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EF TV- Playhouse 90

22 Mar

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

here`s a little appeTVizer of Errol`s 1957 television outing “Without incident”, a back to the boots western starring Ann Sheridan, John Ireland and Julie London.

Ann steals the scene chanting the English folksong “Greensleeves”, baiting the about- to- attack- Apaches.


— shangheinz


Passed in 2016 …

02 Jan

Did I miss it or did no one report on the fact that 2 Flynn alumni, from his very last dramatic appearance (The Golden Shanty), passed last year:

Patricia Barry (Adie Walker)

Arthur Hiller (Director) below with Errol.

  • golden-shanty_correct-ar

— Karl


A “Thinly-Veiled” Film on Flynn

31 Dec

Starring A, A, and A Read the rest of this entry »

— Gentleman Tim


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

29 Dec

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy is gone.

How terribly, terribly sad. One of the last true greats from Hollywood’s Golden Age has died, only a day after her daughter, also a film legend.

Around the time of her playing Tammy, there was discussion of Debbie Reynolds costarring with Errol, following his own great success in The Sun Also Rises. This was all circa the time Liz ran off with the Louse, leaving the unsinkable Debbie with two Fisher toddlers, Todd and Carrie. Carrie, of course, achieved immortality of her own starring in Star Wars with spacebuckler Hans Solo, a character inspired by Errol himself. Except for Harrison, they are all now in a galaxy far, far away. Godspeed to all of them.

— Gentleman Tim


Titchfield Hotel & Navy Island Memories!

17 Dec

Laura Barre writes us via the Mail Bag!

I was at the Titchfield in the early 60’s when Rex Rand bought it, and it was called “Jamaica Reef hotel”. The natives were all still talking about Erroll and how he won that island across from the hotel in a card game. The hotel was run down, but beautiful, and the breezes felt like soft, wet silk against your skin. I must have been one of the first people there after he bought it, because the parties had not yet started, and it wasn’t organized at all. I do recall getting really dressed for dinner in a chiffon gown, and thinking the surroundings were those of the most lush, tropical paradise I could imagine. I so want to return for nostalgia purposes. How lovely that some of it is still there.


Laura, thanks so much for writing! I love the Titchfield Hotel (Jamaica Reef) as it became known. And all of Error’s time there. My friend Dennis Mullen was able to get onto the restricted military base where the hotel stood and to see the remains of the 3 pools, part of the floor of the ballroom and the path through the lush greens that he was told everybody used. Do you have any photos of the hotel?

I’d like to put up your comments to me as a Mail Bag item on the blog if you don’t mind? It would be fascinating for the blog to read what you said …

Here are some of Dennis’s photos. Two are from the resort on Navy Island. That is Dennis in the photos.


David DeWitt/Admin/The Errol Flynn Blog
Sent from Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Wish I had taken photos! I remember the paths well, as I was worried about tripping in heels. I remember going on a long path of steps to then where we dined, in a circle, surrounded by these tall trees, all seeming very overgrown. I was staying in a little cottage which only had a ceiling fan to cool off, and my hair continued to never really “dry”. There were night blooming bushes outside my door that were like perfume. Go ahead if you like and upload my comments. What’s going on with Navy Island now? I’m intending to go back up there. Rex had sent a car for me that picked me up in Kingston, and I’ll never forget those scary winding mountain roads, and going through Kingston with lots of people in the roads carrying on. A novel experience for a young woman. I ‘ll bet they are still telling stories about Erroll around there!


Thanks, Laura!


jamaican-blue-mountain-coffee-label-copy  img_1154





Photos show the late Dennis Mullen, Flynn aficionado and Travel Adventurer in the footsteps of Errol Flynn. Dennis walked in Errol’s footsteps both in Jamaica and Cuba. His design work seen above for Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was as lyrical as the winds of adventure itself. He visited Jamaica doing some promotional work for The Errol Flynn Marina and attended Pat Wymore’s 85th birthday party as a guest at her table. He was so charming he was able to enter the restricted military base not once but three times (to the amazement if Dale Weston, manager of the marina) to view and photograph the remains of The Titchfield Hotel pools and Navy Island. These are not his Navy Island photos. More will be forthcoming about Dennis Mullen.

— David DeWitt


Castro away

10 Dec

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

when guerilla commandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz ousted the despised dictator Fulgencio Batista on January 1st of 1959, everybody including Errol thought Cuba would turn from US backyard brothel into Paradise Island International.…

The high hopes were fueled by the high motives of the eloquent revolutionary. Freedom and equal birth rights were the proclaimed pillars of Fidel`s philosophy. Communism seemed not a top priority. The lowest common denominator between El Maximo Lider and Karl Marx was a full beard.

Born out of wedlock under the name of Fidel Hipolito Ruz Gonzalez, Castro was the kid of a wealthy landowner and his housekeeper. Maybe the the itch of being an illegitimate child triggered the urge to become an usuper.

His birth date had to be altered by a year, in order he could attend the Jesuits` college one year earlier than allowed. At university he stood out for his crisp mind and sharp tongue at a early age too. Top baseball outings on Cuba`s canefields led to unconfirmed tryout offers by the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, but he opted for a more deceptive profession and became a lawyer.

He first brought on a law suit against Batista and when it failed to make the military leader leave his office as new Head of State, Semper Fidel organised a coup of his own with 160 men trying to take the second largest barracks with 1500 soldiers. The historic quote “History will absolve me” stems from a letter he wrote out of prison after being captured as one of few survivors.

After his release Castro fled to Mexico with his younger brother Raul, where they met perennial poster boy Ernesto “Che” Guevara, another unscrupulous idealist. The chain smoking asthmetic medic became the spark to the Castro Bros. fuze. The rest is his story:…

El Fidel would go on to control the fate and faithfuls of the largest Caribbean isle seeing 11 US presidents come and go, survive 638 assassination attempts acknowledged by the Guiness Book of Records and a nuclear Mexican stand-off at sea between Khrushchev and Kennedy.

El Flynn saw the Robin Hood in Fidel Castro when only the post of Sheriff of Nottingham was vacant.

Power seekers with brains, big egos and bank accounts will stop at nothing- today more than ever!

Hasta la Flynntoria siempre,

— shangheinz


Ding Dong, The Dicktator is Dead!

26 Nov

Robin Hood and the Revolutionary…




Added today, Sunday, November 27.

Photos I took this afternoon on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, Miami, epicenter of celebrations over the death of Comrade Castro. Up 95 some, Cuban-American Kiki Alonso was soon taking out Castro-lover, Komrade K.



— Gentleman Tim


Fire and Water

31 Oct

What happened here? / Who’s that lady?








— Gentleman Tim


Oh Oh, who should know?

23 Oct


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

who is the famous actor that started his career as an uncredited extra in one of Errol`s London Years films.

He has a strong, rather a non- British accent

won an Academy Award

loves golf

starred as king, spy, robber & space cowboy

alongside Ingrid Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardot

Quiz me if you can,

— shangheinz


Master of Thornfield! Errol Flynn!

26 Jul


— David DeWitt