Rory & Sean in Coronado!

19 Jan

Rory & Sean have been a Very Big Hit in Coronado this Weekend, at all the VIP Ceremonies, Rory’s sensational Show about Errol, Dive Bomber, introduced by Sean, and a “The Baron of Mulholland” Meet & Greet/Book Signing.

Chris Lemmon and Leonard Maltin were around. Legendary Flynn-Fan Richard Dreyfuss met with Rory & Sean before the show.

Several festival guests had great stories about Errol. One was a little girl at her aunt’s home in Holmby Hills when Errol came by and read all the kids Peter and the Wolf. One fellow’s father used to watch Errol play tennis at the Hotel Del and said he was incredible, one day nearly beating the top ranked player in California/one of best players in the world. Also heard about Errol socializing with Naval officers at North Island Officers Club, at the Hotel Del bar, and at their homes on Coronado.

P.S. Dive Bomber is extraordinary on the big screen.


— Gentleman Tim


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What a wonderful event! Great times! Dreyfus has always been a big Flynn fan and heard Rory speak at a TCM Cruise. Afterwards, he stood up in the audience and told Rory on stage that he became an actor because of her father which brought tears to his eyes and, she told me, tears to hers, too. Since then Rory and Sean have become great friends with Richard and his wife.

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Hi David;
Yes I know, Richard Dreyfuss is a great fan of Errol. He appears in one of Errol’s bio videos and I loved what he said defending him. In addition, when he is referring to Errol’s movie ‘The Sea Hawk’ about the fencing scene when Errol cuts the candles with his sword.
He said: What a scene the candles just went woof, woof, woof. I am sure you remember seeing that?
I wish I could have been there!

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I genuinely appreciate what Richard Dreyfuss has said about Errol, recognizing Flynn’s skill delivering the Shakespeare-like dialogue of Robin Hood and Sea Hawk. As for Dive Bomber, the cinematography is stunning.

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Hi Tim;
Thanks for the great report of the festival, it must have been a wonderful event in particular for Rory and Sean and more so for Errol. It is amazing and so with great joy that Errol is still popular to such a great extent.

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