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His Dream of Happiness

17 Feb

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Sailfishing on the Zaca

10 Feb

“Cruising Down Mexico Way” with Errol Flynn and Howard Hill

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Swordfishing on the Sirocco

10 Feb

Featuring Howard Hill and Ronald Reagan

“Swordfishing is not for the timid. This magnificent creature that lives 30 years
and can reach 1,200 lbs at 14 feet long lurks in the deep waters of the Gulf Stream
offering lucky anglers a brutal fight and trophy size fish. And they are excellent eating.
Once hooked this aggressive Billfish are known to shoot straight out of the water from
a depth of 500 feet in an instant then dive straight back down to the same depth offering
one of the most exciting catches of your life. The Swordfish is one of the fastest swimmers
— 60 mph sprints are very common.”

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Errol’s Iberian Escape

10 Jan

The Story of Errol’s Majorca

Great Flynnian Info & Imagery in the Documentary Below.



“In the midst of his honeymoon with his wife, Patricia Wymore, the actor and bon vivant Errol Flynn was sailing towards Gibraltar on his yacht, Zaca, when they were caught in a terrible storm. Seeking the shore, their only choice was to moor their boat at Pollença, a harbor on the island of Mallorca. The place, plentiful in boats and with a distant view of the mountains, swept them in bewilderment. After that first sight of the Mediterranean culture, they subsequently sailed to the Bay of Palma. After their honeymoon ended, Flynn promised to return to Mallorca to stay and that is how in 1955 he settled on the island, where he could find the calm and anonymity that he so desired at the time.” [passaportto.iberostar]

Errol and Sean, Mallorca, Summer of ’57…


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Visiting Port Antonio

08 Jan

A new article (1/8/17) describing the history and current attractions of Errol’s old stomping grounds.…

Port Antonio



Frenchman’s Cove


Blue Lagoon


Reach Falls


Boston Beach


Navy Island


Rio Grande


Blue Mountains from Port Antonio

Landscape of the Town and Mountains in Port Antonio.

Landscape of the Town and Mountains in Port Antonio.

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Rory Flynn aboard Zaca in Monaco, 2014!

14 Dec


Thanks, Rory!

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Flynn Gets Out of Dodge

28 Sep

A Week in the Life of Errol Flynn, September 1938


Los Angeles Evening Herald Express
Harrison Carrol Reporting

September 21, 1938

“Unless Errol Flynn has another brainstorm between now and then, he’ll play host on a three-week yachting trip to fellow players in Dawn Patrol. The party on the Sirocco will include Donald Crisp, Edmund Goulding, David Niven and Michael Brook (the Earl of Warwick). Basil Rathbone was invited, but chose a New York trip instead.”


September 27, 1938

“It’s no wonder, doctors say, that Errol Flynn was knocked flat on his back by flue. Though ill on his boat at Catalina, the star insisted on going fishing in a dinghy with David Niven and Donald Crisp. Then, on top of this, he fell overboard. Niven, trying to pull Flynn back, capsized the dinghy and the three actors were floundering in the water for 15 minutes. When they finally got back to the yacht, Flynn was so sick that they had to fly him to the mainland.”


September 27, 1938

“Still dangerously ill, Errol Flynn, motion picture actor, rallied sufficiently today to permit of his being transferred from his Beverly Hills home to the Good Samaritan Hospital.

The change was made under the direction of his physician Dr. T.M. Hearn. Dr. Hearn said that the actor needed care and attention more readily available at the hospital.

Flynn is suffering from influenza, complicated by an infection of the throat and respiratory organs and a recurrence of malarial fever, which he contracted five years ago in New Guinea.”

Hospital of the Good Samaritan, Los Angeles


September 28, 1938 Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Errol Flynn, film actor, suffering from influenza and a streptococcic throat infection, was removed to a hospital today. His physician, Dr. T.M. Hearn, said the removal was “a precautionary measure.” Dr. Hearn also announced that the throat specialist, Dr. Voyle James, had been called into consultation. Flynn, after showing improvement yesterday, turned worse last night. His temperature went to 103.5 degrees, later dropping to 102. Dr. Hearn expressed concern over the possible development of pneumonia. Flynn’s illness was contracted when he fell overboard from a fishing boat near Santa Catalina Island.”


September 27, 1938

“The Warners are reported dickering for Ronald Coleman to take the leading role of the Englishman in Dodge City, now that Errol Flynn is out of the running. The Sea Hawk is scheduled as Flynn’s next.”


September 28, 1938

“An uncomfortable night, and a crisis expected within 24 hours.

This was the report on the condition of Errol Flynn, film actor, who was confined to Good Samaritan Hospital with influenza and streptococci infection of the throat.

Flynn was removed to the hospital yesterday on the orders of Dr. T.M. Hearns.

Dr. Doyle James, throat specialist, was called in consultation by Dr. Hearn, in an attempt to solve the mystery of the streptococci and the continued high fever which is now 102 degrees.”


September 29, 1938

“Cary Grant is being considered for the leading role of Dodge City now that Ronald Coleman and Errol Flynn have been eliminated.”

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Around the World on Zaca

27 Sep

Chasing the Sun …. for 354 Days and more than 27,000 Miles

Before there was Flynn
There was Crocker
Both sailed the world on The Zaca

Here is a first class magazine article on Zaca’s first class circumnavigation of the world in 1931:

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Sailing with Senor Flynn — August 1937

10 Aug

August 5, 1937: LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll

Errol was the lad who said that no women, not even Lili Damita, was going to be allowed on his boat — and we were the sucker who printed it… Well, Lili must have changed his mind.

But quickly. The two of them are yachting at Catalina…Incidentally, Hollywood hears that Lili is home to stay…

More Flynnnfo on this @…

August 7, 1937: Peter Pry’s Notebook

Tennis shorts may walk in regiments on Hollywood, but they are strictly taboo in Ensenada. Errol Flynn made that embarrassing discovery a week ago, when he left his yacht, clad in the customary shorts, and strode into the little Mexican town. He wanted to send a telegram. On the main street, a gendarme in a blue coat, red trousers and gold braid, flagged Errol down. Argument ensued, Errol explained that his shorts were quite customary in Hollywood. But the minion of the law informed him that Ensenada’s morals could not be trifled with in such a manner.

Finally the copper pointed to a clothing store across the street and suggested that Flynn could settle the matter peacefully by making a purchase. Reluctantly, Errol bought a pair of trousers and donned them.

August 26, 1937: LA Evening Herald Express, Jimmy Starr

Errol Flynn isn’t sure , but he has a sneaking suspicion he’s been well ribbed. No sooner had he parked his boat near Todo Santos Island in Mexican waters than he was fined 200 pesos (about $50) for his failure to possess a deep sea fishing license.

The one thing that puzzles Errol is that the Mexican official had a new license already made out.

Here’s Errol a’sailing two months later:


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A Week in the Life of Flynn — First Week of July, 1938

06 Jul

Errol Flynn Tells Me —

That his next globe trotting escapade will be a trip to the Galapagos Islands, which William Beebe has called the “World’s End.”

“In the fall, immediately upon the completion of whatever picture Warner Brothers have in mind for me after The Sisters, I’m going to take two months off for the cruise.

“In Palm Beach, Fla., I met T.O.M. Sopwith, the English sportsman and yachtsman. He had just returned from a cruise to the Galapagos, and his tall tales of the gigantic tortoises, tuna, marlin, and sailfish were most unbelievable.

“Another acquaintance I met in Florida who had just visited the Islands was William B. Leeds, and he averred that undoubtedly thay are the most mysterious and fascinating groups of islands to be found anywhere in the world.

“Of course my real inspiration is my new 75-foot sailboat, the Sirocco, which I recently purchased in Boston. It left Panama about a week ago and should now be approaching Cape San Lucas at the tip of Lower California. For after all with a yacht like that, one simply must go somewhere, mustn’t one?”

Ella Wickersham – Hollywood Parade – July 4, 1938

William leeds jr

High Society Adventurer William Leeds’ Moana

Billy Leeds Moana

Sportsman, Aviation Genius and Adventurer T.O.M. Sopwith in his Bi-Plane

T O M Sopwith

Naturalist and Adventurer William Beebe with his Bathysphere

William Beebe bathysphere

Galapagos Worlds End

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