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Coronado Dreamin’ – 1938

22 Jun

Coronado Eagle – July 21, 1938

Tennis and Water Skiing in the Summer of ’38

“Water Skiing New Coronado Water Sport”

I think that I shall never see
A thing as lonely as a ski
A ski that stands against the wall
Waiting until some snow shall fall.

The author of the above evidently hadn’t heard of the latest craze,
water skiing. Now that we have been naughtily alluring in grass skirts
during Hawaiian week and demurely picturesque in crinoline in the manner
of the Gay Nineties we must need be athletic and go cavorting about on
the top of the waves with water skis.

Whether you pronounce it ski or “ski” you’ll pronounce it thrilling
according to Otto Lang, the instructor in the precarious sport which has
so suddenly become the rage. Mr. Lang is famed as an instructor who has
coached the University of Washington ski team, and was associated with
Hannes Schneider, a world authority on skiing. He appeared In “Thin Ice’’
with Sonja Henie. Mr. Lang contends that water skiing keeps one in condition
for snow skiing and visa versa. The skills are similar altho attached to the
feet in a different manner.”

Errol Flynn who was recently here as a contestant in the tennis tournament,
is one of the chief enthusiasts of the sport and it is predicted that other
moving picture actors will follow his lead. Mr. Lang is at present instructing
some of the younger set among whom are Miss Dorothy Royce, Miss Sinclair Gannon
Miss Quil Garrettson and Walter Fitch. They are expected to fly thru the water
with the greatest of ease any day now.

— Gentleman Tim


Four Score Ago — 4/29/1937 — Deuce

29 Apr

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express
Jimmy Starr – April 29, 1937

Already ranked as one of the movie village’s tennis greats,
Gilbert Roland took it upon himself to name Hollywood’s 10
best racquet wielders.

On the set of Paramount’s The Last Train from Madrid, Gilbert
put Garbo in the top spot among feminine tennis players, while
Errol Flynn equals her in the men’s division. Others are
Marlene Dietrich, Cedric Gibbons, Constance Bennett, Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, Harold Lloyd, Elizabeth Allen and Ronald Colman.

— Gentleman Tim


Rory & Sean in Coronado!

19 Jan

Rory & Sean have been a Very Big Hit in Coronado this Weekend, at all the VIP Ceremonies, Rory’s sensational Show about Errol, Dive Bomber, introduced by Sean, and a “The Baron of Mulholland” Meet & Greet/Book Signing.

Chris Lemmon and Leonard Maltin were around. Legendary Flynn-Fan Richard Dreyfuss met with Rory & Sean before the show.

Several festival guests had great stories about Errol. One was a little girl at her aunt’s home in Holmby Hills when Errol came by and read all the kids Peter and the Wolf. One fellow’s father used to watch Errol play tennis at the Hotel Del and said he was incredible, one day nearly beating the top ranked player in California/one of best players in the world. Also heard about Errol socializing with Naval officers at North Island Officers Club, at the Hotel Del bar, and at their homes on Coronado.

P.S. Dive Bomber is extraordinary on the big screen.


— Gentleman Tim


A Shore Thing

04 Jan

This month is the 90th Anniversary of Sydney Church of England Grammar School’s most famous student – Flynn, E.L.T. “Shore” was Errol’s last school.


Errol, ever near the water:

Shore school

The notably high-achieving but “severe” headmaster who ejected Flynn – LC Robson. Robson deleted all evidence of Errol’s attendance at Shore (Student Entrance No. 3955) from school records, but Flynn, of course, prevailed – still regarded the school’s most renowned alumni (“Old Boy” in the school’s parlance.)…

A sketch of Shore circa 1925, how young Master Flynn would have seen it:

Shore School Sketch from 1925

Errol’s two dorms at Shore: Robson House and School House, the latter of which he only stayed a few hours.

Robson House Crest Colour

School House Crest Colour

One of Errol’s fellow boarders at Robson House, Prime Minister Gorton, at the White House with Tricky Dick Nixon. The PM remembered Errol as “a first class boxer”.

President Nixon and Prime Minister John Gorton during an official welcoming ceremony at the White House in May 1969.

President Nixon and Prime Minister John Gorton during an official welcoming ceremony at the White House in May 1969.

— Gentleman Tim


Celebration of Errol on Coronado

17 Dec

Only a Month Away!





Renowned movie critic, author and television personality Leonard Maltin joins the Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) in invting filmmakers everywhere, from aspiring student to respected pro, to experience Coronado’s legendary hospitality for one long holiday weekend in the historic seaside village of Coronado, California, where makers and lovers of film have gathered for more than a century.

Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber, the 1941 classic starring the dashing Errol Flynn as a young Naval aviator. Filmed in Coronado, with scenes of the Hotel Del and North Island, this film is a reminder of how exciting filmmaking was, even in the pre-digital age. The film will be introduced by Errol Flynn’s daughter, Rory Flynn, and his grandson, actor Sean Flynn, followed by a Q and A.

Plus, a Special Tribute to Errol’s Fascinating History on Coronado.


— Gentleman Tim


Tennis Gallery

11 Mar

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— Inga