congress.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Show #16  Jack welcomed to the show Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor, Michael Moriarty listen 
to the outstanding interview with Michael as he discusses his acting
and writing career; what it is like having strong conservative ideals
working in the entertainment business; about his strong passionate
belief in the founding documents;  his vehement stand against Roe Vs
Wade and what this unconstitutional ruling has done to the soul of
America.  Michael touched on his work as a writer/actor in his new film “Hitler meets Christ” Listen
to one of Hollywood's top talents who isn't afraid to voice his
religious,conservative and patriotic beliefs in a town that shuts out
all opposing views. A show not to miss!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Show #15, Jack discusses the recent law passed by
the Governor of Arizona and the BUY ARIZONA campaign to support the
state of Arizona from all the boycotts that are attacking the business
of Arizona.  The discussion goes from politics to old movies like EL
CID, THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE and a lot of other great films from
the Golden era of Hollywood.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Show #14  present documentary filmmaker Steve Barber who has produced two outstanding films, “Return to Tawara and “Unbeaten  Steve
tells of his determination to get this film UNBEATEN  produced and
what he went through to get where he is today.  He is an inspiration to
all filmmakers out there, who are determined to beat the odds to see
that their dreams become a reality. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Show #13 features George Ciampa,
an 85 year old WWII Veteran, who has produced two documentaries with
high school teachers and combat veterans, who served in the Battle of
the Bulge and the D-Day Normandy Invasion.  You will hear George talk
about how at 18 he was drafted and how he ended up in 4th platoon of
the 607th Grave Registration Company.  Listen to his passionate
political views of what is going on today and how he feels about all
those young Heroes he had to bury and the reason they gave their lives
in WWII.  He feels  wasn't to see America turn into where it is going
today. George Ciampa is a real American Patriot and Hero. I urge you
all to go to his website and support his projects.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Show #12  Australian Filmmaker Robert de Young,
 the writer/producer of the film Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious
Life of Errol Flynn.  Robert is in Los Angeles filming his latest film
about the life of actor Peter Finch.  Also, Author Steven Schochet
 calls in to talk about his new book  Hollywood Stories: Short
Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars & Legends of the Movies.
 Both Robert and Steven share a common knowledge and affection for the
great stories of these incredible legends.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Show #11 Jack Marino welcomes his long time
partner and Executive Producer John R. Lebert to the studio to talk
about some of their incredible stories they've shared in the making of
Jack and John plan to be back again on future shows to
tell more of their experiences in the making of this unique film with
all the fun, luck and laughs they have known.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Show #10  Jack talks about some of the events of
the past week, the healthcare bill,  James Cameron's remarks about the
deniers, Obama's remarks taunting the GOP.  His call in guest was Lawrence Naritelli
the constitutionalist conservative Reagan Republican candidate running
for Governor for the State of California. Tune in to hear what Larry
has to say about what is going on in California and his plan to finally
fix this State 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Show# 9  Jack Marino talks about the statements
made by actor Tom Hanks about America during World War II.   He is then
joined by Conservative candidate in CA 39th Congressional district Chrystopher Smith, endeavoring to unseat Linda Sanchez.  Chrystopher also talks about the Healthcare Bill that is up for a vote.    

Friday, March 12, 2010
Show# 8 Ari David the
Congressional Candidate for the 30th district, who is planning to
defeat Henry Waxman who has been in office since the mid 1970s.   Ari
discusses the issues, like cap and trade, that he feels are important
to the voters of his district and out there all over America.  
Friday, March 5, 2010

Show #7  OLD HOLLYWOOD: On my first show about the Golden Age of Hollywood I invited Steve Hayes to
the show so he could share with us his adventurous life starting when
he arrived in Hollywood at 19 in 1949.   On that day he went to a
party at Errol Flynn's famous Mulholland Farm and his life changed
forever.   Steve got to know as friends, many of the greats of
Hollywood Fame and he worked as a manager of GOOGIES, “CoffeeShop of
the Stars”.  Steve was later joined by filmmaker/author Eric Sherman the
son of Vincent Sherman a credited Warner Bros Director.  Both guest
had great stories about their experiences with all the greats they knew
in their fascinating lives.  Definitely .. To Be Continued!!  

Friday, February 26, 2010
Show #6  Jack has as his guest for the entire show,
Producer Kevin McKeever of the Bank of Kev Productions. Kevin talks
about his incredible trip tp CPAC and what was going on with the panels
that he sponsored about filmmaking in Hollywood for new and young
conservatives.  Kevin talks about the Larry O Conner show that was
broadcasting from CPAC where Kev would give his nightly report of the
days happenings. This is an exciting and informative interview from the
Bank of Kev Productions.
Friday, February 19, 2010

Show #5  Jack Marino talks about the conservative
movement in Hollywood and how conservatives must all band together in a
band of brothers instead of working against each other.  He talks
about the different conservative web sites like, Big Hollywood,  that
promote conservative artist and different conservative groups in
Hollywood that promote conservative ideals that are not presented in
present films coming out of Hollywood.

Friday, February 12, 2010

In show #4 Jack talks about the adventure
of his struggle and its meaning to him and all those that he has passed
along the way.  He talks about his experience and what drives him,
through the monologues and soliloquies  of Cyrano, Flynn, Napoleon,
Heston as Michelangelo. His take on Hollywood as a Goddess that sings a
song of the sirens that is so intoxicating for all of us dreamers.  He
then makes a plea for others with stories of their struggles being
conservatives in the Hollywood arena to call in and discuss them. Jack
explains, those who have the heart of a true warrior poet and refuse to
compromise will spend years chasing that dream, even when failure may
be their only reward.His motto ” Don't give up .. Never give up!”

Friday, February 5, 2010

Show # 3  First up, Jack Marino welcomes a call from Ari David,
Congressional Candidate for the 30th District in Los Angeles.  Ari
informs the listeners of his major fundraiser on President Ronald
Reagan's 99th Birthday. This is a very important effort to unseat Henry
Help support ARI DAVID for Congress to unseat Henry Waxman NOW!!!  
Jack discusses his beginnings as a Warriorfilmmaker and
some of the people and events that were going on during the
pre-production, production and post-production of FORGOTTEN HEROES.
There is much more to this adventurous journey to get this independent
film out to those who love and support our troops, the American Public.
Be sure to listen in for more next Friday @ 8:00 PM (PST).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Show # 2 The Warrior Filmmaker welcomes his first guest, California Congressional candidate Mark Reed to the show. 
Running in the 27th Congressional District to unseat Congressman Brad Sherman (D).
Mark lays out the groundwork in the 27th district to
bring back true representation to all of the constituants of the
district. Mark, unlike Brad Sherman who believes solely in party
loyalty, will bring a breath of fresh air and take an Oath to enforce
the Constitution.
He will not raise taxes, He will not add to the national
debt and he will do nothing behind close doors. Mark will hold himself
accountable to the constituans the 27th district. This seat is not
Brad Sherman's seat it is the people's seat. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Show # 1 The premiere show of “Warrior Filmmaking
– The Conservative Way” hosted by your warrior in the trenches, Jack
Marino, brings you up-close and personal to Jack’s life.
From his early days growing up with his dad, the college
years, meeting his sweetheart and future bride, his introduction to
films and the world of young Hollywood which developed his passion for
the great directors and actors of early movie making and desire to be a
part of that world of fantasy and glamour.
From the soothing nostalgic opening to the heart
throbbing closing of “Good Night My Love” Jack welcomes you into his
life’s experiences while also entertaining some guest callers who help
spice-up the evening.  

Podcast Description

Bold. Conservative. Warrior – That’s what Host Jack Marino brings to LA Talk radio, every Friday night with his new show: Jack Marino – Warrior filmmaker. Got questions about Hollywood, filmmaking, surviving as a conservative filmmaker in Hollywood or what’s it really like to be an actor, writer, producer, director, author and dealing with all the politics of today’s Hollywood? Through in depth interviews with guests working in all levels of the film business both then and now, come by and hear a new kind of radio about the gritty side of Hollywood that you’ll never hear in the mainstream media.. Listen to Jack live, every Friday night 8PM PST, exclusively on LA Talk Radio (…)

A new show!

Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker Radio Show, listen my guest actor/producer
Frank Tabbita talk about his career as an actor doing one man plays on
Telsa and Doc Holiday. Hear about Franks journey to get film BEAT ANGEL
produced, a film about the spirit of Jack Kerouac. Hear Jack's tribute
to Tony Curtis too!…

— David DeWitt


The Titchfield Hotel, Part II

12 Jan

Dear Errol Fans,

        The year was 1905. L.D. Baker had his monumental hotel, and pretty much anything else he wanted. (that money could buy) These were indeed 'the days of salad and sun' for everyone involved. Banana traders were said to light their Havana cigars with $5 bills and there seemed to be no end in sight. The large collection of managers, overseers, accountants, speculators, etc. bought up most of the rest of the property in the Titchfield peninsula to construct homes close to where the 'action' was. Almost all of these structures were 'knock-down' houses. In those days you could order an entire 3 story house to be delivered by ship. The house had been constructed, the planks and timbers carefully labeled and numbered and then 'knocked down', packed in shipping containers with intricate instructions concerning how to re-assemble it, tips on laying the foundation and even the nails, shingles and paint! As a testament to how well they were designed, most of them are still standing, although quite the worse for wear.

       The Titchfield was an almost instant worldwide hit and a short list of the rich and famous to visit the hotel read thus: J. Pierpoint Morgan,(who came by his private yacht)William Randolph Hearst, Paul Whiteman, Rudyard Kipling, Clara Bow, Bette Davis, and Ginger Rodgers. The Titchfield was said to be the finest hotel 'this side of the Atlantic' when it came to administering to the pleasure and conveniences of traveler's.  Baker even built his own hospital in the hills above Port Antonio complete with rooms for patients, a large covered veranda so the sick could convalesce while breathing the fresh air, and even a state of the art operating room. This 'hospital' still exists by the way. Now it is the “Bonnieview Hotel”. The veranda makes a very nice dining area and the 'operating theatre' is now the fancy dining room!

       Guests had a variety of things to do, if they wanted: Excursions into the Blue Mtn's, Reach Falls(then known as 'Reich falls') the waters at Bath spa, and even rafting down the Rio Grande on a United Fruit banana raft. Yes, I'm sorry fellow fans, Errol did not invent that particular recreational activity(photo) but he did revive it after 40+ yrs.

       All this stress was not good for L.D. Baker. He was the kind of person who wanted to 'micro-manage' everything he could. A brass plated 'type A' personality if you will, and in 1908 it caught up with him in the form of a massive stroke. He was transported back home to CT where he soon died of heart failure. This had the effect of throwing a monkey wrench into the works. Baker's eldest son took over the reins but by all accounts he just wasn't up to the job. Then a virulent disease virtually wiped out the Banana crops and a completely new strain of disease resistant banana had to developed and planted. Then in 1929 the growers banded together and formed the Jamaica Banana Producers Association with the help of the JA government and toppled the stranglehold that the United Fruit Co. had on the banana trade. To top it all off, The Great Depression in 1930 all but killed off the tourism trade and in the coming years the very real threat of German submarine activity dealt a knockout blow to casual tourism in the area. The hotel slipped into disrepair and one evening in 1936 a fire, which was said to have started in the kitchen area, almost burned the Titchfield to the ground and by all accounts, would have done just that except for divine intervention, i.e. a large tropical deluge of a rain storm (of which the area is famous for, in terms of 140 in.per year) opened up and helped drown out the blaze.

      For almost 6 months, Baker's son weighed the options he had before him, i.e. Tear the remaining structure down or rebuild. Cash flow was a serious problem by that time and the partners of the Co. were threatening a hostile takeover. On the other hand, about half of the original hotel remained and after all, the Titchfield was L.D. Baker's dream. So, Baker's son made the sentimental, if not the business choice. The hotel would be rebuilt using as much of the original as possible to save money. The design would be art-deco (after a fashion) and a new bar and pool would be built on the N.end. The end result was a sort of mish-mash and had none of the grandeur of the big Titchfield, but it would have to do.

      Not only the look, but the function of the hotel changed quite drastically also. Once the playground for wealthy Americans, now the bulk of the guests were British middle aged and older pensioners and dowagers who took up year-round residency at the hotel. Also in attendance was a fairly large group of individuals that for one reason or another had embarrassed their families or were one step ahead of the Crown Courts and the Bailey and had been whisked off to the 'Island Colony's' to avert further trouble. It was very much “London South” with tea and biscuits, croquet, cricket and 'The Times and The Thames'. Guests would 'dress for dinner' and the English breakfast was obligatory.

       It was in this most unlikely scenario, this very proper, quiet and British atmosphere that a wild, hell raising, hard drinking, silver tongued devil of a Hollywood actor and his equally wild, outrageous(some have said even more so) and curvaceous under-aged Lolita of a girlfriend burst into the scene with all the subtlety and graciousness of an atomic explosion. I think we all know who that person and his 'companion' were, eh? The sparks and fur were sure to fly.(and did, in spades)

     Next in the final installment: Errol and 'Company' shake the place to it's foundation. 


— john


Construction on Flynn's Jamaica estate

20 May

Here's some news on construction on Jamaica property formely owned by
Patrice Flynn. I've pasted the entire article below; the URL is….   Wolfie


Clearwater, FL, architecture firm, Design Styes, Inc. has been selected to design its first international custom home design. The project will be located in the Caribbean on land previously owned by Patrice Wymore-Flynn, widow of the late Errol Flynn. Created for the Children's Home charity of London, the 15,000 sq. ft. home will be designed to be a vacation residence for disabled and socially underprivileged children from around the globe.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) May 17, 2007 — Clearwater-based architectural firm, Design Styles, Inc. has announced that it has been selected to design its first international custom home design. The project, known as La Casa de Angeles, will be located in the Caribbean on land previously owned by Patrice Wymore-Flynn, widow of the late Errol Flynn. Created for the Children's Home charity of London, the 15,000 sq. ft. home will be designed to be a vacation residence for disabled and socially underprivileged children from around the globe.

“The connection between La Casa de Angeles and Errol Flynn, who is well known for being responsible for developing tourism to Jamaica, is perfect. It solidifies the fact that Portland, Jamaica is the ideal location for this project,” said Lennox Blackwood, trustee of The Upper Room Church of London and the Children's Home. “We selected Design Styles because we knew they could design a collection of spaces that would enrich the experiences of our visiting children. We also knew that they had the experience and ability to develop an architectural landmark that will be the foundation for future development in the area,” Blackwood continued.

“Design Styles is creating an environment where disadvantaged children can come to this vacation home and slip away from their daily problems. A place where they can experience something exciting and new while taking in the magnificent lush surroundings and sloped terrain that Jamaica has to offer,” said Design Styles' partner, Andy Dohmen, AIA. “The handicap-accessible home, located near the Caribbean Sea Coast, will be designed in a U-shape and specifically positioned on the six-acre lot to maximize the views and to capture the sea breezes,” said Dohmen. “It will include 10 air conditioned bedrooms, each having their own en-suite bathrooms and most with private balconies so that each guest can have their own space. A large game room will open out onto the second floor veranda and overlook the large, beach entrance pool below. An elevator will allow complete access to the home from the first floor pool deck to the third floor rooftop terrace ensuring that each of the homes guests will be able to enjoy the lush mountainous countryside and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea,” said Dohmen.

While La Casa de Angeles' primary purpose is to serve as a get-away for disabled and socially underprivileged children, a benefactor concept is being considered as a means to create additional funding when the home is not in use by the children. All proceeds raised from this proposed idea will go to the Children's Home for aiding children worldwide. Construction for La Casa de Angeles' is expected to begin in August 2007.

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About The Upper Room Church
Following its inception in 1986, the charity has worked tirelessly in London among disabled and socially underprivileged children. Although in its early years the charity aided disadvantaged adults as well, by 1995 work began to benefit children exclusively. Today the charity's principles focus is to relieve suffering among children whenever possible.

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