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Hey my original Errol Flynn Tribute page is no longer available on Hub Pages…but I have recently started by own website….and one of the first subjects I wrote on was Mr. Errol Flynn. It is about 90% the same information…but I have found some more information on Flynn since my first page.…

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“The Higher the Score the Better the Movie.” I admire your site, devotion, and extent of your work – but I don’t understand or agree with the extremely low absolute and relative ratings of Errol’s masterpieces. As specific examples, it’s inconceivable to me that movies like “Witness” 85, “Good Will Hunting” 89 and “Cast Away” 83, can be scored so dramatically “better” than landmark classics like “The Adventures of Robin Hood” 70, “They Died With Their Boots On” 56 “Gentleman Jim” 56 “Captain Blood” 52, “Sea Hawk” 52, among others. Indeed, no less than TEN Tom Hanks movies, including “Cast… Read more »

Hi D,

I would like to start a thread or two but it looks like I need to get your approval first. I finally got signed back in which was funny as all I needed to do was enter what it said which had nothing to do with my password etc and all was well. Anyway let me know how I can start a thread here since it’s format is so different than any other site I am used to. Thanks, Rick

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Hugh Davis

Of potential interest to the blog readers: On the show _Doctor Who_, the latest episode is “Robot of Sherwood,” and it features, not surprisingly, Robin Hood. It’s definitely a Robin inspired by the Flynn take on the character and not some of the more recent ones. The Doctor (Peter Capaldi, Cardinal Richelieu in the BBC’s latest _Musketeers_) engages in a (comic) duel with Robin. When his companion comments how good he is in the duel, the Doctor comments he has good practice, citing Richard the Lionheart, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Errol Flynn, saying “he had the biggest…” and finishes the… Read more »

Thanks Dr. Hugh! … Here’s some more on that.
“[it’s] like landing in the middle of the Errol Flynn movie.”…

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Charles Culbertson

Here’s a heads-up for Errol Flynn blog users: All the MP3s of Errol’s radio shows, as well as the documentary about the making of “William Tell,” will be removed from… by the hosting company on October 15. This isn’t restricted to just Errol’s stuff; the company is getting out of the audio/MP3 hosting business, and ALL their MP3 properties on Amazon will disappear October 15. So, get the downloads while you can!!

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I am new and have loved Errol Flynn in movies since I was a child. I especially love Robin Hood and Captain Blood.
I have his book of My wicked wicked ways and I.have been trying to find his book Beam ends and others.
I would love to see any places linked to Errol Flynn if I visit Tasmania from south australia.

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Hi Inga and Errol’s Fellows!!

I read on the “william Tell topic that “Mr. Fegerl wishes to share the attached pages from the William Tell script”

But it seems not any longer available on the blog. Any chance to catch it somewhere?

My e-mail:…

Best regards to all


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Please help me find pictures of my father told he was friends with Errol in high school or just after

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Hugh Davis

I am using this comment form since when I click on the “Report Comment” function, as a recent post asked us to do, nothing happens. I am not sure if the issue with that is with the site or just my computer (which is more likely). If this should not be here at all, please delete it. I was part of some of the replies with Don Jan, though the issue seemed to relate to and be driven more by that poster and one other respondent. I apologize for the fact that I waded into apparently tricky waters for the… Read more »

Hi Errol Flynn Blog – How can one get approval for Blog authorship? Thank You – Robins-Hood

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