Howard Hill Grave Restoration

18 Jun


While perusing Facebook tonight I came upon a Howard Hill Archery fan page and perused it. I was in for a shock. The Alabama gravesite of the greatest archer the world has ever seen, and a long time Flynn friend, sailing partner, archery mentor and co-star, needs desperate help. It is eroding badly. This good man cited below, has taken it on himself to repair it. He is asking for donations. His post is below. He’s already begun work and it’s going along great. If you can help please contact him:

Dear Fellow Archers and Howard Hill followers, please help and donate! Mr. Steve Turay of Northern Mist Longbow started a crowd funding to restore Howard Hill’s grave wich is in bad shape as you can see on the attached photos. It’s a shame, so many folks admire Howard Hill, but his grave falls apart. Many, many thanks to Steve Turay and his effort!
Shoot Straight!

After moving to Alabama, I have had the opportunity to visit Howard Hills grave several times. Sadly, I found the site in very poor condition. After my second visit I thought something had to be done to repair the retaining wall that has fallen and allowing extensive erosion to occur. I contacted the caretaker of the cemetery who informed me that they receive money keep the grass cut and that was all. He further stated that any grave site maintenance and or upkeep is the responsibility of the family. I decided to take on the task of starting a project to have the necessary repairs and replacement of the wall and grave site. As a result I started the Howard Hill Grave Site Restoration Project. I have hired a stone mason to begin work on the site.
If you would like to contribute to the restoration please contact me at 906-458-5035 or at… and I’ll give you the details on how you may help.
On behalf of the Hill family, Thank you

— The Zaca


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    June 18, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    Bravo for you, TZ. Your aim is true.

    World’s greatest archer, and quite the all-round collegiate and post collegiate star at baseball, basketball, football, and golf!

    Here’s a great video featuring Howard as an archer:…


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    • Tony

      June 19, 2017 at 1:50 am

      Gentleman Tim,

      I couldn’t have enjoyed that video more, thanks for posting the link. It was awe inspiring.


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  2. Tony

    June 19, 2017 at 1:44 am

    Hi The Zaca,

    It’s a little disturbing when I see, that the grave of someone I admire isn’t as grand as the person it was meant to memorialize.

    Whenever I meet a person, or see what they do, or hear what they have to say, I’m changed by that person. It’s a natural thing. Just like if an American lives in England long enough, they’re likely to pickup an English accent, just by contact with the people they meet there. It’s unavoidable.

    But those who we admire, those who’s qualities we hold in highest regard, seem to impact us the most, and they change us.

    Then we, it turn, change the people we meet in life, and so on.

    In this way the people we admire, like Howard Hill, and Errol Flynn, continue to impact our lives They’ve added to who we are, and they added to our continuing culture.

    Surely, if we can give back a little, it would be an opportunity to show our respect, and our appreciation for how we’ve been enriched by them.


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